Wonder Woman

Wonder woman

Let me give you a run-down of what just happened. I went and saw Wonder woman. Finally!

I’ve been excited for this movie for weeks and so when we finally went to see it I was almost afraid it would disappoint me.

It didn’t!


The story is basically about Princess Diana who was raised on an island full of warrior woman. There are no men on the island and so when the pilot Steve comes crash landing onto their island it’s the first time she see one.

He tells her about the war that’s going on outside of the island and Diana knows it is her duty to go and fight in the war as one of the Greek god’s warriors.

Her mission is clear, go to man’s world, find Hermes, the god of war and kill him to end the fighting.



Diana is played by the beautiful and talented Gal Gadot – and I feel like the actress did a wonderful job of bringing the character to life.

At first Diana is this adorable character who almost acts as if she’s going on this great adventure. She’s excited and hopeful but also a bit naive.

I looked at her and saw that she was more than just her ability to fight – which is very rarely seen on lead female characters. She was happy and I connected so well to that.



As for the rest of the movie one of the first things I noted was how they handled the little amount of clothing the Amazonians wore. They could have decided to use the little clothes to display the warriors’ bodies in and objective way which is not something that is uncommon, but they didn’t.  And I’m so happy about this.

They could also have decided to put the Amazonions in more clothes but they stayed true to the story and didn’t do that either.

Instead the couple of times the clothes where used to give an atmosphere or were otherwise part of the story it were shown, not as some skimpy pieces of cloth but as armour.

The exposed skin of the warriors where covered in scars and had muscle beneath. The woman where strong people never just an object to be viewed.



Obviously this story was created to reshape female stereotypes and so the next thing I want to highlight is the female villain from this story.

Dr Poison was probably one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen on screen.

Normally female villains are very over sexualized and when they aren’t a reason for them being evil is given straight off the bat. But this time no explanation was given for her to be evil and in fact the depth of her character wasn’t given until the end.

I know some writer who would find this annoying because they like knowing why character do what they’re doing but I think this was wonderful because it made space for Dr Poison to be a villain first and foremost.

The fact that she as a villain didn’t need to be explained to the audience. We understood she’s a villain.


Something else that I have to mention as well is the fact that Dr Poison had facial scars. Do you know what it means for a female villain to have both facial scars and wear non-sexualized clothes? It means the world is starting to become comfortable with the fact that a women’s strength isn’t simply how she looks.



But let’s move on from the whole feminine highlights and instead talk about theme.

Walking in I expected the theme to be that women are badass but it seems the writers decided that the audience is smart enough to know that already and instead the theme was love conquers all.

This is something that made me so giddy.

In a piece of back-story it is explained that Zeus created the women to love the men so they would stop war. This could be interpreted as sexist but instead it came over as the love that a woman has is strength. We as women do not need to hide our hearts to be strong because our love is our true strength.

This theme was used throughout the movie. Like when they were in the trenches and she saw a woman with a child. The woman told her that the village had been enslaved and while Diana could have turned her back on the woman and left, it was her heart that made her decision there and it led them to a great victory.

(Plus that was the moment she became wonder woman in my eyes and it was the coolest scene ever)

The theme is then completed in the end when she explains that there is love in the heart of men and that is why she keeps fighting for them despite them being awful.



Extra bonuses of this movie that I’m not going into right now.

Awesome fight scenes.

A great soundtrack.

Amazing plot twist there in the end.

Diana’s character development.

The male character had a bathtub scene.

Gal Gadots amazing hair.

Tiny Diana being cute.

Chris Pine’s eyes.

Oh and Diana realizing she’s a badass and that she can fly.




The only negative that I can think of right now is the fact that the side characters weren’t given a lot of room. Some of them didn’t exactly do much in my eyes and there where definitely a few scenes that I feel they could have played more of a role in.


I’m really happy about this movie otherwise though, and honestly I’m so proud of being part of the generation where we can have stories like this. It’s not simply because of the feminine power that was shared in this story but the fact that the writers didn’t feel the need to make feminine power the story. It makes me realize that we are in a world where woman aren’t just their gender anymore but people. A story can be about a woman and not about feminism at the same time and I love that.

Years of feminine fighting is finally paying off so soon we’ll no longer have to fight.

(Now on to racism!)



I’m really happy and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for this franchise. I’m delighted that teen girls can be empowered through this story and that it can be a message to young men that women are badass and they should be treated as such.


I sincerely recommend this movie and hope you love it as much as I did.

Life lesson #6

How you smell matters.

Did you know how you smell affect how people perceive you?

Did you know smell is the sense that is the most connected to your memory?

Did you know that it’s better to not stink?


Go to a store. Get soap, cream, perfume or deodorant spray that you like. Wear it. Often.

A good week

Why is it that not every week is a good week? Why am I super productive during holidays and the equivalent of a potato during the school weeks?

I sincerely don’t get it! (It’s probably the emotional rest I get during holidays…)


In the past week alone I have…

Written an editorial calendar for July-Sept

I have written 7 blog posts (that’s one a day!)

Written my professional bio.

Arranged to write 2 guest posts

Scheduled my posts 2-3 weeks in advance

Got exercise! (so sore)

Wrote 5-7 flash fiction pieces

Went to a doctor for checkups

Practiced driving (I’m getting good)

Made an interesting lunch for 7 family members



Seriously why am I not this productive during the school weeks when I need to be (again it’s probably emotional energy)



I’m actually thinking of spring cleaning my room which is only something I do when I have *gasp* time.


Alright so now that I’ve bragged ranted about my week I should probably get back to it so I can bring you good content.

I’m going to clean my room and while I’m at it I’ll think of ways to make this energy stretch through to next week when school starts again.

Wish me luck

How I incorporated Mythology into my book.

Mythology in writing
Just earlier today I posted this post on Banshees from the Irish mythology but I figured I could also share how I incorporated this into my story.

In falling for Pink my main character Peggy McCarthy is a banshee which means that her scream heralds death.

But the thing is that when I started planning this story I wasn’t really sure where she gets this power from – I wasn’t exactly planning to use mythology.
So my first piece of planning for Peggy was how she looks.
Peggy is a 17 year old girl with pale skin and bright pink hair. She wears pastels or large sweaters. She wears a lot of armbands on her arms and occasionally she covers her pink hair with a beanie.

This does not sound like the pail ghosts that Banshees are sometimes described as.
So when I started researching banshees I latched onto the idea that they can shape shift. They are rumoured to be seen in three different ways – the young woman, the matron and the hag.
The stories also say that they only come out at night and that they hide in the forests.
All this came down to me as a mentality of hiding.
Banshees want to be hidden. The shape shifting is just something they do to hide.


So this worked perfectly for me because Peggy is an insecure girl who wants to hide. She has this voice of fear telling her to hide and run.
Peggy can’t shape shift in this book though.
I had to ask if you are a 17 year old monster who always feel like hiding, why the hell would you dye your hair bright pink?
The answer is so people don’t see the real you. People only look at her pink hair and ear piercings, which means that no one looks close enough to notice that she’s a monster.


My second problem was that I didn’t actually want Peggy’s scream to kill people, so I wove a reason, for her powers to be a bit duller, into her family lines.
Peggy is a half breed. Her mother was a banshee and her father was one of the people that her mother was supposed to haunt.
Her parents fell in love and raised Peggy together.

This fit like a glove because it explained why she can’t shape shift as well. Her whole Banshee side has been thinned out because her father is one of the very people that the banshees haunt.

This also leaves Peggy without anyone to haunt which is why she can live where she wants to and not have to follow anyone around.


The final thing of banshee lore that I added was her surname. If her father is from one of the families her mother had to haunt then there is a specific group of surnames that I could choose from.
So I chose the surname McCarthy which fit her name well, and also fit in with the rest of my story.


Do you think this works? Are there any more theories that you think I could add, or a question you would like to ask?

I really loved writing this story and I hope you will love reading it one day.

The Irish mythology known as the Banshee

Okay let’s talk mythology.


Irish mythology_ banshees


On to draft 2 of my story Loving Pink and I once again had to revisit my research on Irish mythology to make sure I have all my facts right.
To those of you who don’t know in my paranormal romance novel the main character, Peggy McCarthy, is a banshee.


Banshees are a very popular Irish Myth, and basically they would be described as Female spirits whose song or scream is a sign that someone is going to die.


Physically they have been described in many different ways over the years.

Some people say that they are gorgeous pale ghosts with white hair. Yet other times they are described as horribly ugly old hags.
They have also been described as plain washerwoman who looks much like everyone else but the clothes they wash have blood on it.
A common theory is that they are shape shifters that can transform from being a beautiful young maiden, to a mother, to a hag.


There are also conflicting stories for where they can be found.

Some of the more plain versions say that the banshees are found in Irish forests.
The more common myth though is that banshees follow certain Irish families around. They haunt the families, mark the deaths with their voices and then take care of the deceased spirits.
These families are of Goidelic origins which means that they are decedents of natives of Ireland and not decedents of the English, Norse or Norman invaders


With so many conflicting stories though, the question of the banshee’s origin is often lifted.

Where does the myth of Banshees come from?

There are strong beliefs that the myth of Banshees come from the traditional Irish keeners – who are woman that sing a lament over someone who died.
You can clearly see how the banshees and the keening woman can be connected. Except where the keeners sing after the death the banshee sings before the death; thus heralding that it will happen.


This has been really awesome topic for me to research and to bend a little to fit my story.
It’s really interesting to me, and it’s the reason why Ireland is at the top of my travel list.
If I have any facts wrong feel free to tell me, because I’ve only found all this out over the internet anyway 😛

(My top source: Irish Celtic Jewels) Read it for more information.


If you like this post please share or comment, I would love to hear what you think about banshees.


Life lesson #5


Learn to walk in both high heels and trainers.

It’s good to not box yourself into only one small corner of life. So let yourself learn to walk in more than just one condition.
Perhaps you’re not a high heel kind of woman or a suit wearing kind of man but it will do you well to learn to be comfortable in those situations as well.
Vica Versa you might be a city kid in which case it will be good for you to learn to walk on dirt roads and to handle things in a more down to earth kind of way.
Learn to do both. You never know when it will come in handy.


The creative process #3 : Practice and improve

Creative life #3

While I’m writing this, I am sitting on my friend’s bed after finishing reading a book. I’m a whole town away from home and I have no homework or day job here.
I only have a friend and books.

I like it here.


So for the first time in two weeks I feel inspired to write a blog post on the topic of being creative again.
So to continue on with the creative life series let me share with you how important it is to practice and improve.


The creative process step 3: practice and improve.

We started off by gathering inspiration, then we copied a bunch of other artists but right now we need to practice and improve our art.

Start with taking a look at something you created recently. It could be anything from a poem to a dance routine. Examine it and notice if there is anywhere you can improve. Think according to all the little rules you’ve picked up from other artists and compare yours to “the standard”
The standard by the way it how good other artists are.
Look at how your art differs from theirs and ask if you want to keep it like that or change it.

(disclaimer: I’m not saying you need to completely copy someone else and lose your individuality. I’m just telling you to honestly try and improve your work.)


Now that you know what you want to change – change it. If you can, keep both the old and the new version.
I personally like to keep everything I write so when I make changes I create a whole new file on my computer. I hardly ever delete until I’m sure I have the version I want.


Step 2: get feedback.

Another important part of improving your art is to get feedback from someone who knows something about your art.
This means you can’t just ask your mum and ask her what she thinks. (sorry mum)
Get it to someone who knows what they’re doing. Preferably get it to someone whose art you admire or someone who you know is better at you in your art.

Ask them questions. Ask them about the things you feel needs to be changed if they agree then you make the change if they don’t agree the choice is up to you. If they dislike something you like honestly think about what they don’t like and ask yourself if they are correct. No being personal at this stage. You need to ask yourself if your art will be better or worse without the thing they dislike and make the change yourself.


Now this is a process you repeat constantly.
You create. You get feedback. You improve. You create again but better.


I hope this was helpful to you. I hope to bring the last part which is all about creating original content out soon enough.