My projects for the year

Author's note: At the moment I have a lot of writing projects on the board. Here's a little list, along with how far along I am with each. The goal is to reach five stars with each so as you can see I've still got a lot to do.

God given riches #1 – A friend

Recently in my devotionals I was tasked with writing down promises God has made me. In my experience He often promises to fill our biggest desires with his own riches. For me the biggest promise that comes to mind is that He promised to be my friend. In John 15:15 Jesus tells His disciples the …

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I am back to blogging

After two years, I have decided it’s time to start blogging again.This blog had been a passion of mine when I was a teenager. It was a place where I could cultivate my writing skills and share my enthusiasm with the world.That feels like forever ago now.To catch you up, right now, I’m no longer …

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Goddess blessed – short story

Chelle, goddess blessed and saviour of the allied kingdoms, sat glaring at the puzzle in her hands. It was a wooden sphere that could be shifted this way and that. Once solved it was supposed to fall open to reveal the prize, which she could hear rolling around inside. She had been at it for …

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Final judgement – short story

Armani slipped in through the open back door of the large white house on the corner where Maine street and Giovanni avenue met. The washing room he found himself in was dark and as quiet as the deceased. Despite the silence Armani could hear the sound of sirens in his minds ear. The cops were …

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The end is near – short story

Cybil rushed through Du Plooy Street, clutching her bathrobe close, in the hopes of protecting her chest from the cool night air that still fell over the town despite the turn in season lately.  She had to hurry. There were only a couple of minutes left before the end of the world would start and …

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