G.K. Chesterton once called an adventure an inconvenience rightly considered. These words ring clear to my optimistic heart. More in-depth than that, adventure to me means experiencing a story. Whether it be a story that you read or a story that you get to live out.
And the best stories are the ones where the hero finds themselves in trouble, survive against all odds and then manage to make meaning from the experience.

I want more adventures in my life. I want to read good books, travel to unique places, get myself into trouble and then worm my way out. But like many other people, I am mostly at home. There are no grand travel plans in my future, and there is no exciting work waiting for me. It’s mostly just my family and me sitting in a house. Which is an inconvenience in its own.
So, I’m going to embrace it. And I’m going to find the adventure in the situation.

This blog will be where I express the adventures I have – and write them down. Partly to share them, and partly so I have them written down for the future when I struggle to remember them.

At this point, it becomes essential to introduce myself. I am Enette Venter, college student, writer and lover of the colour yellow. I’m ready to turn life into an adventure, and you’re more than welcome to join me.

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