Zombies and books- Weekend Writer’s Block

writer's block


Write the book you want to see in this world….
Never mind, write the book I want to see in this world because I don’t have time to write it myself.

I want to share with you a story idea that came to me this week. If you like the idea, feel free to use it, or take some parts of it, or twist it to fit your own liking.

So here’s the idea for today.

It’s the zombie apocalypse and against all hopes a group of friends have survived. (cue dramatic music)
They are chased by zombies and it doesn’t look as if they will live when suddenly the hero of the story sees a broken staircase that leads up to a second floor of an old Barnes and nobles.
They quickly climb to the stairs and then to the second floor where the zombies can’t find them. When all is quiet they decide to explore their new hiding spot. They hear a noise and for a moment they think there might be a zombie trapped up there with them. Gathering their spears, guns or what have you they turn a corner ready to kill. They are met with a loud scream of a girl sitting the corner with a book in her lap.
The girl doesn’t look like the type who survives the zombie apocalypse. She has curly hair, round glasses and big eyes.

So how has she made it nearly a year into the zombie apocalypse? Well she’s stayed at the bookstore the entire time and the zombies haven’t even noticed.

Why did she decide to go to the bookstore when the world was ending?Well if the world is ending she would spend her last moments among books.

Who would have guessed her obsession would be why she survived?
That’s my idea, tell me if you think you are going to use it because I would love to hear more about how you can turn this into a story.

By the way, the writing practice is currently running.
It’s a simple, short, writing contest that challenges you to better your craft. Click here to go check it out.

The writing practice- The invisible helper

The writing Practice #2

I haven’t put up a writing practice in what feels like forever. (Around 6 months)
This means that a lot of my newer followers don’t even know what my writing Practices are.
The writing Practice is a challenge… to writers… to write something.
I know a lot of the time we writers forget to make time to write. We have work and school and families and so forth that steal up all out time.

So this is to challenge you to take just a momment out of your busy life to write something.

This is how the writing practice works

  •  You can write a blog post on the topic of the prompt I will give. Then you link it back here.
    If you do this and I like what you wrote I will put a link to your blog the next “Writing Practice Post”
  • The second way to enter is by simply writing your answer to the prompt in the comments.
    If you do this and I like what you wrote I will put up your entry in the same post. (No link to your blog)

Remember that if you choose the first way to put the # The Writing Practice among your tags.

Here is this week’s prompt.
Write about a character that is helping the typical hero character. This character doesn’t get any of the glory and hardly anyone even notices them. I want you to play with this invisible character. Perhaps they live in the hero’s shadow or perhaps they are invisible in a more literal way and can’t be seen.
Put this character in a scene where attention is drawn to them and write how they react to the sudden spotlight. Are they nervous? Afraid? Or even smug?


Good luck and get writing.

(also I promise not to let there be a 6 month gap between this post and the next “Writing practice.”)

The writing practice

Between work, school, blogging and general internet surfing a lot of us hardly have time for writing itself.
So the writing practice is about taking time to write even if all you have to spare is five minutes.the writing practice


Last week I gave the prompt of what would you do if time froze for everyone except you for an hour.

Now the reply I got was from Jessica who blog about self therapy and she really took the prompt to the next level and gave her readers something both interesting and thought provoking.  You can find the post here, you should definitely go read it.

The two ways of entering.
1. Writing a blog post on the topic of the prompt and linking it back here.
If you do this and I like what you wrote I will put a link to your blog in a post next week like I did for Jessica this week.
2. The second way to enter is by simply writing your answer to the prompt in the comments.
If you do this and I like what you wrote I will put up your entry but no link.

Remember that if you choose the first way to put the #WritingPractice among your tags.

 The prompt

Describe something in only five sentences using all five senses, without making it obvious what it is.

It’s supposed to be like a riddle sort of thing but it can be as obvious or vague as you want it to be.

I did this little writing practice quite a few times this week and I really like it because it’s both fun and good practice.

Use this prompt however you want to and I really look forward to hearing from you guys.

gathering insperation using pinterest.

My next post series are going to be on how I plan my novels.
I’m doing this because NaNoWriMo is only two months away and it’s time I started preparing a novel for the occasion.
I warn you though, I might not be able to finish this post series by then because my exams are coming up and I need to start focusing on school.

We shall start of this new post series by giving it a name. How about the Novel Planning Posts? (Yes I realize that I’m no good at titles.)
This week’s post will be on gathering inspiration.

Gathering inspiration.IMG_5180

Has it ever happened to you that you want to write something but inspiration is just not coming to you and waiting for it is just not an option?
This actually happens to me a lot when I’m not working on a project.
The problem with writing is that it follows a cycle when it comes to inspiration.
If you write it’s like the inspiration just starts coming to you but you need inspiration to write.
The best advice is to just not stop writing in the first place and just sit with your laptop or a pen and paper for the rest of your life.
Since most of us can’t do this we will be looking at how to get inspiration from nothing.

My favourite resource for inspiration is pinterest.
You can get all these amazing pictures and prompts that you can force into a story.
First thing I do on pinterest is to look through the prompts for something that catches my eyes and then I create a board and pin anything that I think can fit into one story to it. If you are a regular pintrest user you might have stumbled onto boards like this and realized that it’s called a storyboard.
Here is an example of one of my story boards.

How to use prompts as inspiration.
Finding inspiration is like a button being pressed that makes you think, what if?
But sometimes one prompt that makes you think what if just isn’t good enough to drive a story.
If a prompt makes you think but doesn’t really supply something to build a story on go look through some more prompts but this time look at them and ask yourself if they can work together.

For the story I’m planning right now I found the prompt “and she cried. Oh God did she cry for a boy that never even existed.”
It gave me an idea but just wasn’t good enough to carry an entire story so I looked further and found this prompt. “A kid who’s imagination is so strong that it leaks into reality.”
Are you seeing the connection?
I saw it and I realized that while the one can’t really carry an entire story together they can create quite an impressive book.

Some great pinterest boards to look at for inspiration.

I know this isn’t my most helpful post but I still hope you can make something with what I have said here. Next week I’m writing about Main characters and how I outline them.Please do come check it out.
If you have any questions about the upcoming post series or about the information I gave to you in this post please ask, I’m always open to your comments.

weekend writers block. (inspiration for desperate times.)

This is a new feature here and it will most likely be renamed and get a better picture in time.

This post is basically a sketch of a story. I day dreamed it and now I’m sharing it here. IMG_5180 - Copy
You guys can browse through it and if something in here gives you any ideas feel free to use it.

How the magic works.
You have something inside yourself that can control magic but it is surrounded with a barrier.
Women’s barrier is stronger than men’s and they don’t develop magic.
This barrier is expertly broken by someone who can already do magic.
Sometimes barriers brake naturally without someone’s help, this is a sign of magical strength.

The school.
The school for magic has a strong system.
They normally gain new members that are turning 14 at the beginning of the school year.
Every year they have battle games. The battle game teams are led by the young men who’s barriers broke naturally.
They are each given equal amounts of first years, second years and so on to complete their teams.
They have to train their teams and complete tasks for points. At the end of the year there is a massive battle between the teams to determine the winners.
There are two winners the one with the most points and the one who won the last battle. Normally though it’s the same team.

Who is the character?
The character is a girl who’s brothers are both naturals.
The thing is when she was six she was angry at them and to prove herself she climbed up a cliff they had told her she would never able to scale.
She made it.
What she can’t remember is that someone was waiting for her up on the mountain, who pushed her back over the edge.
When she struck the ground she broke nearly every bone in her body.
The only reason she stayed alive was because the fall had weakened her own barrier and magic had healed her.
When she woke she was in the school’s medical wing her mother crying over her and her brothers screaming their apologies to her as if the where afraid she would die hating them.
She soon found out that she could actually control magic and joined the school.
She is now the only girl there but she is not to be underestimated since her magic is much stronger than most.

It’s her first year training her own team for the battle games and she is set on winning.
Her brothers who up until then lovingly helped her with her training has now become her opponents and one of their teams always win.
The thing is the person that pushed her just realized that she is still alive and didn’t die that day.
He attempts to kill her, but she no longer six and has been trained as a magical warrior.
She buffs all attempts on her life and defies all odds in the contest proving that she is just as good as her brothers.

Her brothers are very protective of her now and one of the ways they proved this is by making sure she was never teased for being the only girl in the school. As she grew older this moved from stopping people from teasing her, to stopping people from hitting on her. They break anyone’s fingers who as much as whistle at her.
Her training methods are pretty extreme and to get her team to let go of all fear they jump of off the same cliff she fell off and use their magic to keep the landing from breaking their bones.

Christmas special prompt – lazy Santa

This is my idea of a Christmas special I hope you actually write and not just laugh yourself sore.

Santa had long ago made a deal with the parents of the world that they give the children gifts in his stead. This is why parents get the Christmas bonus which is really just payment from Santa.
You are a parent. A lazy parent who decided this system isn’t working for you. You want Santa to give the presents himself again.
How do you go about getting him to take the job back if he doesn’t want to?



Prompt. Fighting a mind reader.

I’m going to be cool and instead of saying you should do this prompt in less than a certain amount of  words I’m going to say in more than 150 words.
The prompt is write a scene where your character has an argument with a mind reader ,who is right about the situation, but your character must end up winning the argument.