weekend writing prompt #2. Rose colored glasses.

Here is a writing prompt before I log of for the weekend.

Rose colored glasses.

In honor of valentine you have to describe a person, real or not, as if they where the most beautiful person in the world.

Even the smallest flaws should be described as if they where what made the person beautiful. You shouldn’t only describe their appearance though, you should add how they act and what makes them special. Is it their laugh? The way they hold their self?

Weekend writing prompt. Past and future self.

This weekend I’m giving you a prompt before logging of for the weekend.


The prompt: past and future self.

Take the main character of whatever you are writing and write two pieces of writing.

  1. When your Character is speaking with his past self.
  2. When your character is speaking to his future self.


What is the difference between these two conversation? How are these conversations the same?

Writing prompt. -Borrowing insperation.

What is inspiration? it is an idea you bring to life. And even if you know someone else has already used this inspiration, has already ha this idea you can still use it.

Writing prompt.

Go find a inspiring quote and write a page about the topic.

Use the quote as your base and back up what it is saying.

I won’t be giving an example of what I want you to do but if you don’t understand the prompt please say so in the comments bellow.

Writing prompt Villain

Villains aren’t naturally born evil they grow evil and usually they don’t even notice so my prompt is write a day out of your villains everyday life before he became a villain. After all I have never met an evil five year old.

Writing prompt: your day.

Pick a moment out of your day any moment and rewrite it in first person.
Where you in an argument? where you laughing at dinosaur jokes with your friend? where you writing a test? What ever you were doing today pick the most outstanding moment and write about it in as much detail as possible.

How to practice third person writing

Write about a short trip from the point of view of a scholar, without dialog, in third person.
Then rewrite the trip from the point of view of a soldier, a lord, and a merchant.
In the end you will have four completely deferent story’s,

Remember the scholar would notice different things than the other three, they will each see their journey differently.