The writing practice contest. Are you a villain?

The writing practice is I give you a prompt and you write a post based on it.Dragonfest
The rules are simple.
• Read the prompt on the bottom of this post.
• Write a story between the word count of 150 and 1000 words.
• Put your story in a post and link it back here so I can go see it.
• Among the tags put #TheWritingPractice
• Hit post.
• Feel free to take the little picture of a dragon on the side and put it up on your blog either as a badge or simply as a picture to go with your post.

The prompt

Write about yourself as if you are the villain in a story.
It can be anything from a description to a fight scene between you and one of your characters.
Next week this time I will be leaving links back to anyone who participates.
Participation for this contest is valid until 17 September 2015 or in other words next Thursday.