The power of a book

This is beautifully said don’t you think.

sparks vivified

As you veer through the pages of the book fragile, yet strong in words.
The scent of wood tingling in your nostrils.A journey with characters surreal, just like your story.
You try to be frugal with those feelings, yet you lose them.
Crystals roll down your sanguine cheek. A preposterous attempt to control emotions. The power of a book is boundless. It can touch you and leave you in awe.

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Why I’m special

This is the last day to a very short writing challenge I did and is about why I’m special and why people would read what I write. I dislike this question because I’m unsure of that myself. I’m special because I’m me and people should read what I write because they like it. But since …

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Skullduggery pleasant coming to an end

When I was 10 my father came home with three particularly thick books and left them on his desk. They caught my eye because they each had a skull on them and since I didn't have anything better to do I read them. It was the first real fantasy books that I read and since …

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