weekend writers block: magic in the military.

For today I have a plot idea that I’ve been dabbling with for the past few days but that you can totally use for your own stories.Untitled
There are a few people in a large kingdom that can do magic and if you can do it the signs are extremely obvious. The thing is that people with magic is not only distrusted but hated because of a past falling out with the kingdom and if you are caught being able to do magic then you are either banished or hanged.
You can’t really choose weightier or not you can do magic though and so they hate you for something you can’t control.
The plot itself is about a young man raised in a war camp by his father one of the military generals. Despite being at least a year away from being counted as an adult this young man has been on and off battle fields a dozen times and he has a knack for strategy to such a degree that if he is to tell one of the captains in the army what to do they will listen to him.
Now of course this young man start showing signs of being able to do magic. His father tries his best to protect him by keeping it a secret to everyone else that his son can use magic.
The young man does not want to be hidden for all his life so he still goes out on to the battle field and even as the wrong people find out about his magic he keeps on fighting for his men and slowly earns the army’s loyalty.
Now despite the fact that I think I will be working with this idea in the future you can definitely use it yourself and don’t feel afraid to share with me what you think you’ll do with it.
Who do you think will be the villain in this story?
Do you think that this young man’s actions will be affecting the other magic users?
What is the father like?
Would you add a love interest to this story?

Weekend writer’s block. (inspiration for desperate times)

I can’t decide if this week is plot or world building but either way here it is.Untitled

For the past few generations the king would always have at least two children.
The one to be heir to the throne and the other to inherit the magic in the royal blood line. Just to help you see what I’m seeing the royal with magic is more often than not the strongest magic wielder in the kingdom.
This sounds pretty unsafe because what if the one with the magic tries to overthrow the sibling?

To answer that question, there will be very little point in killing your sibling if you are the one with the magic because none of the past royal magic wielders has even survived to see manhood/ womanhood.
Their power is like a beacon to all sort of foul creatures.
They are attacked daily and on top of that because of their great power they are sent into battle at an early age of ten.
They are forced to fight their entire life through and die pretty young.
To keep them alive a little longer they are normally given guards. Strong powerful magic wielders who are willing to die for them.

What do you think a story would look like from the point of view of one of these guards?