Sneak preview into my work in progress.


I know that I should publish a creative life post but unfortunately I haven’t written it yet…


Sneak preview


I’m not going to make any excuses but to make it up to you I will give you a little bit of insights into my current work in progress High Queen.

Currently the story only has about two scenes written and is still poorly planned but what I can share with you is some world building.


A long time ago the Caeli people were at war with each other. The five different kingdoms all battled for as much ground as they could. They never got along, they never compromised and they never shared.

Eventually though a great enemy came in from the coast and faced with sudden destruction the Caeli kingdoms joined together. Alliances were formed and after a massive battle the enemy was banished.

The king who killed the enemy was then announced the High King and the other kings swore to serve under his rule. This Kingship system is still the governing system in place – and the High King’s heirs are still on the throne. This new great Kingdom is called Caelum.

With so many years past, details of the enemy had been lost, but rumours have it that it is held captive somewhere in the massive forest which grows next to the capital city.

The fear of it is what drove the citizens to start painting protective marks on their house walls and the city’s streets. They claim that the markings can keep the old enemy away.

Despite the fact that a large amount of people simply believe this is superstition they still paint – which leaves the capital city one of the brightest places to live as layers and layers of paint have been used to create these patterns.

Since the ancient times, the Caeli have turned their eyes outwards and made alliances with the surrounding nations.
These surrounding nations include the giants, the humans, the pixies and the pirates (fancy names still need to be created)



This series is going to start with the newest High Queen, Aster who has to face a monster that may or may not have snuck out of the forest. Her only help is the shy young Lord Nickolas and the Princess Flam whose mother is bent on dethroning Aster. But then you can’t always choose your friends can you?


That’s the small sneak view that I can give you today. Please let me know if you like the idea of the story so far and then I’ll post again on Friday (or Saturday because I’m tardy)


Finished with draft 2!

It’s 11:30 pm and I just finished with the second draft of Falling for Pink and I’m just so excited about this!
I literally sat down read it from beginning to end after not touching it in over a month and fixed any spelling errors or plot holes that I came across.


The amazing thing is that I have been putting this off because I’ve been sure that it’ll be bad – and I was honestly surprised. Especially by my characters who I thought where going to be figurative garbage.
They weren’t and it’s like I got to know them again for the first time. This time I wasn’t focusing on if they are consistent as characters but instead I simply read it and hoped that how they feel authentic.


If you asked me a month ago to describe Peggy the main character I would have said she was insecure, slightly pathetic but at least she tries… sounds stupid right but while I have always loved writing Peggy I was certain that this was the case and that no one would ever want to read about her.
Now I’ve reread the story and actually got to witness Peggy and not write her my mood about her changed completely.
She’s funny and romantic and gutsy when she feels like it. Yes she’s insecure but that’s a massive part of what the book is based on and I don’t feel like it makes her less of a character. She’s awkward but not afraid to call people out and I absolutely love her.


Benjamin the love interest has also been completely misunderstood by me – his creator.
A month ago I would have said he was respectable, confident, and even headed. BOY would I have been lying.
Benjamin King is a rebel, and a bit of a moody teenager. He’s a flirt and a goof but he has morals even if he takes unconventional ways to reach them. More than just that he literally does not care about other people’s nonsense. He rolls his eyes in the face of danger and I love him almost as much as I love Peggy.



Here is a quote that I feel just says so much about the couple and is part of the reason I love them.


“Do you really think you and I can be a good couple? I mean your parents don’t even know that I’m a banshee, your sister still mostly dislikes me and I’m still not really good at handling people, especially not your aunt,” Peggy said.
Benjamin shrugged.
“It’s not like I’m any better,” he said.
Peggy frowned at him shook her head.
“You’re stubborn, charming, and not at all bad to look at either.”
“And you think you’re not?”
Peggy shrugged. She wasn’t a pretty girl, and she wasn’t aiming to be one either which was why she had piercings and pink hair.
He simply shook his head. “It’s a shame that you don’t see what I see then.”


They’re just so cute!
The hard part for me right now is I’m the only fan of this story (because I’m the only one who has read it) so bare with me if I choose to fan girl about it here.

Right now my next step with Pink is to send it off to Beta readers and then I have an editor friend who said she’ll look at it in the holidays. So I’m super excited about this right now and hopefully you’ll be seeing some more inside sneak peeks here.


I should probably go to bed but I have this really stupid urge to draw fanart…
Or is it concept art if I’m the writer???


Anyway, I can’t wait for you all to read the book hopefully I get someone to read it soon so I can have someone to talk to about it 🙂

Pink update


I finished Pink about two weeks ago (sorry for not telling you sooner) and so now I get to start focusing on other things.
How Pink went.
First of all, my novel ‘Pink’ is standing on a decent 60 000 words and I actually like how its plot turned out. It was genuinely weird to write because I’ve never written a romance before but I decided that I have to give it a go and I don’t think I did too badly.

What I’m planning to do from here off on is not quite planned out yet because I’m still waiting for some factors about next year to come in, so I can know exactly how much time I’ll have to dedicate to my writing life.
What I do know though, is that I’ll be either editing it myself, or get someone to edit it for me, so I can put up more chapters onto WattPad. I want to share this story with you and anyone else who wants to read it because I feel like it’s a good place for me to start this journey of mine until I really have a plan for how I’m going to get published.

You see next year is looking a little hectic.
I have some hard school subjects some of which I’ve never had before and I’m probably rewriting my math from 2016 because I don’t feel like I did good enough in the exam this year so I’m choosing to redo it if I don’t get like 75%
There’s some fun things added to the schedule though! I now have two adorable cousins to tutor in the afternoons which are double the one that had in 2016. I’m actually looking forward to that, even though they keep me at the house a lot and really busy. (That means no going out or writing in the afternoons)
Because my workload is doubling, the money my aunt is paying me is also almost doubling which is actually really cool because if I save all of it I might (note the words might) be able to buy myself a new laptop at the end of the year. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for over a year now because the one I’m currently using has battery issues which means I can only use it while plugged in and it over heats easily.


I have other things on the schedule such as band practices, musical instruments to master, tutors to see about school subjects and a couple of other things.
It’s not really that I have a lot to do but a lot of the things I do need to do, takes either a lot of time and concentration or it causes a lot of stress.
Since I know I’m bad at handling stressed I’m a little scared of 2017


I’m scared because I can’t trust myself to remain calm in times of stress and in 2016 it was exactly stress that caused me to struggle with writer’s block for the first part of the year.
It’s because I put the things I stress about before writing that I stopped blogging properly last year and I honestly don’t know if I’ll be able to work past it in 2017.


I want to write.
I want to write in 2017 and in the years after that. I want to write books and I want to give writing courses, but I can’t just ignore everything else to do that.
So I’ve come to the conclusion that I need to revaluate my methods of working and reprioritize what I need to focus on.
I need to decide where I’m going with my studies, because I know the aim is to go to university but that’s not good enough anymore, I need to know what I want to do with my education and what exactly it is I want to go study when I’m done with high school.
This post has degraded into a ramble but I don’t mind because it means it was really productive for me, in a way to help me refocus myself and I actually feel the beginning of a plan start to form in my head.
So I’m going to call the end of this post, and then once I have more details on my plan I’ll share it.

btw: I’m writing the writing lessons for 2017 in advance and I’m nearly done with February. I’ll be telling you more about that soon as well so keep an eye out for my next posts.

8 things to know before you write your first “first draft”

8 tips for new writers

I’ve been talking to some young writers who would like to start a novel, and while talking to them it occurred to me how many things new writers do that keep them from finishing their first draft. Sometimes it’s because they want someone to read and give them feedback while they are writing their first draft while at other times it’s because they just don’t know where to take their story because of a lack of planning.
Then I remembered how much I learned while writing my first book’s draft and how many things I wish I had know or been prepared for. Perhaps if I had been warned my plot wouldn’t have fallen flat on 5000 words. While I had pushed through I was very close to simply calling it quits.
So this post is for those of you who are thinking of writing a novel.

8 things to know before you start to write your first novel.

1. To get through your first draft takes a lot of discipline. Yes writing is fun, but there will be day where you just don’t feel like writing. I’m not trying to throw you off or keep you from writing by saying this, I just want you to be prepared because it’s true and it’s often where people give up on their writing. The truth is that writing will get hard but even on those days you need to put your butt in front of a computer (or pen) and keep writing. You will need to be disciplined to keep writing. The best way to be disciplined is to make sure you write at least 100 words every day.

2. You can find that even though you are disciplined in your writing a day might come that you need to kick up the motivation. I’m stubborn so my motivation is proving a point most of the time, or because I really want to reach the end of the book but if that doesn’t work you need to find a way to motivate yourself, perhaps the reward system can work for you. (500 words for a cup of coffee?)

3.  Expect to learn a lot while writing. I’m not talking random facts; I’m saying that you will learn a lot about yourself. You will also learn that you suck at writing…
Not that that means you’re a bad writer, it just means that this is your first time attempting something like this and I’m sure any successful writer can tell you that their first draft of their first story also sucked. It’s not a bad thing it just means that you have things to improve on. When you realize that your writing is worse than you would like it to be, don’t give in, and embrace it. Yes it’s bad but you can only improve your writing if you write.

4. This is another thing you need to know about your first draft, your writing will improve. I have no doubt about it. As you write your brain becomes more accustomed to the way sentences sound and by the end of your 120 pages you will have gotten much better. Don’t be surprised; let it motivate you to keep writing.

5. I often hear young writers who has never finished any book tell me that they don’t plan because they’re more on the seat writers. If you’re a pantster (someone who writes without a plan) then that’s great, but if you tell me you’re a panster and then later tell me that you keep losing interest before you can finish your novel then I suggest you try planning.

It takes a little extra time but it really does help. If you know where your story is going then you will never be caught in one of those moments where you ask yourself “well what do I write now that won’t be boring?”

6. Here is something more common among the young writers on forums on the internet; they often start to worry about title, covers and dedications before they even finished their first draft. These things don’t matter at the moment, just focus on finishing your novel.
Yes a good title is always nice but the title is focused on the audience and getting them to buy your book, and guess what, that doesn’t matter until you have a book to sell. You don’t need a good title or a cover when you are writing your first draft. You want to know what I’m calling my work in progress? Felix vs Aida… it’s not the title it will keep but it helps me remember in which Word file the story is being saved.

7. I feel I need to say that

you don’t write your first draft for an audience. You write it for the story. A friend of mine has this habit of sending you bits of her first drafts, and I love my friend to bits, I see potential in her writing but her first draft is just like mine, not all that good. So please I’m asking you while you’re writing don’t give your writing to someone just to be read so they can give you praise, it puts people in an awkward position. The only exception is for when you are in a writing group and you have discussed reading your work out loud. Even then people might give you bad feedback and this has also kept people from writing so that is where the whole don’t write for an audience comes in. While you are writing your first draft you are writing the story your way, and other people don’t have a say. Only when you start to edit do you start considering other peoples feedback.

8. The last point I want to make is that your story will grow. You might have had a simple idea but as you write the idea will twist and turn. Again this is where your planning helps, it keeps you from making drastic choices… but these twists in your idea isn’t a bad thing and that’s what I want you to know. Don’t panic because you’re not sure whether or not to implement a change. Examine it from all angles and ask yourself if it fits, if you want to add the change go for it. This is your first novel you have free reign on how it goes.

I hope this helps the new writers out there and if you happen to have a novel finished then share something you feel young writers should know.

If you have a unfinished novel lying somewhere or you have a spark of an idea without any substance then I challenge you now to go take a look at it and turn it around in your head a few times to see if you can get something from it.

10 thing to do to stay motivated when writing.

IMG_4282No matter how great your story is I’m sure that we all have at least once reached that point where we are just not inspired enough to keep writing.
Here is a list of 10 things you can do to stay inspired.
1. Read a book.
2. Draw fanfic of your own story. (Then feel free to share it with me.)
3. Edit your beginning.
4. Write your ending in advance.
5. Go over the most important things that still have to happen in your story.
6. Gather everything that inspired you to write the story in the first place in one spot.
7. Add more tension to your story. (Learn how here.)
8. Write a synopsis. Rewrite it if you already have one.
9. Brag on the internet about how cool your story is going to be when it’s done.
10. Tell a friend about what you’re writing and they will start asking about how far you are. You will have to keep writing.
Bonus: You can tell me about your story and why you are struggling then I’ll see if I can help.

How do you handle it when you run out of inspiration to write? Is there anything I should add to the list?

Questions for plotting your novel.

Untitled bThe first thing you want to know when plotting your story is what your character wants.
Any story is just a sequence of events that surrounds an attempt to achieve a goal or solve a question.

So what is your character’s goal?


The next thing you want to know is what is what is what will happen if the goal is not fulfilled. This is called consequences.
In some stories the consequences is that there is no change and that things stay the way it is. This kind of consequence common when it comes to over throwing some great emperor or when teenagers get bored with their save life.

Now your character should decide on what they are going to do to achieve their goal.
This is kind of like a check list that as you cross things off the reader becomes more and more excited about the end goal.
So make a list of thing your character has to do to attain the main goal.

The problem is that as much as we would like things to go right for our characters all the time they can’t so you need to decide what will go wrong. When things go wrong your reader becomes anxious that your character will be stopped before he can reach his goal. So they keep reading to find out.


What is your character willing to offer in order to achieve his goal?
The problems your character face should mean something to them and they should be willing to offer something to achieve their goal and avoid the consequences. So what is your character willing to offer?


Sometimes you need to give your readers hope which is why sometimes you want to let good things happen to your character.

It’s kind of like rewarding them.
The last thing you want to add is rule that your character has too follow. Maybe you put up a time limit or perhaps you follow the hunger games strategy and limit your character’s resources.