Tips for getting out of the insulated writing bubble (and be filled with creative ideas)

When you start on your writers’ journey it’s easy to envelop yourself in a bubble. You want to churn out as many words as you possibly can. You focus on story planning, word count and the dreaded edit.
This is all good and necessary to grow as a writer, but the problem with living in the writer’s bubble is that nothing new and exciting can enter. Which, to keep things on topic of writing, means your ideas start to resemble each other more and more until you’ve regurgitated the same idea so many times you only have one story to tell.


To avoid the insulating bubble is easy considering how serious a problem this can cause in your writing. All you have to do is observe and question the world around you. (I’ll admit that sounds phony, but it’s true.)
I have three simple ideas that can help you with this, and I hope you try them not only when you’re in an idea rut, but that you make it part of your writing habits.

1. Go to public places and play the “who are they?” game.
“The who are they?” game is basically when you pick a stranger and sketch a character around them. Come up with a history, an occupation and a dilemma for your new character. If you can’t go into a public place, then use stock images to gather characters.
To take the game a step further, create a second character and write a piece of flash fiction in which they have to interact.


2. Make note of people’s behavior.
A big part of writing involves characters, so it’s fun to write down odd things about human behavior that you notice. You never know if it might become a detail to be added to a story later.
Some observations I’ve made recently (just to give you an idea) include: people always take the window seat by the library. Culture effects a person’s walking pace. People who exercise regularly are over enthusiastic when greeting others.
Obviously not all of this is fact, but it can be used as a character’s opinion or for some interesting narrative.


3. Research random stuff to death.
Before you can write you need a pile of knowledge to work with, so pick a topic and study it.
Some good topics include psychology, legends, geographical areas, anything about how stuff in the industrial industries are made etc.
All of this can spark ideas. So, if you can, try to learn one new thing every week.

I hope this inspires you to get out of your bubble and take a look into the world around you. It could enhance your very way of living, and help you reach your potential happiness. And if it doesn’t, at least, it’ll give you something new to write about 😉


Some background for why I’m writing this topic: I have been attending university for four weeks now and my subjects include, creative writing, communication and philosophy (to name only three of the five.) In all three these classes a resounding lesson has been pushed onto the students. Observe the world around you and ask questions. It’s been part of my homework and I must say the influence of this lesson can be seen in my writing.

Now I hope you have a good day, and don’t forget to like and share this post. It means a lot when you do so because, it reaffirms that despite my horrible posting schedule there are people helped by my posts.

weekend writer’s block

UntitledToday I have a character aspect for you.
This character used to have wings made out of a glass like substance.
She/he was admired for them and was given constant praise because of his/her flying abilities.
One day there was an attack on people he/she didn’t know while she was flying by.
She managed to save the people but in the event her wings shattered embedding pieces of itself into her back.
So now while some random people she didn’t know gets to live this character has lost everything and is left with scars covering her back.
How do you thing this event changed the character of the angel?
What does he/she do with her life now?

weekend writing block. (Inspiration for desperate times.)

Last week I shared a piece of world building but this week I want to share a start on a plot.Untitled

There are two sisters both where born from pureblood werewolves. The youngest one is just like the rest of her family a bloodthirsty monster.
The older sister is nothing like the rest of her family. She was born a cripple.
She can’t turn into a wolf because her bone structure does not have the mutant ability to change shape.
She can feel the pull of the full moon and has the anger issues of a normal werewolf.
She is strong and stubborn which despite her defect gets her a lot of respect from the rest of the pack since she can keep her own in a fight.
But then there comes the day when their pack is attacked and mostly wiped out.
The enemy let her slip past them because they assumed she is a normal human. The only member of her family she could save was her sister.
They go on the run together.
It’s dangerous for the eldest to stay with her sister because they are constantly being hunted and once a month her sister doesn’t know the difference between family and food.
She stays with her sister though and every month she battles her sister’s wolf into submission.
Despite her defect she is the Alfa between the two of them.

What sort of trouble do you think they would face in their journey?
Where do they plan to go?
What relationship do you think would form between the two sisters?