Writing blocks. Inspiration for desperate times.

I’m giving you another piece of world building today.Untitled
The setting is in a desert where nothing really grows. A strong nation of people had decided to call this their home and has been surviving the harsh conditions for as long as they remember.
When I say harsh conditions I don’t simply mean the heat and the sand, I’m also talking about the acid fog that rolls over the land at night.
It keeps people locked up indoors during the night and then retreats back to where it came from when the sun comes up.
The acid eats away at the buildings and kills all the food they are trying to grow.
The people have found ways to protect their food and have learned to live with this fog.

Where does the fog some from?
Why doesn’t the people just go look for somewhere else to live?
How do they protect their food and how does the fog affect their health?

Weekend writer’s block. (inspiration for desperate times)

I know I forgot to post one of these last week but what can I say other then life got in the way again.Untitled


Today I have a piece of world building for you.

This is a world where social ranking is important.
This has lead to the woman wearing a headdress on their heads to hide their hair to show respect to men. These headdresses are covered in hand stitched patterns that show which family and rank the women are.
These patterns are stitched by their mothers until they marry into a different family which is when their mother in-law stitch it.
The colors are normally their house color for the rich noble woman. The peasant woman normally wears a headdress made of a brown or grey material.
The young priestesses wear white headdresses while the higher ranking ones simply have their heads shaved.
For a woman to show her hair is considered outrageous and scandalous. The last time someone was daring enough to go about without her hair covered with at least a cloth she had been stoned within the day.

What do you think would be the rest of this society’s rules? Would this change how the women carry themselves? Can you think of an interesting character to go with this?


It’s done!

So after spending an entire night writing I am no finally done with the rough draft of my book Gypsy girl (Soon to be renamed)

I have been writing on it for nearly 7 months and have nearly given up countless times but now it’s done and I’m the proud owner of a book 70756 words long or 174 pages for short.

My plan is to leave it for the next couple of months and edit it near the end of the year or maybe early next year, until then I have my hands quite full editing last years NaNoWriMo novel and planing my next book Becoming darkness. (Soon to be renamed.)

here’s a shout out to everyone doing camp NaNoWriMo right now. Have faith in your stories and whatever you do just keep writing.

10 thing to do to stay motivated when writing.

IMG_4282No matter how great your story is I’m sure that we all have at least once reached that point where we are just not inspired enough to keep writing.
Here is a list of 10 things you can do to stay inspired.
1. Read a book.
2. Draw fanfic of your own story. (Then feel free to share it with me.)
3. Edit your beginning.
4. Write your ending in advance.
5. Go over the most important things that still have to happen in your story.
6. Gather everything that inspired you to write the story in the first place in one spot.
7. Add more tension to your story. (Learn how here.)
8. Write a synopsis. Rewrite it if you already have one.
9. Brag on the internet about how cool your story is going to be when it’s done.
10. Tell a friend about what you’re writing and they will start asking about how far you are. You will have to keep writing.
Bonus: You can tell me about your story and why you are struggling then I’ll see if I can help.

How do you handle it when you run out of inspiration to write? Is there anything I should add to the list?