A sum up for an awesome month of blogging.

In celebration of a really good month here on this blog I want to share with you guys a bit of stats, new and a round of applause.

Some of you might have noticed that somewhere during this month I went from being enetteventer.wordpress.com to enetteventer.com.
That’s a lot easier to remember isn’t it?
I have my granddad to thank for this because he gave me the money to buy the premium plan for this blog.
Thanks granddad. 🙂

This month I got 425 view which might not be a lot to some people but it’s a pretty big deal for me.

I had quite a lot of comments this month which ranged from Robert adding to the seriousness of one of the weekend writer’s blocks to Nikki who wrote about the importance of smell and just plain shared general awesomeness.

So now with all this in mind I want to share my 3 new goals for this blog.
1. Reach 1000 views per month before next year this time.
2. Start using all the extra features I got from buying the premium plan.
3. Form valuable connections with other bloggers here on wordpress.

That’s it for this month so thank you for reading and liking my posts. Hopefully next month will be even better.

It’s done!

So after spending an entire night writing I am no finally done with the rough draft of my book Gypsy girl (Soon to be renamed)

I have been writing on it for nearly 7 months and have nearly given up countless times but now it’s done and I’m the proud owner of a book 70756 words long or 174 pages for short.

My plan is to leave it for the next couple of months and edit it near the end of the year or maybe early next year, until then I have my hands quite full editing last years NaNoWriMo novel and planing my next book Becoming darkness. (Soon to be renamed.)

here’s a shout out to everyone doing camp NaNoWriMo right now. Have faith in your stories and whatever you do just keep writing.

My 3 goals for Enette’s world (+ a bonus one)

Alright guys, I’m doing blogging 201 right now so yesterday I was told to come up with three goals for my blog.
It took a bit of thinking but I finally decided on some goals.
1. Keep blogging regularly throughout the rest of July and August. That’s right you can expect to see a new post every Monday for the rest of the month and the next. These posts will mostly consist out of writing lessons but might occasionally be about what I did the weekend.
2. Spend some time reading and commenting on other blogs. I really want to start reaching out to others especially to other’s here on WordPress. This goal isn’t very precise because I’m still figuring this one out but at the moment I think I might take an hour everyday or something for the task.
3. My last goal would be to start a new weekly feature. So from here of on I will try to post on Fridays as well. These posts will be a story prompt or idea.

+ My bonus goal is to save some money here at home so I can buy the premium plan at the end of the year. 🙂

So what do you guys think about my 3 goals? Do you think I can do it?