weekend writers block. (inspiration for desperate times.)

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This post is basically a sketch of a story. I day dreamed it and now I’m sharing it here. IMG_5180 - Copy
You guys can browse through it and if something in here gives you any ideas feel free to use it.

How the magic works.
You have something inside yourself that can control magic but it is surrounded with a barrier.
Women’s barrier is stronger than men’s and they don’t develop magic.
This barrier is expertly broken by someone who can already do magic.
Sometimes barriers brake naturally without someone’s help, this is a sign of magical strength.

The school.
The school for magic has a strong system.
They normally gain new members that are turning 14 at the beginning of the school year.
Every year they have battle games. The battle game teams are led by the young men who’s barriers broke naturally.
They are each given equal amounts of first years, second years and so on to complete their teams.
They have to train their teams and complete tasks for points. At the end of the year there is a massive battle between the teams to determine the winners.
There are two winners the one with the most points and the one who won the last battle. Normally though it’s the same team.

Who is the character?
The character is a girl who’s brothers are both naturals.
The thing is when she was six she was angry at them and to prove herself she climbed up a cliff they had told her she would never able to scale.
She made it.
What she can’t remember is that someone was waiting for her up on the mountain, who pushed her back over the edge.
When she struck the ground she broke nearly every bone in her body.
The only reason she stayed alive was because the fall had weakened her own barrier and magic had healed her.
When she woke she was in the school’s medical wing her mother crying over her and her brothers screaming their apologies to her as if the where afraid she would die hating them.
She soon found out that she could actually control magic and joined the school.
She is now the only girl there but she is not to be underestimated since her magic is much stronger than most.

It’s her first year training her own team for the battle games and she is set on winning.
Her brothers who up until then lovingly helped her with her training has now become her opponents and one of their teams always win.
The thing is the person that pushed her just realized that she is still alive and didn’t die that day.
He attempts to kill her, but she no longer six and has been trained as a magical warrior.
She buffs all attempts on her life and defies all odds in the contest proving that she is just as good as her brothers.

Her brothers are very protective of her now and one of the ways they proved this is by making sure she was never teased for being the only girl in the school. As she grew older this moved from stopping people from teasing her, to stopping people from hitting on her. They break anyone’s fingers who as much as whistle at her.
Her training methods are pretty extreme and to get her team to let go of all fear they jump of off the same cliff she fell off and use their magic to keep the landing from breaking their bones.

Here comes new ideas for YA fiction

Different genres use different writing styles so I decided to go take a look at how YA fiction is written so I can corporate it into my own writing.
Truth be told, I hesitate when reading YA because it’s not the genre I like the most since the characters are normally pining over each other, but now after doing some research I realize that I have read YA fiction that I liked.

So here is what I have on YA fiction.

First of all the genre is changing, people don’t want to see love at first site anymore and now love has changed to not only the love interest but also to family, friends and so forth.
People are growing tired of clichés so when asked these are the things most people said they were getting tired of.

• Irresponsible parents who leave teens to take care of the family.
• The main character with only one friend.
• Poor girl in fancy school who inevitably falls for the most popular boy.
• Tomboys who simply hates dresses.
• Clumsy characters.
• Dystopian future where the government has outlawed something that the MC rebels against.

Then I went to see what people want more of apparently they want diversity.
All kinds of diversity they want the rich black girl, the action hero in a wheelchair, the gay main love interest.

In YA fiction there is a line on how graphic some scenes can be written. The readers of YA fiction picked up the book expecting a story not just a very descriptive make out scene.
The love interests are pulled together by the circumstances so remember the rest of your story should be well written.

Now again with the genre evolving people have been once again asked what they want to see and from that I compiled a list of topics you can write about.

• Fear of the outside world. With everything you see on the news people are becoming afraid of the outside world, ranging from Ebola to being kidnapped.
• Anger and Depression.
• Religion. When you become a teen you start questioning what you where told as a child
• Cyber bullying.
• Risks taking such as alcohol and drugs.
• Sexuality.
• Social abandonment. Being pushed away from groups and having no friends can be rough on someone.
• Social power. How hard it is having social power hen everyone is comparing you to others.
• Freedom. Going out into the world or wanting to.
• Being accepted by adults. Despite what they say teens really do care what adults think of them.
• Culture. When your culture does not fit in with social acceptance.
• Social responsibility. People want to look out for each other.

The post is almost over except for the most important thing of how to write YA.
YA writing concentrate more on how the character feels about the situation then the situation itself.
So add some internal monologue and be descriptive. They also think more about romance then in other genres so basically funny guys and silly girls.


So tell me do you have any YA fiction writing tips?


Emma looked up from the pot of stew at the knock at her door.
“If you’re the baker’s boys playing tricks on me again I will not hesitate to tell your mother.” She called out.
There was no reply and she went back to stirring her stew. The knock sounded again and she sighed. It didn’t seem like the boys weren’t going to leave her alone this time.
She walked to the door stubbornly ignoring her sore knee and threw open the door. A bewildered young man stood outside cringing in the old lady’s annoyance.
“Can I help you?” Emma asked forcing her voice into a croak. The young man’s eyes grew as he stared at the old woman. Emma knew she was used to scare small children into behaving, you didn’t look like Emma and not be thought of as a witch.
After a minute of stuttering he met her eyes and gulped.
“I’m here to see Emilia Hartor. It’s a family matter.”
“Speak boy” She answered.
He nodded slowly. “Your son-“ He began but she cut him off.
“My son has been dead for years” She said nastily not letting him hear the pain she still felt at the memory. “He never truly lived now did he, dying during a difficult birth. Why are you stirring up old ghosts?”
He took a deep breath. “I’ll start at the beginning, but it’s a long story and you might prefer to sit.”
“I’ll sit when I want to now stop stuttering and speak.”
“Nearly fifteen years ago you gave birth to boy in an army’s medical facility. It was a difficult birth but despite what you have been told he lived.”
“You are lying, I was there, he didn’t even cry. They took him away before I could even see him.”
Pain stirred in her chest and she was tempted to tell the young man to leave but some part of her refused instead letting herself hope again.
“He was sick and because of the battle that night mistakes were made. You where told your son had died and he went to an orphanage.” He looked at her probably thinking that this was the time for her to sit down but Emma held on to the door frame and kept standing forcing him to keep talking.
“He was adopted before his third birthday. My parents adopted him.”
“You’re not trying to fool me into thinking you are my dead son do you?” She said coldly.
“Not at all, he was raised as my brother.”
“If this is all true why did you decide to come tell me now?”
“He turns fifteen in a few weeks and signs of magic in his blood have been obvious since he was ten. Recently he has fallen sick with something called magic overdone and needs someone to tell him how to fight it. Someone who shares his blood.”
Emma simply stared for a moment and decided to believe it, the young man genuinely seemed to care for someone that only Emma can help. “I think I need to sit now.” She whispered right before her knee buckled. The young man caught her.
“We can leave after dinner.” Emma said as he helped her inside.


Silva wasn’t a very big fan of her own ancestors seeing how they where the reason people distrusted her.
She sat on the rim of the dam overlooking the small village in the valley below. Today was not her day, with the full moon coming up she had nearly half a dozen people throw salt at her that caused her to itch like nuts.
She sighed staring at the far horizon. She had often wandered what her life would be like if her family just left the town and all the whispering behind their backs. Her gaze flickered back to the village. If she left she would never see Arty again. Annoyance flickered in her stomach. She had to stop swooning over the boy since Renee had gotten her slimy paws on him, apparently the two of them where head over heel in love and was the most favored thing for the village to talk about. Silvia wasn’t falling for it there was no way Arty actually liked that under fed fool.
Silvia saw something in the corner of her eye and turned to see her uncle approaching. She smiled, she always loved talking to her uncle, he was the exact opposite of her father who couldn’t tell a joke to save his life.
As her uncle neared she could see there was something wrong and she sensed more than saw the urgency in his walk.
As he neared Silvia got to her feet.
“What’s wrong?” She asked as he struggled to catch his breath.
“They’re burning down the house.” He heaved. “Your father sent me to make sure you are okay, he said we should meet them in the forest.”
Silvia felt her eyes widen and started hurrying back down the valley.
It was the longest jog of Silvia’s life and it felt like forever before they reached the green of the forests.
She imagined she could see smoke coming from the direction of the house and went from a jog to a run forcing her out of breath uncle to hurry.
They reached the spot where they were supposed to meet up with the rest of the family. There was no one there and she glanced over her shoulder at her uncle.
“We’ll wait.” He said.

The secret talent.

Tess felt her cheeks grow red as the professor pulled her by the arm through the academy’s halls past groups of curios students. Professor Nile didn’t seem to notice them and his pace neither slowed nor quickened. The pair rounded a corner and Tess found herself being shoved into the head masters office.
“Professor Nile,” The head master said looking up from his desk straight at Tess “is this, the girl you where telling me about?”
“It is,” the professor said shoving Tess into a chair, a look of glee spreading across his face.
“Then you may go” The head master said and professor Niles good mood vanished immediately.
“Sir if what we suspect is true you might need me here,” he started to protest but the head master cut him off with a simple stare, his blue eyes seemingly paralysing the man.
“I think I am capable of protecting myself against a fifteen year old girl.”
Tess watched as Professor Nile looked down, defeated. The man exited the room without so much another word and the room fell silent.
Tess glanced at the head master. He had greying black hair and a face that must have been handsome when he was younger.
Tess realized she was staring and quickly looked down at her hand in her lap. They were both silent for a moment more and Tess could almost feel the head master summing her up as she nervously smoothed out her uniforms black skirt.
“Do you know why you are here?” The head master asked.
Tess had to bite her tongue on a vile reply about professor Niles mental state and simply shook her head.
“You are here because your professors noticed something odd about you, nothing to extraordinary but small habits you seemed to have.”
Tess frowned. What was the man talking about?
“Tessara” The head master continued using her full name “you have been seen flicking bugs that wasn’t there, you once asked a classmate if they could hear where the music was coming from when there was no music, flames flicker in your presence and your roommate swears you have some sort of reading light beneath your sheets because sometimes a faint glow comes from beneath them. Do you know what I’m talking about?”
Tess felt her eyes grow. “You think I’m nuts.” Tess said in a hushed voice. “I swear to you I do not –“
The head master cut her off with a deep laugh like that of a loving grandfather. “No Tessara, I do not think you mad and you don’t need to worry because you are not in trouble.” Tess frowned.
“Then why am I here?”Tess asked once she found her voice.
“You are here because we believe that you are special. Tessara, how would you feel about joining our elite magic classes?”
Tess felt her eyes widen and she opened her mouth and her voice stuttered, “M-Magic?”