The quill pot writing contest #1

All right guys, so I want to try something new/ retry something old.

Quill POt

A long time ago, when I was a new and enthusiastic writer, I started a writing contest that I held bi-weekly. In the end, it crashed and burned because I honestly just couldn’t keep up with writing, school, and life all at the same time.
I was overwhelmed and I lost interest.

It’s about three years later and I want to give this another shot for multiple reasons.
1. I really love reading other people’s writing.
2. I really love prompts
3. I want to get reacquainted with my community.

It’s no secret that I have been MIA for a long time – with sporadic and sparse content here and there for the past couple of years. I have my reasons, which I might properly get into another time but for now the basic is this – I want to blog again. I want to follow that passion that drove me when I was 15 again.

So with this background info given, it’s time to reveal my true intentions of today.
I want to start a new writing contest on here!

It will be called ‘The Quil Pot Writing Contest.’

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Okay, so this new contest will work as follows.

I’m going to give a prompt each week along with a maximum word goal. (I don’t mind short things I just don’t have the time to read long things)

Then you get to write something based on this prompt.
I want to see creativity. I want to see the passion. I want to see skill.

You can get your entry to me in two ways.
  1. If you have your own blog, you can make it a post and link it to me – making sure that I can find it.
  2. The second method would be to simply send it to me through this box.

I’m going to read through all the entries and at the end of the week, I’ll pick a favorite.
If you win, your response will be made a post on my blog – for the world to see. I’ll be sure to give you all the credit as I share it across my platforms.

So what are we waiting for? Let’s start.

Today’s prompt is:

Twisted fairy tale
Choose your favorite fairy tale and write a piece about the villain’s point of view.

Do they see themselves as the hero of their own story, or do they know they’re the villain?
Could there be an ulterior motive behind their actions?
The word limit is… 2 000

You can make it shorter but you can’t make it longer. You can do flash fiction or poetry. I love both so I won’t mind to see it.

Good luck writing!


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The last enigma

Author’s note: Story time! I don’t share my writing on here very often (ironic since this blog is about my writing) but I decided that since I’ve been writing a lot I might as well start sharing some of it. So here is a sneak peak into what I wrote last week. It’s currently called “The last enigma” but I’ll probably change that eventually so if you have any name suggestions let me know 🙂

A shadow's enigma

Tiana gasped for air as she woke up. She was in a glass tube, liquid draining away past her knees. Her hands reached for the skin tight suit that clung to her body and tried pulling it away from her chest as she gasped for air. It was too tight.
“Good morning,” an old woman asked from were she was standing in front of the glass tube. Tiana recognized the lady’s eyes but wasn’t sure why. Finally breathing became less painful and Tiana let go of her skin tight clothes and instead reached out to put her hands against the glass that separated her from the woman. Behind the woman was a dark room with some green and red lights blinking against the far wall.
The woman smiled at Tiana, a kind warm smile and just like that anger made Tiana go stiff. She glared at the woman, she couldn’t remember this old lady but she knew she hated her.
Tiana formed her hand into a fist and sent it swinging into the glass.
The woman’s smile widened a little.
“I see you are as feisty as ever. I’m glad about that, because it means you and I can play. I hope you don’t mind if I pick the game,” the old lady said taking a step away from the glass. Tiana glared at the lady wondering where Kale was. These people had taken her from him, her brother, but he was on his way to save her. She knew it. She wasn’t sure how she knew it but she did.
“I’m not playing with you,” Tiana growled out, her voice sounded odd to her own ears. Not quite as high pitched as it was supposed to be.
“Oh yes you are,” the old woman said walking over to the far side of the room where a little black box with blinking lights was stuck to the wall. “Before we do, tell me how do you feel?”
Tiana glared at the woman bracing her body inside the glass tube.
“My brother is coming for me,” Tiana said.
The old lady gave light laugh.
“I know, you’ve told me this a hundred times before.”
“You should be scared, he’ll kill you if he finds you.”
”How do you feel Tiana?” she asked leaning against the wall.
“Let me go. I’m not telling you anything.”
The woman pressed a button and Tiana’s eyes went wide as pain ran up her legs and through the rest of her body. She fell forward, her forearms catching her against the glass tube to keep her from hitting the ground. She ground her teeth to keep in her cry.
Just as sudden as it appeared the pain went away and the old lady smiled at her again.
“How do you feel?”
“Oh kick yourself,” Tiana growled out, her gray eyes turning cold. “My brother will murder you.”
”Honey, it’s been ten years, I doubt your brother is still searching,” the woman said with a kind smile before pressing the button again. This time the pain was worse.
Tiana’s knees collapsed beneath her as she screamed.




Author’s note: alright, so this is the introduction to the story. I hope got your interest.

I have only finished the first act of this story, but I will be sharing chapter one next week. This is simply a little teaser. As I said leave name ideas in the bottom, and any comments you make I’ll try to respond to as soon as I can.

Thank you for reading xox

My Kindle scout campaign is launched

I’ve got news!

I was watching YouTube videos on my phone when a email notification popped up. When I opened it it spoke about Kindle Scout which I did not know was a thing (if you don’t know don’t worry I’ll tell you in a minute) and it highlighted how you can sign up for it.
It’s a great opportunity for writers to get a publishing contract with kindle so I signed up.  But now I need your help to succeed.

Kindle scout launch

First, what exactly is Kindle Scout?

Kindle Scout is an opportunity for writers to get a publishing contract from kindle (as already stated)
It works on a reader driven system which means that you the readers get to vote for your favorite books – and then they are considered for publication by kindle.
I got to upload the first couple of chapters from my novel onto kindle scout so now you can go read it. If you like it, you vote for it and increase my chances of getting chosen by Kindle.


To vote for me you can go through this link to find “Falling for Pink” and then click on the vote button beneath the excerpt.


What is falling for Pink about?

Well here’s my little blurb.

The monster in this story has pink hair and lots of anxiety.
Peggy McCarthy is a monster straight out of mythology.
Used to being hated and hunted she avoids people – or at least everyone except Benjamin, the boy who works in the coffee shop down the block.
When an accident strikes Benjamin gets hurt and Peggy is faced with a choice, either she stays with the boy who makes her happy or run away like her instincts tell her to.
But is she ready for the consequences of her decision?

By Benjamin’s side Peggy is invited to join his family for Christmas on the farm. It’s a warm South-African December in a big family house and very very different from what Peggy is used to.
By meeting his parents, sister, aunt and cousin – Peggy is forced to practice her social skills. She hopes that by doing so she can become someone worthy of the title girlfriend.
But will her being a monster effect the holiday?
With Benjamin’s aunt close to figuring out what she is and a mysterious person looking for her, it seems as if the holiday will come crashing down around her. But at least she has a little bit of time and she plans to make the most of it.

So picture a girl with bright pink hair clinging to the one person in the world who doesn’t make her feel like a monster, because that’s what Peggy is doing.
Despite the problems and the odds she and Benjamin start a relationship – and hold on to each other through it all.


Falling for Pink

Are you interested? I hope so since I loved writing it!



Your reward for voting

If you vote for me then you will receive an email at the end of the month to tell you if I’ve been chose to by published by kindle or not. If they do choose me you will get a free advanced reader copy (e-book) of Falling for Pink.


Now that I have all the details out of the way I want to ask you person to person to please go vote for “Falling for Pink” and support my career by doing so.

Vote for falling for pink.

Finished with draft 2!

It’s 11:30 pm and I just finished with the second draft of Falling for Pink and I’m just so excited about this!
I literally sat down read it from beginning to end after not touching it in over a month and fixed any spelling errors or plot holes that I came across.


The amazing thing is that I have been putting this off because I’ve been sure that it’ll be bad – and I was honestly surprised. Especially by my characters who I thought where going to be figurative garbage.
They weren’t and it’s like I got to know them again for the first time. This time I wasn’t focusing on if they are consistent as characters but instead I simply read it and hoped that how they feel authentic.


If you asked me a month ago to describe Peggy the main character I would have said she was insecure, slightly pathetic but at least she tries… sounds stupid right but while I have always loved writing Peggy I was certain that this was the case and that no one would ever want to read about her.
Now I’ve reread the story and actually got to witness Peggy and not write her my mood about her changed completely.
She’s funny and romantic and gutsy when she feels like it. Yes she’s insecure but that’s a massive part of what the book is based on and I don’t feel like it makes her less of a character. She’s awkward but not afraid to call people out and I absolutely love her.


Benjamin the love interest has also been completely misunderstood by me – his creator.
A month ago I would have said he was respectable, confident, and even headed. BOY would I have been lying.
Benjamin King is a rebel, and a bit of a moody teenager. He’s a flirt and a goof but he has morals even if he takes unconventional ways to reach them. More than just that he literally does not care about other people’s nonsense. He rolls his eyes in the face of danger and I love him almost as much as I love Peggy.



Here is a quote that I feel just says so much about the couple and is part of the reason I love them.


“Do you really think you and I can be a good couple? I mean your parents don’t even know that I’m a banshee, your sister still mostly dislikes me and I’m still not really good at handling people, especially not your aunt,” Peggy said.
Benjamin shrugged.
“It’s not like I’m any better,” he said.
Peggy frowned at him shook her head.
“You’re stubborn, charming, and not at all bad to look at either.”
“And you think you’re not?”
Peggy shrugged. She wasn’t a pretty girl, and she wasn’t aiming to be one either which was why she had piercings and pink hair.
He simply shook his head. “It’s a shame that you don’t see what I see then.”


They’re just so cute!
The hard part for me right now is I’m the only fan of this story (because I’m the only one who has read it) so bare with me if I choose to fan girl about it here.

Right now my next step with Pink is to send it off to Beta readers and then I have an editor friend who said she’ll look at it in the holidays. So I’m super excited about this right now and hopefully you’ll be seeing some more inside sneak peeks here.


I should probably go to bed but I have this really stupid urge to draw fanart…
Or is it concept art if I’m the writer???


Anyway, I can’t wait for you all to read the book hopefully I get someone to read it soon so I can have someone to talk to about it 🙂

A writer’s roots.


I always tell people that I started writing at the age of 14 and never stopped. I guess it’s kind of true – that is when I wrote my first novel – but there are a couple of stories I wrote before that though.
For example, I stumbled onto 3 chapters of an unfinished story I wrote at around the age of 9 or ten. My creative mind back then had dubbed this story “The war between life and death”
10 year old I was quite dramatic…
It’s actually a pretty cool story. Aside for the bad writing style, I loved rereading it.


Those 800 something words made me smile and realize 3 things.

1. If my mother ever tells you my writing is dark she’s right. If she tells you it hasn’t always been that way, she’s lying.
It seems when I was 10 I was quite capable of killing of two young lovers – in not such nice ways.
2. I also learned that no matter what I say, I have always been writing. I have writing roots that goes back to my days of learning the alphabet, when I simply wrote my name on every surface I could find.
3. I love my own writing – old and new.
I hear writers complain about their first pieces because according to them it’s cringe worthy to read. I have to admit my early writing is far from well written but I still love it; and if “The war between life and death” wasn’t written in Afrikaans I probably would have shared it here like a proud mama with an awkward child.


Writing by Enette Venter
I can’t share the story here though, so what I’m going to do is share the gist with you and then you can tell me if you want me to write an English version of this story to share on here. Do we have a deal?

Ok so, it starts out with a fairy and a vampire who had fallen in love and met each other in the woods in secret. There they planted a flower that symbolized their love for one another.
One day the vampire was unknowingly followed by one of his friends, who had noticed his disappearances. This hidden vampire was shocked to see his friend dancing with a fairy in the shade of the forest.
So the hidden vampire watched as his friend pulled the fairy in for a kiss. Unfortunately fairies and vampires are not meant to be, because when they kissed the sun that so adores the fairies shone on the pair and of course no vampire could survive sunlight…
Don’t judge, I was ten…
So the vampire died then and there and while the fairy fell to her knees with grief the hidden vampire snuck out of the woods and killed her in anger. He thought that she had killed his friend on purpose.

(I told you I killed people mercilessly. This was just the prologue)

Okay so the story then continues when one of the fairy’s werewolf friends went looking for her and came across the scene. Along with the fairy’s corpse he found the flower that the fairy and vampire had planted.
Out of this flower, that represented their love a small fairy was born.
This is the main character of my story – who is half fairy, half vampire and raised by werewolves.

The story then goes on when the kid is 10 and explains a little about how the incident had led to a war between the living and the dead. I’m not actually sure what was supposed to happen in the rest of the story because it ended around then.



I’m fairly certain this story was inspired by the fairytale Thumbelina and a book I had been reading at the time called “Cry of the Icemark”

When I look back now, I really like the idea of her being half fairy, half vampire. I think the other characters would have been hesitant of her and unsure is she will be more vampire or more fairy. I think this could lead to the girl feeling isolated and as her vampire heritage starts setting in she’ll start to fear herself more and more.
I think it could be fun to rewrite (except maybe up her age a little so it’s a YA story)
I would like to be able to play with her persona.

I also kind of wonder how the different races interpret the day when the lovers died. This was the incident that caused the war between the living and the dead so now I wonder how each race would see that event.
The vampires I think would tell how a fairy had seduced one of their own (Presumably he was an important vampire) and then killed him.
The fairies on the other hand would have only found out about it later and so their version doesn’t have to be based off the truth at all. Perhaps they think the vampires had hunted down the fairy and killed her as a message or something…

I can’t really remember what 10 year old me was thinking when I wrote this. I wish I remember because the stupid thing ends on a cliff hanger where the half fairy/vampire kid and her werewolf guardian get captured by humans.

(Sorry mum for always leaving you with only half finished stories. I know how you feel now.)



So anyway I really loved getting back in touch with my writing roots and realizing that I write, not because other people want me to but, because I love my own stories.
I know I sound a little full of myself when I say that but to me writing is a lot like reading because these stories feel separate from me. As if once I put it on paper, it’s no longer a part of me and so I only write to see how the story will look on paper… and I think the story looks pretty.


Now the plan is to start publishing a couple of short stories here on the blog and I was wondering if you would like “The war between life and death” to be one of them.
So please let me know if I should rewrite this story so you could read it. I think it might be fun to give it a shot.

Okay I’m off. Thanks for reading and be on the lookout for future short stories.


The birth of a story

I’m currently planning a story named Felix vs Aida.
Last year when I was on vacation the idea came to me and while it has undergone a lot of changes I decided I want to share with you how it started. This story is going to be my entry for Camp NaNoWriMo in June and my main focus for the next few months but it started as a simple scene.
So here it is, the scene that inspired Felix vs. Aida.

It was so easy to make other people look like the bad guy. You just had to be an asshole and hope the other person made the first mistake.
Felix grinned at the brute Grian for a millisecond before donning a mask of innocence.
No one else in the overcrowded bar would have seen the grin, all they would see was poor Felix half the size of Grian get beaten to pulp.
The bar wasn’t a place Felix would like to be associated with. It had too many shadowy corners with sweaty men and half dressed women, but well sometimes you had to put pride away when it came to money.
Grian barred his teeth and hissed. Spit flecked Felix’s face.
“Come now, there is no need for a fight,” Felix said raising his hands in a show of submission. For a moment Grian hesitated but Felix gave him another grin. It was all it took. The big beefy man was sent over the edge and was the first to make a mistake.
A large fist came at Felix and he didn’t even try to pull out of its way. The punch landed like a sled hammer, shooting sparks through Felix’s vision. It didn’t really hurt, nothing could really hurt Felix since he received his drackon armour. It didn’t matter though because he had gotten the man to throw a punch, and punching Felix happened to be against the law. It was a shame stupid old Grant didn’t realize he had just thrown away his own life.
A second fist came at Felix but this time he moved.
Felix was up on his feet and behind Grant as the fist swung through open air.
Felix grabbed the back of the man’s shirt letting his drackon armour roll over him, giving him strength. Felix threw the man into a table forcing his face to show no emotion.
The armour’s red energy pushed out of his skin and solidified.
The first shout sounded.
One of the waitresses dropped a tray of metal mugs that clanged to the stone floor. The sound drew people’s attention to the drackon knight and his victim in front of him. Screams and curses broke out as people jumped back and started making their way to the door. No one would dare say a thing against him if Felix decided to kill Grant right here.
Tempting, but no.
Felix took a step toward where Grant lay on the table. The man’s eyes where wide and spittle frothed in the corner of his mouth.
Felix wrinkled his nose. Couldn’t the man even show dignity when being arrested?
Not a lot of people showed any dignity when faced by Felix in his armour even though it did nothing to add to his size.
Felix picked up the large man with no trouble and threw him over his shoulder.
He didn’t bother hurrying as he walked out of the bar with people screaming behind him.
Normally he didn’t like all the screaming but he glanced back at the bar and all the dark business that it hid in its shadows.
Let them scream. Let them be afraid that he will come for them in the middle of the night.
People were going to call him a monster for dragging of old Grant. They would say Grant had lost his temper and that he punched the wrong person. This news may even become a tale of warning. Felix imagined it in the voice of his grandmother. You should never be the first to throw a punch, you never know who might be a monster in disguise.
Felix took his time as he made his way through the streets a bright red light in the city darkness.
He came to a stop in front of the law station.
“What in this world are you doing in full armour?” Old Seth called as Felix entered the building.
The old man was sitting behind a desk, playing cards with one of the newer recruits.
The recruit nearly dropped out of his seat when he saw Felix.
“Get some bindings, I just made an arrest.”
Felix dropped Grant on the floor and old Seth raised an eyebrow.
“Is that the husband of that woman who came in here earlier?”
A flash memory of that morning filled Felix’s mind.
A young woman with a bruise on the side of her cheek. Hints of more showed themselves when her neckline slipped just a little.
“Maybe,” Felix said.
Seth sighed. “We have been over this. Unless the woman is willing to give proof abuse in front of the king we can’t arrest this man.”
Felix clenched his fist at the reminder.
“Remind me of the punishment of assaulting a drackon knight.”
The old man grinned. “Oh that is quite a few years of working in the passes.”
Felix glanced down at Grant who had gone pale.
Felix grunted. “I would have preferred it if we could simply cut of his hands.”
Grant squawked. Felix rolled his eyes and put his boot on the man’s shoulder forcing him back to the ground.
“Where are those bounds?”
The recruit scuttled over and took Grant away.
Felix walked to the door and leaned out of the building. He breathed in and let the armour sink back into his skin. Just like every time he used his armour the smell of vanilla and rust filled the air around him. Pudding and a dull blade, two things that could most likely end his life if he was caught in battle holding it.
“You where smart tonight,” Seth said from behind him.
It was no use. Felix couldn’t go around getting in trouble with every crook in town which meant that men like Grant would keep living happily in his city.
“What is the point of calling us the protectors of the kingdom if we can’t even protect the people from each other?”
Seth joined him to stare into the dark city streets.
Maybe Felix imagined it but for a moment the old man’s eyes held blue specks. Seth blinked and the blue disappeared again.
“You should go sleep young Felix,” Seth said slapping him on the back. “You will be going back to the battle plains tomorrow. You will need all your energy.”
Felix nodded more out of image than agreement but started walking anyway.
The night was cold on his now exposed skin.
The battle plains were where the kingdoms greatest warriors fought. Felix couldn’t help but think that it was a waste of time. What was the point of protecting the outside of something if the inside was rotten?
He sighed. Maybe one day he could come back and change the kingdom inside out but for now he had to focus on tomorrow and the fighting that would follow in the next few months.
He would definitely come back though.
He smiled as he thought about that morning when he had kissed his beloved and felt it there in her.
In a few months he will be a father and he will definitely make sure that his kid got a future with a clean city.
He squared his shoulders. First he would make sure to come back so his kid had a future with a father.
He will be back.

(ps: drackon armour was purposely not spelled dragon armour)

I hope you enjoyed the story, I plan to share with you a little more about the changes the idea has undergone and hopefully something about Aida’s part of the story.

weekend writer’s block. (Inspiration for desperate times)

Weekend writers block.Untitled
Now I realize that last week I gave you all this really cool detailed version of a story. If I keep writing post like that I will soon have nothing to share with you and nothing left to write.
From here of on I will share snippets of story ideas instead of the whole thing at once. Occasionally I might share the whole thing at once but I will leave those as surprises for you.

For today I have a character.
When it comes to details this character is pretty fearsome. She has a pointed face with strong cheekbones. Her hair is blond and at one side of her head a section of hair is braided tightly to her skin. She is tall and well muscled.
She wears a dark red leather jacket over a black t-shirt with skinny jeans and ankle length boots.
Her nails are painted black except for maybe one or two that she simply paints whatever colour she wants.
She wears dramatic eye makeup and simple black studs in her ears.
She has scars. The first one people notice is the small one that cut through one of her eyebrows. She has more of course, they cover her arms and back.

Where you can find her.
No one knows where this character is at day but at night you can almost certainly find her in the bar by the pool table.
She doesn’t talk to people except when making a bet.

Her actions.
She doesn’t prowl towards people, she doesn’t have a confidant step in her walk. She definitely doesn’t walk like some hunting cat.
She simply walks. Her focus is never on others instead she does and goes whatever she wants as long as it doesn’t draw to much attention to her.
She is really good at pool and always agrees when someone challenges her to a game.
If a fight breaks out she keeps playing pool and no one tries to drag her into the fight because in the past she has broken a pool stick over someone’s neck.

She doesn’t smoke, instead she always has a lolly pop in her mouth.
She never cheers when she wins a match at pool.
When walking back to her home after a night at a bar she sings.
She comes from a big city but now lives on a farm not too far out of town.

Why did she move to the small town?
What does she spend her day’s doing?
Where did she get those scars?
Why is she so good at pool?
Why does she not smoke?

I hope you like the character, you can name her whatever you want.
In what story would you put her? What would you do to make her seem more real? What do you think her past hides?

weekend writers block. (inspiration for desperate times.)

This is a new feature here and it will most likely be renamed and get a better picture in time.

This post is basically a sketch of a story. I day dreamed it and now I’m sharing it here. IMG_5180 - Copy
You guys can browse through it and if something in here gives you any ideas feel free to use it.

How the magic works.
You have something inside yourself that can control magic but it is surrounded with a barrier.
Women’s barrier is stronger than men’s and they don’t develop magic.
This barrier is expertly broken by someone who can already do magic.
Sometimes barriers brake naturally without someone’s help, this is a sign of magical strength.

The school.
The school for magic has a strong system.
They normally gain new members that are turning 14 at the beginning of the school year.
Every year they have battle games. The battle game teams are led by the young men who’s barriers broke naturally.
They are each given equal amounts of first years, second years and so on to complete their teams.
They have to train their teams and complete tasks for points. At the end of the year there is a massive battle between the teams to determine the winners.
There are two winners the one with the most points and the one who won the last battle. Normally though it’s the same team.

Who is the character?
The character is a girl who’s brothers are both naturals.
The thing is when she was six she was angry at them and to prove herself she climbed up a cliff they had told her she would never able to scale.
She made it.
What she can’t remember is that someone was waiting for her up on the mountain, who pushed her back over the edge.
When she struck the ground she broke nearly every bone in her body.
The only reason she stayed alive was because the fall had weakened her own barrier and magic had healed her.
When she woke she was in the school’s medical wing her mother crying over her and her brothers screaming their apologies to her as if the where afraid she would die hating them.
She soon found out that she could actually control magic and joined the school.
She is now the only girl there but she is not to be underestimated since her magic is much stronger than most.

It’s her first year training her own team for the battle games and she is set on winning.
Her brothers who up until then lovingly helped her with her training has now become her opponents and one of their teams always win.
The thing is the person that pushed her just realized that she is still alive and didn’t die that day.
He attempts to kill her, but she no longer six and has been trained as a magical warrior.
She buffs all attempts on her life and defies all odds in the contest proving that she is just as good as her brothers.

Her brothers are very protective of her now and one of the ways they proved this is by making sure she was never teased for being the only girl in the school. As she grew older this moved from stopping people from teasing her, to stopping people from hitting on her. They break anyone’s fingers who as much as whistle at her.
Her training methods are pretty extreme and to get her team to let go of all fear they jump of off the same cliff she fell off and use their magic to keep the landing from breaking their bones.