The things I never told you about.

The month of October is passed and I have half a dozen things I never told you about so now this is a collection of everything in the past month and maybe a little earlier that I think is worthy to be shared with you.


First things first, I went on holiday!

IMG_6128This little house happen to have a ocean view and a  bed. It was heaven.

For the duration of our stay me and my family had pudding after every meal and a bottle of juice that made us feel like pirates.

The beach is my happy place and the salt water did my soul wonders. With salt drying my face and warm sun kissed sand beneath my feat I actually managed to come up with a novel idea to be written somewhere next year.

It was a great get away for my family and I can’t wait to go again.




Now I want to tell you about the childish grown up party.

In the beginning of last month a friend of my family asked if she can throw her husband a surprise party at our house and of course we said yes. The theme of the party was Lego!

I baked a cake with rainbow slices and there was even a jumping castle. (Yes this was all for a grown up.)

We put out two tables one full of sweets and one full of Lego’s I’m still not sure which one was more popular.



Unfortunately it was right after this party that things started turning south for the month. After saying goodbye to all the guests my brother asked me to swim with him. We had a collision and a sprained finger was the result. (I actually hurt one of the tendons in my hand)wpid-img-20151011-wa0000.jpg

Not to despair my month did not stop there and soon my favourate tree was in bloom and with the wind and rain yellow flowers rained down. This was the result.



Now the month is passed and as a writer I welcome November and all the new challenges it brings.

For those of you who are participating in NaNoWriMo alongside me, good luck.

To everyone else I hope you have a good month.


Happy birthday to both real and fictional people.

Happy Birthday to both my Dad and Percy Jackson!
Some of you might be geeks like my family and know that it was Percy Jackson’s birthday last week.
Some of you might even be such big geeks that you celebrated it like we did. If that’s the case feel free to comment on how you celebrated this occasion.
In my case we celebrated Percy’s birthday with blue cupcakes. Because really how else do you celebrate August 18?

Our blue cupcakes were simply divine.


My dad’s birthday was celebrated with a little less cake and little more children.

So here is a rough list of everyone.
The adults.

this is oddly enough not all of them

The teens.

At least one person here counts as a grown up but that’s her problem

The little boys.

They spent most of the day on the ground like that

The little girls.


This one is mine!

This day was filled with all kinds of events.

I folded paper plains for pretty much everyone and then let them decorate it however they wanted to.

We then proceeded to throw them off the roof.

IMG_5609 IMG_5608IMG_5622

The boys went playing with the ball and accidentally hit pretty much everyone surrounding them in the face.

I’m just glad my camera survived the experience.

IMG_5634 IMG_5636 IMG_5649

This happened while they where playing an I just thought it was worth sharing.


I don’t really know what the adults did because I was looking after children most of the time but normally they don’t do much. Just like a platypus.


The last pick I have to share here is this one where all the fathers are looking after the kids.

So one of these men is not a parent but he was still in the moment.





Emma looked up from the pot of stew at the knock at her door.
“If you’re the baker’s boys playing tricks on me again I will not hesitate to tell your mother.” She called out.
There was no reply and she went back to stirring her stew. The knock sounded again and she sighed. It didn’t seem like the boys weren’t going to leave her alone this time.
She walked to the door stubbornly ignoring her sore knee and threw open the door. A bewildered young man stood outside cringing in the old lady’s annoyance.
“Can I help you?” Emma asked forcing her voice into a croak. The young man’s eyes grew as he stared at the old woman. Emma knew she was used to scare small children into behaving, you didn’t look like Emma and not be thought of as a witch.
After a minute of stuttering he met her eyes and gulped.
“I’m here to see Emilia Hartor. It’s a family matter.”
“Speak boy” She answered.
He nodded slowly. “Your son-“ He began but she cut him off.
“My son has been dead for years” She said nastily not letting him hear the pain she still felt at the memory. “He never truly lived now did he, dying during a difficult birth. Why are you stirring up old ghosts?”
He took a deep breath. “I’ll start at the beginning, but it’s a long story and you might prefer to sit.”
“I’ll sit when I want to now stop stuttering and speak.”
“Nearly fifteen years ago you gave birth to boy in an army’s medical facility. It was a difficult birth but despite what you have been told he lived.”
“You are lying, I was there, he didn’t even cry. They took him away before I could even see him.”
Pain stirred in her chest and she was tempted to tell the young man to leave but some part of her refused instead letting herself hope again.
“He was sick and because of the battle that night mistakes were made. You where told your son had died and he went to an orphanage.” He looked at her probably thinking that this was the time for her to sit down but Emma held on to the door frame and kept standing forcing him to keep talking.
“He was adopted before his third birthday. My parents adopted him.”
“You’re not trying to fool me into thinking you are my dead son do you?” She said coldly.
“Not at all, he was raised as my brother.”
“If this is all true why did you decide to come tell me now?”
“He turns fifteen in a few weeks and signs of magic in his blood have been obvious since he was ten. Recently he has fallen sick with something called magic overdone and needs someone to tell him how to fight it. Someone who shares his blood.”
Emma simply stared for a moment and decided to believe it, the young man genuinely seemed to care for someone that only Emma can help. “I think I need to sit now.” She whispered right before her knee buckled. The young man caught her.
“We can leave after dinner.” Emma said as he helped her inside.