4 books every writers should read

Read a lot, write a lot, and of course stick your nose into a writing manual on occasion - that might help too. -Enette Venter I taught myself how to write over the years, and have used many resources to do so. Specifically I used books. So here is another recommendation post... (Links are in …

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Trip #1: Feeling welcome in Welkom.

I posted recently about me finishing high school and wanting to travel during my break. The simplest way for me to travel is to visit family and friends all around my country. Where better to start my break than to go visit my grandparents? I haven’t gone to visit my grandparents in over a year …

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The power of a book

This is beautifully said don’t you think.

sparks vivified

As you veer through the pages of the book fragile, yet strong in words.
The scent of wood tingling in your nostrils.A journey with characters surreal, just like your story.
You try to be frugal with those feelings, yet you lose them.
Crystals roll down your sanguine cheek. A preposterous attempt to control emotions. The power of a book is boundless. It can touch you and leave you in awe.

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Fandom day.

There is stories that just stays with us no matter how old you get. You fell in love with the character and you cheered for them as they faced trouble. Here there is no shame in saying "I am a fan." This Sunday (The day after valentine, the 15th February) is fandom day. What does …

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