A sum up for an awesome month of blogging.

In celebration of a really good month here on this blog I want to share with you guys a bit of stats, new and a round of applause.

Some of you might have noticed that somewhere during this month I went from being enetteventer.wordpress.com to enetteventer.com.
That’s a lot easier to remember isn’t it?
I have my granddad to thank for this because he gave me the money to buy the premium plan for this blog.
Thanks granddad. 🙂

This month I got 425 view which might not be a lot to some people but it’s a pretty big deal for me.

I had quite a lot of comments this month which ranged from Robert adding to the seriousness of one of the weekend writer’s blocks to Nikki who wrote about the importance of smell and just plain shared general awesomeness.

So now with all this in mind I want to share my 3 new goals for this blog.
1. Reach 1000 views per month before next year this time.
2. Start using all the extra features I got from buying the premium plan.
3. Form valuable connections with other bloggers here on wordpress.

That’s it for this month so thank you for reading and liking my posts. Hopefully next month will be even better.

Three levels of side characters.

Side characters are very important not only because without them there would be no dialog but because without them yoIMG_3320[1]ur main character would have no one to care for.
The problem I have heard many people struggle with is how to create them.

There are three levels of side characters.

  1. The one time only person on the street.
  2. The every now and then assistant.
  3. The legit all the time partner.


  • The one time only doesn’t really need any thought or insight and all you have to ask yourself about them really is why they are in this scene.


  • The question to ask about the now and then is what is their relationship with the main character? These are the characters you treat with professionalism they are there to give information and do their jobs not to discuss their family who has absolutely no part in the plot.


  • Then there is the legit who needs almost as much planning as your main character.
    Important things to plan about these characters is their past and their relationship with your MC.
    These characters also need a reason to help. Why is this character helping your MC?

How not to start a novel.

After hours of deciding on character names and doing all that other planning for your novel you feel you are ready to start writing.IMG_3165

So now when you sit down with your hand on your keyboard just make sure you didn’t start your novel in one of these ways.

How not to start a novel.

  • weather.

Never start a novel with it was a dark and stormy night or even it was a dry summers morning. It is considered the worst opening line ever.

  • Back-story.

People won’t care about a characters past until they feel they know him or her. readers should learn about the characters past like they learn about their friends gradually not all at once.

  • Describing an average day.

You do need to show what your character is losing or taken from but you don’t need to start by describing a normal boring going to work day. This isn’t interesting. Start where the story gets interesting.

  • Voice over to reader

“Dear reader I am about to tell you a very important story ….”

  • Dialog.

Dialog is can be great story starters but only if you now how to use it properly. If you want to use dialog for your opening sentence you can use a one liner like “Please return to your sells for the remainder of the riot.” it gives both insight into the setting and situation.

  • Philosophy.

This normally comes across as a drunk man at a bar trying to force his view of the world onto others. No one likes that.

  • Dreams.

just like you don’t care about strangers dreams your reader won’t care about your characters until they know him better.

  • geography.

Reader want to read about people doing things not about a small town with rolling hills, population 2000, called Transen.

  • Alarm clock.

Don’t start your novel with, “The alarm rang, I was late!” (unless it’s a fire alarm preventing your MC to make it to his appointment with a hit man.) people don’t clock alarm clocks in real life never mind in books.


Fell free to ask questions.




How to write a murder scene.

The perfect murder scene doesn’t have to be bloody or outright traumatizing it just needs to get your reader to keep turning the page.


  •  The first thing you want to do is plan what needs to happen. Who dies and who kills? Where does the scene take place? Perhaps in the woods? What is the murder weapon? You need to plan all of this.


  • Why is this happening? Why does the killer want to kill the victem (If your answer is because he is a serial killer and he was bored just stop right there and go create a better villain.) You murderer doesn’t even  have to know the victim he just has to think the victim is in the way of his plans.


  • Now write your rough draft of what happens keeping a completely straight face.  Don’t write things like the maniac from hell was carrying a knife. With fire blazing in his eyes he gave a laugh filled with menace.  Sometimes simple descriptions work best for example: the knife glinted in the moon light and she turned to run. He was on top of her in moments and the blade cut into her back between two of her ribs. She gave out one more hushed breath. Her last breath.


  • During the scene you need to build suspense. Complications should happen like they always do. Perhaps the victim fights back or runs. The gun fire could miss.


  • Sentence length in a scene like this is important. Long sentences build tension. Sort sentences gives a quick pace. The trick is to know when to use which one and how to mix them just right.





Things first noticed. Strong points.

Past how people look the first things we learn about them is what they are good at.

People are passionate about what they are good at.

Let me just make something clear your MC needs skills otherwise he won’t survive it through the book but that doesn’t mean he has to be good at everything.

He just needs to be good at one thing sometimes. A nice piece of advice I read one said give your MC a skill and make sure he knows it well. Your MC doesn’t know a few languages moderately well he speaks eight different languages fluently.


I don’t think his skill set should be just random because everything comes from somewhere.

Your MC can’t just sing. He sings because his mother sang to him every night as a kid.

Can your main character through a knife that it hits the bulls-eye ten out of ten times? It is because she was raised by a criminal and constantly fought to prove herself.


I don’t think I can properly tell you where to find your MC skills but I suggest you go write down what he does in his day to day life and figure out for yourself what your hero can do.




Why a new tagline?

To those who have followed me for a while now, know that my tag line used to be ‘Exploring my world one day at a time’.

But I sighed up for blogging 101 and the second assignment they gave us was to change your title and tagline.

To be honest my first thought was no thank you. Why would I want to change my perfectly good title and tagline?

I still don’t have complaints about my title but well my old tagline didn’t mention at all that this blog was about writing. Although it is sad to let go of it I feel I have outgrown it.

I asked my dad for his opinion and he gave me the new tagline. It made me smile.

It explains what I do perfectly. I don’t explore, I write things into existence.




Do you know who I am?

I am Enette Venter. A teenage girl working hard to become a writer.

Is that all there is too me? NO.

I also love music and drawing and oddly enough math. The reason I mention that I want to be writer first is because that was this blog is about.


This blog is meant to be the base of my writing foundation one day. For now it is simply where I share writing advice I have picked up over my few short years of writing.

I have plans for this blog or at least I have dreams for it.

I want to share more of my writing here so people can see the advice I share here does come from actual skill in the craft even if I am young.

I want to become apart of the writing community and hear what they think of my stories.

What I really want though is to make people get as exited over the stories in my head as I do.

Perhaps you will fall in love with the characters I have created or  you simply find yourself liking me, if you do stay then no matter what the reason I feel I have to welcome you. So here goes, welcome to my world.