My work

Growing up I wanted to be an engineer. I wanted to send robots into space and I wanted to work with metal and wire.
Every time I’d tell someone in my 10 year old way that I – really tiny blond girl – was going to become a robotics engineer they would Ooh and Ahh. They would tell me it’s the greatest idea ever and that female engineers are a rarity.

Now I want to be a fantasy writer… preferably (but all too unlikely) full-time.

You see I fell in love with writing in 2014 when I wrote my first novel. Since then every time I write a new story I re-fall in love. Through writing I’ve shaped and built myself, I’ve managed to express myself when there is no other way and with every story I become more… me.
It sounds a little silly – smart girl gives up unique future to become just another poor novelist.
I love it though. I love the writing.

So with three years of writing behind my back now I have quite a bit to show: A prosperous blog and a whole lot of new friends.
The main thing though, is the four novels I’ve written.

As I said, with each novel I’ve changed and learned, and so despite the fact that they aren’t nearly up to the standard I want them to be I still love each and every one of my stories.
My latest novel ‘Pink’ holds a special place though as it’s the first novel I’ve decided to share with the general public.
There is a description and a link to it below but what I want to conclude with is that I’ve changed a lot because of my writing and so my novels – just like me – is not perfect but still growing better.

So please go and read this novel of mine. It’s called Pink, and who knows? perhaps you’ll love it as much as I do.

Pink (<- link is in the title)

Peggy and Benjamin see each other every day when she goes to drink coffee where he waiters.
They are an unlikely couple though, with him and his captain America style clashing with her and her bright pink hair (not to mention half a dozen earrings)
It’s not just their looks that would have everyone disapprove though because while Benjamin is a normal young man, Peggy is something a little different – something… supernatural.

Danger and pain starts to take over their lives, but still they try. They try to be good for each other despite the circumstances. It’s worth giving it a shot isn’t it?
Peggy still doubts though.
Perhaps it would be better if she simply disappeared out of Benjamin’s life forever, after all she’s a banshee and banshees are nothing but monsters.

This is a story filled with fear and love, so go read it… if you like it leave a vote, and feel free to comment.


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