About Enette

Writing is my way of making my daydreams a reality.
That’s what I want to share, I want to share my life of fiction with people by writing my stories and showing them how to write.



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I share advice about writing and stories that I’ve dreamed up on this blog along with some non-fiction stories of things that has actually happened in my life.
Mainly I focus on giving writing advice though, specifically how to get your characters and plot to be what you want them to be. Think of it like I’m sharing some tools with you – when you have a tool you can choose to use it where you need to and in that way build the best story that you are capable of.



I started this blog when I became serious about writing back in 2014.
Since then I’ve been moving from one adventure to another as I wrote multiple books and explored the craft of writing.
My life it self has also changed as I got faced by some challenges and grew up.
I’m 18 now, which means that technically speaking I’m an adult. I’m still busy with my last leg of high school though, but I can’t wait for that to be over so I can pursue the life and career that I want.


I’m going to be honest and admit that I only post here sporadically these days because of how busy I am with my school work and after school job (daycare and tutoring)
But I promise that when I give you content it will be the best I can create.
I love writing and want to share it with you – so if you want to read more then follow me right now and you’ll be kept up to date on everything I have to share.


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