Zombies and books- Weekend Writer’s Block

writer's block


Write the book you want to see in this world….
Never mind, write the book I want to see in this world because I don’t have time to write it myself.

I want to share with you a story idea that came to me this week. If you like the idea, feel free to use it, or take some parts of it, or twist it to fit your own liking.

So here’s the idea for today.

It’s the zombie apocalypse and against all hopes a group of friends have survived. (cue dramatic music)
They are chased by zombies and it doesn’t look as if they will live when suddenly the hero of the story sees a broken staircase that leads up to a second floor of an old Barnes and nobles.
They quickly climb to the stairs and then to the second floor where the zombies can’t find them. When all is quiet they decide to explore their new hiding spot. They hear a noise and for a moment they think there might be a zombie trapped up there with them. Gathering their spears, guns or what have you they turn a corner ready to kill. They are met with a loud scream of a girl sitting the corner with a book in her lap.
The girl doesn’t look like the type who survives the zombie apocalypse. She has curly hair, round glasses and big eyes.

So how has she made it nearly a year into the zombie apocalypse? Well she’s stayed at the bookstore the entire time and the zombies haven’t even noticed.

Why did she decide to go to the bookstore when the world was ending?Well if the world is ending she would spend her last moments among books.

Who would have guessed her obsession would be why she survived?
That’s my idea, tell me if you think you are going to use it because I would love to hear more about how you can turn this into a story.

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Weekend writer’s block

Weekend writer's block
I haven’t done a weekend writer’s block yet this year but I decided that I want to regularly post again on Fridays and weekend writer’s blocks is one of the things you can expect because they are so much to fun create.
If you don’t know what my weekend writer blocks are then let me explain quickly.
I know that a lot of writers don’t get chance to write throughout the week so I want to challenge you to write on the weekend. The problem is when you don’t have any inspiration.
So I’m sharing some of my original ideas to see if they inspire anyone to write.
You are allowed to take the idea as it is or bend it to fit your liking better because a lot of my weekend writer’s blocks are half thought out ideas that I want to go give further thought myself.

This week I want to share a little idea for a magic system I have.

Each person has a unique symbol on a common place such as the palm of their hand or something.
When they give their support to someone the mark is duplicated onto that person’s skin so that their support is visible.

I’m thinking that they need the support of others to advance as a magician so the first level has one or two other markings on them. The middle class has all their friends and families marks on their arms and backs.
Then you get the grand masters whose skin is nearly hidden beneath the markings of everyone they are responsible for.

Professors with the markings of every student they train.
Doctors with all the markings of people whose lives they’ve saved.
Captains with all the markings of the people who serve beneath them.
Lastly I think of Kings with the markings of important people and servants alike.

If you are going to be using this idea please  let me know. I would love to hear what you think about it.

Weekend writer’s block: halfling

This is one of the first things I have been able to type since spraining my finger so you will have to forgive me for the fact that it’s going to be a short post.Untitled
Today I have a beginning for both a character and some magic.
This character is a mix of two races in a magical world. Both races have a different sort of magic running through their veins and since she is a mix she has both. The only problem is that the two kinds of magic repel each other leaving her sick for most of her life.
For years people just thought she was sick and no one realized the real problem until she came into her dead beat dad who had left her mother when she was little.

How do you think her father reacts to seeing her again? What do you think they will do about the problem now that they know what it is?

weekend writers block: magic in the military.

For today I have a plot idea that I’ve been dabbling with for the past few days but that you can totally use for your own stories.Untitled
There are a few people in a large kingdom that can do magic and if you can do it the signs are extremely obvious. The thing is that people with magic is not only distrusted but hated because of a past falling out with the kingdom and if you are caught being able to do magic then you are either banished or hanged.
You can’t really choose weightier or not you can do magic though and so they hate you for something you can’t control.
The plot itself is about a young man raised in a war camp by his father one of the military generals. Despite being at least a year away from being counted as an adult this young man has been on and off battle fields a dozen times and he has a knack for strategy to such a degree that if he is to tell one of the captains in the army what to do they will listen to him.
Now of course this young man start showing signs of being able to do magic. His father tries his best to protect him by keeping it a secret to everyone else that his son can use magic.
The young man does not want to be hidden for all his life so he still goes out on to the battle field and even as the wrong people find out about his magic he keeps on fighting for his men and slowly earns the army’s loyalty.
Now despite the fact that I think I will be working with this idea in the future you can definitely use it yourself and don’t feel afraid to share with me what you think you’ll do with it.
Who do you think will be the villain in this story?
Do you think that this young man’s actions will be affecting the other magic users?
What is the father like?
Would you add a love interest to this story?

weekend writer’s block

UntitledToday I have a character aspect for you.
This character used to have wings made out of a glass like substance.
She/he was admired for them and was given constant praise because of his/her flying abilities.
One day there was an attack on people he/she didn’t know while she was flying by.
She managed to save the people but in the event her wings shattered embedding pieces of itself into her back.
So now while some random people she didn’t know gets to live this character has lost everything and is left with scars covering her back.
How do you thing this event changed the character of the angel?
What does he/she do with her life now?

Weekend writer’s block. (inspiration for desperate times)

I can’t decide if this week is plot or world building but either way here it is.Untitled

For the past few generations the king would always have at least two children.
The one to be heir to the throne and the other to inherit the magic in the royal blood line. Just to help you see what I’m seeing the royal with magic is more often than not the strongest magic wielder in the kingdom.
This sounds pretty unsafe because what if the one with the magic tries to overthrow the sibling?

To answer that question, there will be very little point in killing your sibling if you are the one with the magic because none of the past royal magic wielders has even survived to see manhood/ womanhood.
Their power is like a beacon to all sort of foul creatures.
They are attacked daily and on top of that because of their great power they are sent into battle at an early age of ten.
They are forced to fight their entire life through and die pretty young.
To keep them alive a little longer they are normally given guards. Strong powerful magic wielders who are willing to die for them.

What do you think a story would look like from the point of view of one of these guards?

Writing blocks. Inspiration for desperate times.

I’m giving you another piece of world building today.Untitled
The setting is in a desert where nothing really grows. A strong nation of people had decided to call this their home and has been surviving the harsh conditions for as long as they remember.
When I say harsh conditions I don’t simply mean the heat and the sand, I’m also talking about the acid fog that rolls over the land at night.
It keeps people locked up indoors during the night and then retreats back to where it came from when the sun comes up.
The acid eats away at the buildings and kills all the food they are trying to grow.
The people have found ways to protect their food and have learned to live with this fog.

Where does the fog some from?
Why doesn’t the people just go look for somewhere else to live?
How do they protect their food and how does the fog affect their health?

weekend writing block. (Inspiration for desperate times.)

Last week I shared a piece of world building but this week I want to share a start on a plot.Untitled

There are two sisters both where born from pureblood werewolves. The youngest one is just like the rest of her family a bloodthirsty monster.
The older sister is nothing like the rest of her family. She was born a cripple.
She can’t turn into a wolf because her bone structure does not have the mutant ability to change shape.
She can feel the pull of the full moon and has the anger issues of a normal werewolf.
She is strong and stubborn which despite her defect gets her a lot of respect from the rest of the pack since she can keep her own in a fight.
But then there comes the day when their pack is attacked and mostly wiped out.
The enemy let her slip past them because they assumed she is a normal human. The only member of her family she could save was her sister.
They go on the run together.
It’s dangerous for the eldest to stay with her sister because they are constantly being hunted and once a month her sister doesn’t know the difference between family and food.
She stays with her sister though and every month she battles her sister’s wolf into submission.
Despite her defect she is the Alfa between the two of them.

What sort of trouble do you think they would face in their journey?
Where do they plan to go?
What relationship do you think would form between the two sisters?

Weekend writer’s block. (inspiration for desperate times)

I know I forgot to post one of these last week but what can I say other then life got in the way again.Untitled


Today I have a piece of world building for you.

This is a world where social ranking is important.
This has lead to the woman wearing a headdress on their heads to hide their hair to show respect to men. These headdresses are covered in hand stitched patterns that show which family and rank the women are.
These patterns are stitched by their mothers until they marry into a different family which is when their mother in-law stitch it.
The colors are normally their house color for the rich noble woman. The peasant woman normally wears a headdress made of a brown or grey material.
The young priestesses wear white headdresses while the higher ranking ones simply have their heads shaved.
For a woman to show her hair is considered outrageous and scandalous. The last time someone was daring enough to go about without her hair covered with at least a cloth she had been stoned within the day.

What do you think would be the rest of this society’s rules? Would this change how the women carry themselves? Can you think of an interesting character to go with this?


weekend writer’s block. (Inspiration for desperate times)

Weekend writers block.Untitled
Now I realize that last week I gave you all this really cool detailed version of a story. If I keep writing post like that I will soon have nothing to share with you and nothing left to write.
From here of on I will share snippets of story ideas instead of the whole thing at once. Occasionally I might share the whole thing at once but I will leave those as surprises for you.

For today I have a character.
When it comes to details this character is pretty fearsome. She has a pointed face with strong cheekbones. Her hair is blond and at one side of her head a section of hair is braided tightly to her skin. She is tall and well muscled.
She wears a dark red leather jacket over a black t-shirt with skinny jeans and ankle length boots.
Her nails are painted black except for maybe one or two that she simply paints whatever colour she wants.
She wears dramatic eye makeup and simple black studs in her ears.
She has scars. The first one people notice is the small one that cut through one of her eyebrows. She has more of course, they cover her arms and back.

Where you can find her.
No one knows where this character is at day but at night you can almost certainly find her in the bar by the pool table.
She doesn’t talk to people except when making a bet.

Her actions.
She doesn’t prowl towards people, she doesn’t have a confidant step in her walk. She definitely doesn’t walk like some hunting cat.
She simply walks. Her focus is never on others instead she does and goes whatever she wants as long as it doesn’t draw to much attention to her.
She is really good at pool and always agrees when someone challenges her to a game.
If a fight breaks out she keeps playing pool and no one tries to drag her into the fight because in the past she has broken a pool stick over someone’s neck.

She doesn’t smoke, instead she always has a lolly pop in her mouth.
She never cheers when she wins a match at pool.
When walking back to her home after a night at a bar she sings.
She comes from a big city but now lives on a farm not too far out of town.

Why did she move to the small town?
What does she spend her day’s doing?
Where did she get those scars?
Why is she so good at pool?
Why does she not smoke?

I hope you like the character, you can name her whatever you want.
In what story would you put her? What would you do to make her seem more real? What do you think her past hides?