NaNoWriMo day 10- exciting new developments!

I’m so excited! The love interest in my story is finally getting his chance to shine.
Without spoiling too much: Benjamin (love interest) was seriously injured in an accident during my inciting incident and had been pretty depressed because of it but after snapping at Peggy (main character) he realized that he was letting the injury defeat him so now he’s decided that he wasn’t going to let it. This means that I now get to write about how stubborn and happy he is and then about every other reason that Peggy has fallen for him.
I get to use it to add some dynamics to their relationship and I get to finally make use of some side characters that has been playing only small roles so far.

I’m excited and hope to tell you some more about it later (perhaps I’ll share a drawing of him as well)

My word count for the record is around 18300 which is a little ahead of the NaNoWriMo goals and means I’m writing a decent 2000 words a day.


Now the question is how is it going with your story? Is your characters determined or hesitant regarding the troubles they’re facing.
All questions and comments welcome!

NaNoWriMo day 9 – and my novel’s cover!

Look at what I made for my novel!

It’s not quite what I wanted but I did it with limited resources and I actually really like the soft colours and so on. (Also I’m obsessed with the fonts)


I’m a little worried about my story itself because it’s not quite as violent as things I’ve previously written and so I’m afraid that it will be boring or fall flat. Don’t get me wrong I’ve got conflict all over the place, there is conflict between characters and my two main love interests are conflicted about whether they should be together or not.
I’ve got goals and plots and plans for everyone but I’m just… worried.

Anyway the official word count is 17385 and I plan to reach past 18000 by the end of today.

I would like to say thank you to all the people who have been supporting me this past week and who has taken a genuine interest in my story. It means the world to me!

What’s your word count this NaNoWriMo? Have you created a cover for your story yet, or am I the only one?
All comments welcome

NaNoWriMo day 8- why I write

It’s day eight of NaNoWriMo and I’m at 15000 words right now.
For me this is that part of the month when that fear sets in and my head keeps whispering nasty things to me.

Why are you writing this? It’s bad writing. You are writing outside of your normal genre and it’s crap.

These are the things that my head whispers to me every now and then as I write.

The thing is that the whispers might be true, there is a chance that this is the worst novel I’ve ever written… there is also a chance that it’s the best one, I’m not really a good judge for these things.
Now the thing is that I’m not the only writer plagued by these kinds of thoughts, especially not during NaNoWriMo. It’s a part in the writer’s journey and I fully believe that if you don’t stop to wonder if you’re really qualified to write a story, at least once, then you aren’t doing it right.

That doesn’t mean that we as writers should let the fear keep us from writing. I recently found the most amazing advice on how to deal with this fear and that is this, remember why you started.

To be honest with you, right now I’m not too happy with myself. I don’t feel I did good with my exams this year, my blog’s stat’s are rather pathetic these days and I can’t seem to get into the holiday mood at all, meaning that I’m still stressed, despite the fact that there is nothing to be stressed about.

So I consider that advice I just mention.

Remember why you started.

It seems so easy, after all many of us have good reasons for why we do things, but for some reason my initial reaction to the advice was confusion. I have been working really hard on a lot of things… but it’s been so long since I started them that I couldn’t remember why I started.
So I sat down and I created a list of reasons to write. (If you are also a writer this might help inspire you)

Reasons to write

• I genuinely love it.
• You can use writing to connect people and make them understand.
• Writing has meditative qualities and helps me relax
• My writing has the chance to affect someone’s life one day.
• I love connecting strings
• I adore my own characters.
• Writing has put amazing people in my life.
• Writing is the still my passion even if I’m tired.
• I absolutely love learning new things about writing and then teaching it to others.
• Writing helps me work out some junk in my heart.

Those are my reasons for writing and I with that I’m encouraged to keep writing.
Now tell me why do you write? Do you sometimes feel you need motivation?
All comments welcome!

NaNoWriMo day 3

I may or not may not have decided to blog about NaNoWriMo everyday.  I didn’t intend to but so far it’s fun. 

Anyway it’s day three and my last day blogging on my phone for a while, because my exams officially end today! 

Day 2 was really productive for me in the writing area but unfortunately my novel itself barely went up by 1000 words. 

You see what happened was that I wrote 2000 words for my novel then realized I had made a mistake and removed 3000 words. 

So I had to write 4000 words just to get ahead again.  

It’s fine I enjoyed all the writing and then even wrote a 2000 word blog post that will hopefully be done for Monday. 

All I all in the past 2 days I’ve written nearly 12 000 words… Which is insane! 

My numbers seem to be all over the place today.  Sorry about that. 

Tell me yourself:  Are you blogging about NaNoWriMo?  Or otherwise feel free to rant about any troubles you’ve come across so far.  

All comments welcome 🙂 

NaNoWriMo day 2

It’s day two of NaNoWriMo and I have to tell you I’m in love with my characters. 

To clarify this year I’m stepping out of the my normal high fantasy genre bubble and instead writing a modern day YA fantasy story about a banshee who falls in love.  

I definitely plan on doing character introductions on a later date (maybe Monday) 

But since I’m currently blogging on my phone I’ll make this a quick update and say my final word count for yesterday is… 7001 

I’ll admit I’m really proud of that number.  Now tell me what is your word count for day one? 

The standard 1667?  A little more?  Or perhaps less? 

(all answers welcome) 

How to write the end of your Novel.


This is the last day of NaNoWriMo and while I have already finished I know there are lots of you out there still typing as fast as you can. This post is being dedicated to those of you still writing, still trying to finish that novel of yours. Me and probably dozens of others are behind you today, don’t worry about how much words you have left just keep writing.
This will probably not be my best post since there is quite the difference between writing a story and writing a blog post. (I’m sure you can guess which one I’m better practices in right now.)

So now let’s talk about bringing your story to a close.
Things you want your story ending to do.
• First things first, you will need to close up any loose plot threads such as your character arch and your love thread. If anything is going to be closed after your main plot then make sure it is interesting enough that your readers will want to read it.
• The next thing to understand is that as our English teachers say the last part of the story sums up the whole story. Ok so maybe the last part is not this really weird synopsis but what it does do is remind your reader where the story started and how far it has come. You might do this by mentioning the character that died and the plans your characters have for the future. This is kind of just to insure that readers think back on the story after they’re done reading it.
• Now the last thing you want your end to do is remind your readers of your story theme.
I don’t know what your theme is but my theme was that you get to choose who you are and it became one of the most important parts of my ending. Your theme is the thing your story was trying to tell the reader so the ending is he perfect place to remind your readers of it.

Things you don’t want to do in your story ending.
• One good thing to avoid is to bring in new information that wasn’t even hinted at earlier, because if you surprise a reader completely out of the blue they will most likely just get upset. If you want to drop one last minute surprise such as, oh you’re adopted or, ps. she’s been unfaithful then make sure you have hinted at it earlier. (Well maybe just put in a note to do so when you edit. This is NaNoWriMo after all.)
• Don’t suddenly go from showing to telling. I understand that you have something you need to explain but you should please do this either through action or dialog. The big problem I have noticed is that in the end people start info dumping. Perhaps the Villain has a grandiose speech or your MC uses internal monologue to explain his entire plan. Let me ask you something. If you have been avoiding telling your entire story long why should you stop now? Find another way to explain it.
• Stop the flashback. People want to stay focused on the story at this point and how it ends so flash backs will nothing but a distraction at this point.

Guest post: Getting back on the NaNoWriMo track

Enette’s note.
Hi guys, so this is the second guest post here and just like this previous one it concerns what is on every writer’s minds right now, NaNoWriMo.
Yes I know that I already have two posts concerning NaNoWriMo but I figure that this way you get a little bit of advice from everyone so you can decide what works for you.
Now today’s post is written by Alexa from MisfitAlexa who let me tell you , is pretty awesome. She has some great posts on her blog that I definitely
encourage you to go read.
Well that’s enough from me so let’s see what Alexa has to say about NaNoWriMo.

Hello, my distant misfit friends!
My name is Alexa, and I was given the lovely opportunity to guest post for my friend, Enette, here on Enette’s World! As I’m sure most of you know, we’re in the middle of one of the most important months of the year for writers: NaNoWriMo! If you’re participating or attempting to get back on track like I am, then let me tell you, my friends, you are not alone.
One of the most important parts (and really, the most basic part of the rules) of National Novel Writing Month is writing 1,667 words a day so that you can achieve the 50,000 word goal by November 30. Now, there are people who don’t write every day and some people who are even able to write only on the weekends. I give those people a lot of credit, because coming from someone who’s behind a few days on their word count, I know that I need to be writing every single day to stay on track for the month.
So, I thought that I would offer you guys some tips on how to get into the habit of writing every day.

Set Alarms

One of the best tips I can give you for remembering to write every day is to set an alarm. I know (after multiple nights of doing my word count at the last minute) that if need be, I can finish my word count in forty five minutes. So, I take the time I know I need to go to bed depending on what I have the next morning, and I set an alarm about forty five minutes or an hour before that so that I know that no matter what, I will have time to finish my word count.
To be honest, alarms are my best friend.

Word Wars/Sprints

If you need some motivation to get your word count done in a timely manner, try some word sprints! Usually, there’s always word sprints going on throughout the month on @NaNoWordSprints (, and even if there isn’t one going on at the exact moment you need it, retweet it yourself and just do a little “war” on your own! No one will blame you, and if it gets your word count done, who cares what anyone else thinks anyway?

Cheat (Kind Of)

Okay, so this one is kind of a side-trick, but I know that it’s saved me plenty of times. Along with trying to do NaNoWriMo, I’m also in college and obviously, I have my own blog, as well. Because of that, I’m writing a lot of stuff outside my word count in the forms of papers, blog posts, and discussion boards for school.
I wrote those myself, so why not include them?
Yes, I guess this would technically put you under the “rebel” label on NaNo, but it’s not like you’re plagiarizing someone else’s work or lying about your word count. You wrote the words (be it for another project), so use them! Usually, I keep a separate folder on my Scrivener for projects that I include in my word count that don’t apply to my novel, so they don’t get interwoven in my manuscript when I compile it at the end of the month. But, since it still appears under my “manuscript” folder and not under “notes” or anything, it still carries into the word count meter!
I would just say as a rule of thumb to only use words you write that day in the word count. It would definitely be a little bit of cheating if you included a research paper you wrote two months ago on your monthly word count, wouldn’t it? But hey, NaNo operates on the Honor System, so whatever you need to do will work.

Talk About It

This one is kind of huge, and I mentioned it in my blog post at the beginning of the month here (, but simply telling people you’re trying to write a novel will be a huge helper for you. As a college student, I know a bunch of my friends like to hang out and watch movies or go out together, so if I tell them I need to work on my word count without being horribly annoying and a downer, they usually respect it. Besides, if you can work on writing out your words as quickly as possible, just tell them to give you an extra hour or two to work and then you’ll be good to go.

Visuals, Visuals, Visuals!

Throughout my childhood and now, into my adulthood, I’ve always been a huge proponent of visual inspiration. Before the days of Pinterest, this resulted in multiple dream boards  being posted in my bedroom as a kid and when I was old enough to get a computer, I started making tons of boards on Pinterest (I dare you to explore my Pinterest now, it’s so ridiculously organized). I have a few different boards for writing, as well as private boards for most of my main characters, so that I can use it as inspiration.
That also goes for word count inspiration and calendars that I have posted pretty much everywhere. I have a printout of the one from the NaNoWriMo website hanging on my wall, and I have a word count calendar as my computer, phone, and iPad backgrounds. (If you want to use them yourself, you can subscribe to my newsletter and get some fun goodies included there!) All of these tools have helped me a lot to stay on track!

Don’t Get Down On Yourself

My final tip for everyone, is really to not be too hard on yourself when you don’t make word count or you fall behind. For instance, I’m about three days behind, and I know I just have to work twice as hard to get it done. The worst thing you can do is just stop when you get too far behind, so pick up your bag and get back on the keyboard, because you can do it!
Well, folks, those are the tips I have for today, and if you’re interested in reading more of my stuff, check out my blog at, especially as this Tuesday, when I’ll be posting on writing crises during NaNo and how to survive them.
Have a great week, and good luck with your counts!
What do you guys think? Have you used any of these tips for staying on top of your word count? What are your goals for this week on keeping on track?