My novel Pink, out there to be read

Writers all over the world will tell you that there is a certain kind of button that is truly horrifying to press. It’s the publish button.

What do you need to press when you just wrote your first blog post? The publish button.
What do you need to press when you write your first social media post? The publish button.
What do you need to press to share your stories with the world? The publish button.

Every time this button has to be pressed a writer can’t help but stop for a moment to think: do I really want to press that button?

Sometimes the fear wins and the blog post, social media post, or story is left as a draft for a while longer.
Then you get those moments…those turning points in life… when the writer presses publish – and suddenly something within the writer changes. They’ve done it, now they just have to wait.

Those who have been paying attention to my NaNoWriMo updates would know that last night I pressed publish on a site called wattPad. You might have heard of it, or you might not have but the point about wattPad is that it gives writers the chance to share their writing with a large platform of readers.

Now you (and anyone else on the internet) get to go read the first parts of my novel ‘Pink’.
Honestly, I’m scared of people reading it. Or perhaps I’m more scared that people won’t read it. I haven’t fully decided yet.

I had to press publish though, for the simple reason of my writing can’t grow in isolation. It needs to be read. How else am I supposed to create a career from it?

So without anything else to say, let me share with you my novel Pink.



(^the heading is a link^)

Peggy and Benjamin see each other every day. You see, she regularly drinks coffee at the shop where he waiters.
They are an unlikely couple though, with him and his captain America style clashing with her and her bright pink hair – not to mention half a dozen earrings
They are separated by more than just the social norm however, because while he is a normal young man she is something a bit more supernatural.

With danger and pain filling their lives Peggy and Benjamin loves each other despite knowing that it could not last.
If they can be good for each other is the next question.
Perhaps it would be better if Peggy simply disappeared out of Benjamin’s life forever, after all she’s a banshee and banshees are nothing but monsters.

This is a story filled with uncertainty and personal growth.
At the same time it’s formed a large part in my now life and I’ve certainly enjoyed writing it.

I hope you go and read it and if you do I hope you actually like it.
Don’t be afraid to comment or anything, you’re always welcome  🙂

NaNoWriMo day 21/22 – another step forward

I actually published the first parts of my work in progress ‘Pink’ on WattPad tonight.
Just a cover, description and the first four chapters.

It was a pretty hard thing to do, because so far I’ve always kept my writing to myself. This is my fourth novel and yet it will be the first that anyone will ever read.

I was hesitant to put it out there, after all it’s far from my best work, but as I sat down and thought about it, it all came down to taking a step forward.
I can’t expect my writing to grow better in isolation – and so with the lyrics of ‘let it go’ from the movie ‘Frozen’ repeating themselves in my head I pressed publish. Now it’s out there, just waiting for someone to read it.

The funny thing is that I don’t know if anyone will even read it. I have a lot of people lined up and telling me that I should let them know when they can read something of mine… but this might not be the best start up novel.
My favourite genre to write in is Fantasy and it’s what I’m best at. Yet here I am posting a paranormal romance novel that takes place in a modern society.
I’m not certain… am I allowed to blame my sister’s influence? Probably not.

So here I am, writing this post in literarily the middle of the night (12 pm as I read it) and telling you that I’ve taken another step in this journey to become a writer. I just hope it’s in the right direction.

(I’ll give another link and descriptions to the novel, tomorrow when I’m a little more awake.)


Word count: 35001
Motivation: high but tired

NaNoWriMo day 11- soppy late nights and injuries

Here’s the gist, last night the power went out and I decided to read (Miss Peregrine’s Home for peculiar children) and when the power came back on it was already past midnight but I was so excited for the direction my novel was going in that I decided to write despite the early hour.
I wrote until about 2am and had by that time finished another’s day’s word count.
I’m as tired as a log now, of course because I still had to wake up today but I don’t regret it at all!
Some of what I wrote is a little sappy because I was tired and it was some of my more romantic scenes that I had to write. Reading over it isn’t exactly a pleasant experience but it still works with my story so I’m keeping all of it 
I have to do some math now though because I started with 18300 words yesterday and I’m currently at 23725… That means I wrote… 5425 words yesterday of which 1634 was done between 12pm and 2 am.
That’s my second highest word count for a single day this year coming in second only to the first day when I wrote around 7000 words.

The best part is that what I wrote is actually really significant to my story and to me and was really fun to write as I got to do some research on wheelchairs (sorry about the spoiler) and medical conundrums.


Has there been any injuries in your novel so far? How did you go about writing it realistically?

For me I just based a lot of it on my own hospital and recovery from operation experience but I would like to know what you do.

Any comments and questions welcome!

NaNoWriMo day 10- exciting new developments!

I’m so excited! The love interest in my story is finally getting his chance to shine.
Without spoiling too much: Benjamin (love interest) was seriously injured in an accident during my inciting incident and had been pretty depressed because of it but after snapping at Peggy (main character) he realized that he was letting the injury defeat him so now he’s decided that he wasn’t going to let it. This means that I now get to write about how stubborn and happy he is and then about every other reason that Peggy has fallen for him.
I get to use it to add some dynamics to their relationship and I get to finally make use of some side characters that has been playing only small roles so far.

I’m excited and hope to tell you some more about it later (perhaps I’ll share a drawing of him as well)

My word count for the record is around 18300 which is a little ahead of the NaNoWriMo goals and means I’m writing a decent 2000 words a day.


Now the question is how is it going with your story? Is your characters determined or hesitant regarding the troubles they’re facing.
All questions and comments welcome!

Character introduction: Peggy



I’m so excited! I finally get to introduce one of my characters to you and she really is one of my favourites! When I planned this post I wasn’t exactly sure how I’m going to be introducing her to you…
So thinking about how I’m going to go about this I remember having read somewhere that there are 36 questions that will scientifically make people fall in love. (A bit of a oversimplification I think) So I figured those questions can make great interview questions to introduce this character to you.

I’m just going to jump in and get started here but quick disclaimer, none of these answers are my own and they are purely how my character would answer them.

So let me introduce to you Peggy Carter, main character and the banshee with pink hair.

1. Given the choice of anyone in the world who would you want as a dinner guest?

I’m not really certain I haven’t really fantasised about spending time with anyone lately. The only person who I actually enjoy spending time with, I already see every day. I think I would like to have dinner with Benjamin because he’s the only one I’m really comfortable with but I’m not sure that’s what you wanted to know…
Otherwise I’d probably go for Robbie Amel (the arrow)

2. Would you like to be famous, in what way?

When I was little, I used to fantasise about being a famous singer but that’s not really realistic. I don’t want to be famous anymore, in fact I’d enjoy simply being left alone. It would be nice if my online business got some more attention though, but since I work under a ghost name that wouldn’t really count as being famous.

3. Before making a telephone call do you ever practice what you’re going to say? Why?
Yes! I definitely do this, it helps keeps me speaking even if I’m a little nervous.

4. What would constitute a “perfect day” for you?

The perfect day for me would be waking up happy and just going to the cafe like I always do. From there I think I would like Benjamin to take me somewhere new. I don’t like going new places on my own but if he is there, I think it could be a lot of fun.

5. When did you last sing to yourself? To someone else?
Last time I sang to myself was this morning, I was singing along with the radio in my room. The last time I sang for someone else was more a recording really, I had to write some lyrics for a client and then recorded it for them.

6. If you could live to the age of 90 and retain either the mind or body of a 30 year old for the last 60 years of your life, which would you want?

I’d say mind because I’m already unfit anyway and really most of what I do require my head over my body. Also it actually scares me a little to lose yourself when you grow older, I wouldn’t want that.

7. DO you have a secret hunch about how you’re going to die?

That’s a really sucky question. Not one that I’m really comfortable with to be honest. There was a time I could put either murdered or suicide down as my answer but I don’t want to think like that anymore. I don’t know what Benjamin did to me but I actually really want to believe that I’m going to die at an old age, with happy memories to think on and not believe that I’m going to be caught one night and killed.

8. Gotta skip this one because it involves you more than Peggy.

9. For what in your life do you feel most grateful?

Benjamin. I’m certain I would have ended my own life quite a while back now if he didn’t magically get me to be happy. Just the fact that he made an effort to talk to me, when no one else had in months, meant a lot more than I could ever express.

10. If you could change anything about the way you where raised, what would it be?

I would change the fact that we moved around so much. I think I would have liked growing up in a single home and not constantly moving around as if we were being chased.

11. Tell your partner your life story in four minutes.
Okay here goes… My mother was a banshee and my father is one of the decedents of one of the four Irish clans. She was supposed to be the banshee that screamed when he died but she fell for him instead and they got married. I’m the result.
So being raised a banshee we travelled around a lot and I’m currently settled in South Africa. I was around fifteen when I and my mother got caught by banshee hunters. My mother was killed and I was branded two marks onto each arm as a symbol to the fact that I’m a monster. I was saved before they killed me and soon after banshee hunting was made illegal. My dad stayed maybe two months after that but then he left and soon enough so did all my friends. They said they couldn’t be friends with a monster. So I spent a lot of time alone and eventually grew a little depressed but meeting Benjamin helped a lot and after that I’ve been busy putting myself back together again. I even have a legitimate business now!

12. If you could wake up tomorrow having gained any one quality or ability what would it be?
If only this question was if I could lose one ability. Anyway if I could gain one ability I would want the ability to fly. I think it would be really nice to have that kind of freedom and I’d probably just end up flying forever.


Now we do round two.

13. If a crystal ball could tell you the truth about yourself, your life, the future or anything else, what would you want to know?
I would want to see every episode of the DC series in advance because I’m really tired of waiting a week between episodes.

14. Is there something you’ve dreamed of doing for a long time? Why haven’t you done it before?
I like to dream about going to comic convention or something like that. It seems like a lot of fun to cosplay but I haven’t done it yet because I don’t really have the nerve. I’m sure I’d enjoy it if I just went but I’m not sure if people will approve. (not that I’m all that certain who’s approval I really want)

15. What is the greatest accomplishment of your life?
I sold my first song not too long ago and I thought that was pretty awesome.

16. What do you value most in friendship?
I’m not certain… most of my friendships failed. If I think about my friendship with Benjamin though, I think what I value most is comfort or perhaps it’s the opposite and I value how he pushes me out of my comfort zone sometimes. I’m not sure, Benjamin somehow manages to offer me both.

17. What is your most treasured memory?
When I was little I and my parents went to a park. There was one of those see-saws, so me and my mother sat on the one side and my father sat on the other side. It was so much fun as we went up and down, me giggling like the seven year old I was and my parent both laughing.
It was really nice.

18. What is your most terrible memory?
The night me and my mother got kidnapped, I remember my mother using her ‘screams’ to kill the men around us, but they had sticks and they struck at her, forcing her to be silent. I remember seeing those men in their dark clothes while my mother’s screams still rang through the air and thinking: this is it… I’m going to die.

19. If you knew that you would die in one year what would you change in your life?

I like to think that I would stop listening to the fear and maybe travel a bit. I’d like to do some bungee jumping or skydiving. I would want to sing on a stage and not just behind a computer.
I really think that if I was pressed I would stop living with this fear and do some bodacious things.

20. What does friendship mean to you?
Benjamin would be able to say something profound for this one. Or perhaps the answer is in that new Netflix series ‘stranger things’ and friendship can be defined by someone who doesn’t lie to you. To be honest I think what friendship means to me is someone who is there. It sounds stupid sure but in my life almost everyone has left and so I think to me a real friendship is someone who would stay.

21. What roles do love and affection play in your life.
They used to mean a lot to me, when my parents where both still alive and present. Now I’m really sure because the thing is that I’ve learned to live without anyone who outright loves me. I think Benjamin cares for me and he often does nice things which could be seen as affectionate but I’m not always sure why he does it though.

22. Skip this one. It needs you to share what you like with your partner.

23. How close and warm is your family? Do you feel you’re childhood was happier than most other people’s?

If you haven’t been able to tell already, me and my father aren’t close anymore. My childhood was rather nice though and while not perfect I’m certain it was nicer than some other people’s.

24. How do you feel about your relationship with your mother?

When my mother was still alive we had a good relationship. She was a little distant when I asked her about help for being a banshee and I had to figure most of it out on my own, but I’m certain she loved me and I obviously loved her very much. She was a good woman who was strong for her family.

Part 3

25. Skip this one for same reasons as the previous two times.

26. Complete the sentence: “I wish I had someone whom I could share…”

I wish I had someone whom I could share my fears with. I don’t want to burden Benjamin with them seeing as how I’m not sure how fragile our friendship is but I would really love it if I had someone else who would be willing to help me carry these thoughts.

27. If you where to become friends with your partner (you who read this) share what they should know about you.
I don’t trust easily and often withdraw from people so it’s hard to communicate with me. If however you do manage to just stick with me I promise that I will be there for you when you need me. I really do think that I’m there for the people I care for.

28. Skip

29. Share an embarrassing moment in your life.

Why!? Hasn’t this entire thing been bad enough?
Fine then!
There was this one time when I was about twelve when I went to the market with a friend. We were just buying some sweets and there was this man in front of us who just wanted to by a single lollypop but he needed thirty cents. We paid and I realized we have exactly thirty cents left so while we walk out I debate giving it to him. I ask my friend what she thinks and she just rolls her eyes at me and says that if I want to do it I should do it. So grinning I turn around and hand it to the man. He took the money and frowned down at me but I was too proud of myself to care and I walked to where my friend was waiting for me. There she just shook her head and told me I’m an idiot and that I gave the wrong man the money. I felt like such a dimwit! I swear though, they looked exactly alike.

30. When did you last cry in front of a person? By yourself?
I haven’t cried in front of anyone in a while, not even Benjamin. I do have bouts though where I feel really bad and so I would cry myself to sleep. It hasn’t happened in a while, maybe a couple of weeks back now.

31. Skip.
32. What if anything is too serious to be joked about?
I know that a lot of people joke about their pain to make it seem lighter but I think a line should be drawn when it comes to joking about other people’s pain. It’s why I’ve never been a supporter of dark humour. I really don’t think it’s cool to mock other people’s suffering.

33. If you where to die this evening before being able to communicate with anyone what would you regret saying and to who?
Two people, I would regret not saying thank you for Benjamin for how much he’s done for me. I haven’t told him yet because it feels like a weird thing to do, considering he probably doesn’t even realize just how much his acknowledgement of my existence mean to me.
The second thing I’d regret would be not telling my dad just how angry I am at him for leaving me when he did. I think I deserve better than that, he is my dad after all.

34. Your house catches fire. After saving your loved ones and pets you get to dash in one last time to save one more thing what would it be?

Are you trying to make me choose between my laptop and my books? I don’t think I can make that choice!
I guess I’ll have to save the small box in the back of my closet, it contains all my money and some of my mother’s old jewellery but boy will I be upset about my books and laptop.

35. Of all the people in your family, who’s death would be the most disturbing?
My dad the only family I have left… and I guess it would be really disturbing because it would mean that he truly did leave me and that I’m not seeing him ever again.

36. Share a personal problem and ask your partner for advice.
Okay, that’s simple, I’m currently building a list of all the ways to fight my fears and depression is there anything specific you would suggest I try? I’m already thinking about picking up exercise.

Okay that was all the questions and it leaves me to mention here again that these answers has nothing to do with me the writer… got it?

Now I have to leave you with a question though because it’s pretty much all the questions I left out summed into one.
What one thing would you say you like about Peggy so far?
All comments welcome!

Dear reader

dear reader

Dear reader.
Guess what, I just renewed my premium plan for my blog.
It costs 99 dollars or roughly 1500 rand.
Last year when I bought it, my amazing grandfather had paid. He supported this blog when I couldn’t do it myself.

This year I was determined to pay for it myself.
I had accepted to help my little cousin with his homework and take care of him every day. This made me 300 rand a month. Other than that I won a talent contest in which I won 1000 rand.
I don’t think I can fully explain to you what it means to me to be able to pay for this myself. It sort of sums up all the work and effort I’ve put in this year. I gave my all and for the first time this year I can look at something and see that it paid off. I earned the money and I managed to save it for a good cause.

In this past year, since my domain name became I managed to gain 102 followers and as a result passed 200 followers a while back now.
I have reached out to other writers including some really great friends both over the internet and face to face.

My dedication to this blog has grown and my appreciation for you has grown as well. It fills me with joy to think that you are reading this and that you like my blog. You might one day like my books even. You are breathing person with your own life and yet here you are taking five minutes to read what I wrote, thank you for that.

Right now my resolve is strengthening because who knows, perhaps you will stick around another year, and perhaps you’ll be joined by yet another 102 new followers.
I certainly hope so.

I needed this good news it’s not been the best week for writing, there has been a few setbacks.
My writing group stood me up the other day and it has taken some thinking to decide on my response to this. I actually had to go think about how I feel about this, and this is what I came up with.
My writing group is something I keep alive because I want other writers in my life. Also because it’s part of how I’m going to become a better writer, just by gathering every second week I get a chance to think and discuss my story and other stories with a group.
I’m not mad that they forgot, slightly disappointed but that’s because I want them to be as dedicated to the group as I am. I know that this is unrealistic and that they are busy leading grownup lives. It’s okay. I’ll just have to be dedicated enough for all of us.
Here is my motto for the group: Even if no one shows I’ll keep showing because this group is something I want and believe in.

I hope I’m not boring you so far, but in case I am I’ll cut this letter short a little and just quickly tell you how it’s going with my actual writing.
I had seen a plot problem and had to delete nearly 5000 words to fix it. This means that my word count is now behind where I wanted it to be but I’m not worried, the whole story will be better because of the change. Also I’m at 17 800 words right now which isn’t too bad 🙂
Now I’d like to hear back from you
How’s it going with you? With your goals and plans? With your mental state?

Sincerely Enette.

The birth of a story

I’m currently planning a story named Felix vs Aida.
Last year when I was on vacation the idea came to me and while it has undergone a lot of changes I decided I want to share with you how it started. This story is going to be my entry for Camp NaNoWriMo in June and my main focus for the next few months but it started as a simple scene.
So here it is, the scene that inspired Felix vs. Aida.

It was so easy to make other people look like the bad guy. You just had to be an asshole and hope the other person made the first mistake.
Felix grinned at the brute Grian for a millisecond before donning a mask of innocence.
No one else in the overcrowded bar would have seen the grin, all they would see was poor Felix half the size of Grian get beaten to pulp.
The bar wasn’t a place Felix would like to be associated with. It had too many shadowy corners with sweaty men and half dressed women, but well sometimes you had to put pride away when it came to money.
Grian barred his teeth and hissed. Spit flecked Felix’s face.
“Come now, there is no need for a fight,” Felix said raising his hands in a show of submission. For a moment Grian hesitated but Felix gave him another grin. It was all it took. The big beefy man was sent over the edge and was the first to make a mistake.
A large fist came at Felix and he didn’t even try to pull out of its way. The punch landed like a sled hammer, shooting sparks through Felix’s vision. It didn’t really hurt, nothing could really hurt Felix since he received his drackon armour. It didn’t matter though because he had gotten the man to throw a punch, and punching Felix happened to be against the law. It was a shame stupid old Grant didn’t realize he had just thrown away his own life.
A second fist came at Felix but this time he moved.
Felix was up on his feet and behind Grant as the fist swung through open air.
Felix grabbed the back of the man’s shirt letting his drackon armour roll over him, giving him strength. Felix threw the man into a table forcing his face to show no emotion.
The armour’s red energy pushed out of his skin and solidified.
The first shout sounded.
One of the waitresses dropped a tray of metal mugs that clanged to the stone floor. The sound drew people’s attention to the drackon knight and his victim in front of him. Screams and curses broke out as people jumped back and started making their way to the door. No one would dare say a thing against him if Felix decided to kill Grant right here.
Tempting, but no.
Felix took a step toward where Grant lay on the table. The man’s eyes where wide and spittle frothed in the corner of his mouth.
Felix wrinkled his nose. Couldn’t the man even show dignity when being arrested?
Not a lot of people showed any dignity when faced by Felix in his armour even though it did nothing to add to his size.
Felix picked up the large man with no trouble and threw him over his shoulder.
He didn’t bother hurrying as he walked out of the bar with people screaming behind him.
Normally he didn’t like all the screaming but he glanced back at the bar and all the dark business that it hid in its shadows.
Let them scream. Let them be afraid that he will come for them in the middle of the night.
People were going to call him a monster for dragging of old Grant. They would say Grant had lost his temper and that he punched the wrong person. This news may even become a tale of warning. Felix imagined it in the voice of his grandmother. You should never be the first to throw a punch, you never know who might be a monster in disguise.
Felix took his time as he made his way through the streets a bright red light in the city darkness.
He came to a stop in front of the law station.
“What in this world are you doing in full armour?” Old Seth called as Felix entered the building.
The old man was sitting behind a desk, playing cards with one of the newer recruits.
The recruit nearly dropped out of his seat when he saw Felix.
“Get some bindings, I just made an arrest.”
Felix dropped Grant on the floor and old Seth raised an eyebrow.
“Is that the husband of that woman who came in here earlier?”
A flash memory of that morning filled Felix’s mind.
A young woman with a bruise on the side of her cheek. Hints of more showed themselves when her neckline slipped just a little.
“Maybe,” Felix said.
Seth sighed. “We have been over this. Unless the woman is willing to give proof abuse in front of the king we can’t arrest this man.”
Felix clenched his fist at the reminder.
“Remind me of the punishment of assaulting a drackon knight.”
The old man grinned. “Oh that is quite a few years of working in the passes.”
Felix glanced down at Grant who had gone pale.
Felix grunted. “I would have preferred it if we could simply cut of his hands.”
Grant squawked. Felix rolled his eyes and put his boot on the man’s shoulder forcing him back to the ground.
“Where are those bounds?”
The recruit scuttled over and took Grant away.
Felix walked to the door and leaned out of the building. He breathed in and let the armour sink back into his skin. Just like every time he used his armour the smell of vanilla and rust filled the air around him. Pudding and a dull blade, two things that could most likely end his life if he was caught in battle holding it.
“You where smart tonight,” Seth said from behind him.
It was no use. Felix couldn’t go around getting in trouble with every crook in town which meant that men like Grant would keep living happily in his city.
“What is the point of calling us the protectors of the kingdom if we can’t even protect the people from each other?”
Seth joined him to stare into the dark city streets.
Maybe Felix imagined it but for a moment the old man’s eyes held blue specks. Seth blinked and the blue disappeared again.
“You should go sleep young Felix,” Seth said slapping him on the back. “You will be going back to the battle plains tomorrow. You will need all your energy.”
Felix nodded more out of image than agreement but started walking anyway.
The night was cold on his now exposed skin.
The battle plains were where the kingdoms greatest warriors fought. Felix couldn’t help but think that it was a waste of time. What was the point of protecting the outside of something if the inside was rotten?
He sighed. Maybe one day he could come back and change the kingdom inside out but for now he had to focus on tomorrow and the fighting that would follow in the next few months.
He would definitely come back though.
He smiled as he thought about that morning when he had kissed his beloved and felt it there in her.
In a few months he will be a father and he will definitely make sure that his kid got a future with a clean city.
He squared his shoulders. First he would make sure to come back so his kid had a future with a father.
He will be back.

(ps: drackon armour was purposely not spelled dragon armour)

I hope you enjoyed the story, I plan to share with you a little more about the changes the idea has undergone and hopefully something about Aida’s part of the story.

Kings and Queens

So this is part of my #seizeThePen projects. You can see the rest here.


Countries watched as the two children walked up to each other, each one with a crown to heavy for them placed onto their heads.
Daren looked at the girl in front of him and could do no more than blink. All around the crowed was whispering about the pains of war but the girl in front of him didn’t seem to react. Daren tried his best to lock out the crowds words himself.
The girl tilted her head and he felt his stomach twist. This was messed up, he wasn’t ready for this.
The girl stuck out her hand. “I’m queen Anders,” she said softly.
Daren smiled at her and took her hand in his own as he had been taught. He nodded to her before raising her thin fingers to his lips.
“I’m king Daren. It’s an honour to finally meet you.”
Anders smiled slightly and Daren let go of her hand.
Anders glanced past him to where his group of advisers and diplomats stood wringing their hands and chewing their lips. Daren followed her gaze but quickly decided to glance at her team instead. A single man stood there, dressed in fine silk. His hands where clutched in front of him but he kept his head high.
“It seems we stand on equal ground,” Anders said softly.
“What do you mean?” Daren frowned.
“Your group over there doesn’t seem to be pleased at having a kid as their king.”
Daren pulled in a deep breath but met the Anders’s eyes. They where deep blue with heavy lashes.
“So it’s the same for you then?”
She nodded slightly. “They miss my parents and more than half of them would gladly take my place.”
“Well I’m glad they haven’t” Daren said smiling slightly.
She smiled too, her eyes wrinkling at the corner.
“So King Daren,” She said waving her hand to the building next to them. “There are things we need to discuss.”
Daren nodded and held out his arm. She took it and he lead her up the stairs. As they walked Daren couldn’t help but notice how she swayed when she walked. She carried her head high and much to his annoyance he realized she was taller than him.
He took a deep breath and continued climbing the stairs, a young queen at his side.

The red angel

This is one of my #seizeThePen projects and you can go see the rest here.

This is just a rough draft, but I hope you guys enjoy.


People like to look past children, mark them off as unthreatening. After all when you are a tall soldier with a massive sword in your hand the little kid standing in front of you are nothing more than an ant to be squashed.
I processed all this as I stared up at the ranks of soldiers standing in front of me. Their armour glinted in the soft morning light and the captains could be identified by their green cloaks that shifted in the morning breeze.
They glared down at us. Knowing we were enemy but not believing us to be a threat.
Clara cleared her throat next to me and I glanced over as she took a step toward the army, her hands held out in front of her to show she has no weapons. She was eleven like me and had her light brown hair tied in a high pony tail. She glanced at me and smiled her normal elfish smile that made me relax a little. There was seven of us, facing an army of hundreds and still somehow I knew she was going to get us out of this.
Clara lifted her head a little as she returned her focus back to the army. A hundred pairs of murderer eyes took her in all at once. Her delicate shoulders where covered in her golden armour. It had been fashioned to look as if golden wings where sprouting from her back to protect her. Each feather was a masterful work of art.
“Gentlemen, I have been sent to give you a warning,” She declared loudly. A few chuckles spread in the enemy lines but they quickly died down. “If you don’t turn around now and leave our land you will meet opposition and let me assure you, you will not win.”
A single captain walked out from among the ranks and greeted them with a nod.
“My dear children, please turn back to your homes and tell your families that they should just surrender. We do not wish to kill you so go back to the men who sent you and tell them we would like a peaceful solution.”
I bit on my lip glancing between the captain and Clara. She pushed her lips into a thin line and glared at the captain.
“You don’t wish to kill? Then what are you doing on our soil. If you would so love a peaceful solution, then why did you bring an army?” She said this taking a single step forward. I reached out to her only to have her shoot me a death glare. I twitched my hand back and forced it to stay by my side.
“Turn around now and all shall be forgiven. This is the only way for peace, and trust me this is the best offer you will get on this land, and the last time you shall get it.”
The captain shook his head and my head skipped a beat.
“I can’t do that child,” he said dramatically.
Clara glanced back at us and nodded once. I tightened my grip on the set of knives at my belt and as one our entire team drew our weapons. Clara held up her golden blades.
“Then you shall go through us captain and this land shall be stained with the blood from war.”
There was a uneasy ripple in the enemy lines and I smiled slightly. They had until now lied to themselves and believed they would only be killing proper soldiers not children. I was more than happy to remind them that they were the monsters here.
The captain glanced to his men then back at Clara who held her gaze steady.
He nodded once. “I’ll handle you myself.”
He took a single step forward before going down in a spray of blood. His troops didn’t have so much as a chance to gasp before the heavy thump sounded as his body hit the ground and the whistle that came from Clara rearming herself.
The enemy stood still and simply blinked for a moment.
“Now time for your second best offer. Leave now before more blood is spilt,” Clara ordered.
A cry of rage sounded in the enemy lines and a single soldier came charging forward. Clara whistled the signal and I flicked my wrist in a lazy movement. The knife stuck true and lodged itself in the man’s eye. The second man fell and a crazed roar broke out among the enemy. No one moved.
Clara cleared her throat.
“Last warning,” She said with a snarl. “Leave. Now,” She roared.
The enemy didn’t move and Clara nodded once. She exhaled sharply and power immediately charged the air. The hair on the back of my neck stood up straight and I swallowed the thin air.
My spine itched for a moment so I shut my eyes. My heart beat slowed for a moment. I could still feel the magic around me. I could still feel Clara. My fingers itched but I kept my talons hidden.
Clara gave the last signal and my eyes shot open. My heart beat picked up and I shot off running after Clara the other five close on my heals.
The first soldier I hit went down like a bag of flour and from there of on it was easy. Metal armour was paper to me, sword was no more than harmless twigs.
My eyes flinched as blood sprayed into my face and my toes wriggled as it filled my socks.
These soldiers had come here expecting a war but instead they walked into a massacre. They should have taken Clara’s deal, she did warn them.
I glanced over to her, she was no longer the golden angel she had been just moments ago. Her light hair and golden wings where coated with slick red blood. I felt my stomach tighten but smiled slightly. Let them see her, and let them run. She was the red angel.


Catching your breath. (A magic battle)

Earlier today I shared a post on the sense of taste. In it I gave you a prompt to write a fight scene with the sense of taste playing a large role.


I wrote my own scene for this prompt and thought I should share.


Fila walked into the arena aware of all the eyes on her.
The stands were full of cheering people. The roar their applause gave was deafening.
Why did it have to be her out here? why couldn’t it be one of the other students? Someone else would have been a better choice for the battle.
A drop of cold sweat ran down her back as her opponent joined her in the arena.
He was tall with broad shoulders. She recognised him as Seth, the winner of last year’s contest.
His eyes were set into a death glare focused on Fila.
She pulled her shoulder up a little and hid her chin in her uniform’s high collar.
She stopped in front of him.
This was defiantly going to be the day she die.
“Face each other.” The disembodied voice of the referee boomed across the arena.
Fila lifted her head a little.
Seth flexed his hands at his sides. Those hands could strangle Fila with no problem.
“Keep your head up.” Seth mumbled in a hoarse voice.
“You too.” Fila squeaked.
She curled her hands into fists and glanced at her feet.
In the corner of her eye she saw him smirk.
He knew how much he intimidated her.
“Walk to your standing points.” The referee’s voice boomed again.
She raised her head and turned her back to him. The crowd fell silent and she could hear her hart thumping in her chest.
She was outmatched, anyone could see it.
She swallowed.
She would just have to fight small then. He must be used to strong aponenets so perhaps she could confuse him.
She reached the place that marked her spot and turned around.
She and Seth were now the complete distance of the arena apart.
The distance meant time to prepare herself.
“Let the match start.” The referee boomed and Seth started running toward her.
Fila jumped, her hart skipping a beat.
She reached to the pouch hanging by her side. Just as she reached in something struck her.
The sharp smell of lemons filled her nose as she was thrown to the floor, yellow fog swirling around her.
Seth was next to her as she sat up.
He blew down on her and a wave of orange fog spilling from his lips and forcing her down again.
This new fog burned her exposed skin. She threw up her arms letting the long sleeves f her white uniform protect her.
She was trapped in the mist with no way to reach for the pouch at her side without exposing her face to the burning fog.
That’s it she had lost.
A wave of pink mist hit her and sent her sprawling over the arena floor.
She gasped for breath and nearly gagged on the sweet strawberry mist.
She looked up to see Seth walking toward her.
He should have finished her off by now. She should already have lost.
His eyes where dark and Fila swallowed.
Seth had no intension of making this battle painless.
Fila grabbed her pouch and ripped out a hand full of the small pills inside.
She held her hand open as she backed away. The pills where made of a soft powder that stained her white gloves multiple colours.
She picked a green one out of her hand and stopped her retreat.
“Are you finally ready to battle?” Seth called coming closer. Pink mist curled around his lips as he grinned.
Fila plopped the green pill into her mouth and waited for him to come closer.
He started raising one of his own pills to his lips and Fila rushed forward.
She bit down on her pill with a satisfying crunch. Her tong tingled as the mint taste filled her lungs.
She took in a deep breath. She was right in front of Seth who had a yellow pill held in his hand.
She blew.
Green fog filled the area between Fila and Seth. His eyes widened as he was flung of his feet.
He hit the floor and slid.
Fila felt the mint drain from her lungs leaving her throat cold.
She raised a small dark green pill to her lips and held it there as she ran past Seth to the middle of the arena.
She stopped and turned back to him.
He was standing up. The green fog still bellowed behind him but he popped the yellow one between his lips and Fila watched as he breathed in.
She bit down on her dark green pill.
A bitter taste gathered in her throat and she fell into a crouch.
Seth came running toward her and with a start blew yellow fog straight at her.
Fila blew out her dark green fog to meet his. The two colour hit and filled the air of the arena.
The dark fog surrounded her. It was cold and wet against her skin. A shadow flickered from its depth.
“Come get me if you’re brave enough.” She called. Her voice sounded distant even to herself.
The shadow flickered and she set of at a run.
There would be no waiting for Seth. Who knew what long exposure to this fog could do to her.
She reached the edge of the cloud cover and burst into the fresh air with fog trailing her.
The fog had settled over half the arena leaving Seth hidden somewhere within.
Fila glanced at her last pill. It was a small red one she had never tried before.
She shrugged as she raised it to her mouth. There was always time for new experiences.
She bit down and her mouth was set ablaze.
Her ears grew hot and her eyes watered. She took a deep breath.
The shadow figure of Seth finally reached the edge of the fog just in time to see her.
His eyes grew and Fila blew out her breath of fire.
It hit his chest and he was thrown back into the dark green fog. Sure enough it caught flame.
Heat prickled Fila’s skin and she was forced to squint. Half the arena was inflames.
She relaxed a little as she waited for the fire to die down.
When it did smoke still hid Seth.
He would probably still be alive.
Perhaps she should have gone a little softer on him but then again he didn’t plan to simply let her lose gracefully.
She glanced up to where the referee was seated and he held up a blue flag.
She had won.
Fila grinned letting her red mist curl out of her mouth. It made her lips tingle.
A glass of milk would be a nice victory drink this time.


If any of you complete the challenge and would like to share it with me feel free to put it in a post and link it back to me so I can go check it out.