Life lesson #3


Wash your face and brush your teeth at the beginning and end of every day.
This is one of those pretty normal habits that can have an amazing effect on your life. The simple power of cleaning your face and mouth is that it makes you feel more refreshed.
For me it has the mentality of every time I do this small routine I clean away what was and prepare myself for what is to come.
It’s good for your body and helps put you in the right mindset for either starting or ending your day.

Life lesson #2

If you ever feel lonely

If you get lonely get a pet.

Pets give atmosphere to a room. They are something living that you can talk to. Certain pets can be cuddled with which by the way has been proven to be good for your health. Pets are there for us when people can’t be because with them you don’t have to be anything but yourself. So if your life feels lonely get a pet.

(Take good care of it. We as people need to protect our animals friends)

Life lesson #1


Life Lesson #1

Don’t be afraid to laugh at your own jokes or to make jokes when you’re alone.

They say laughing improves life spans and while I don’t know if that’s true I do know it improves life quality.
So don’t be afraid to laugh at yourself.
Snort. Giggle. Do that weird exhaling through your nose laugh.

Because in the end you have to be your own friend – and it’s okay to think that you’re hilarious. If you’re going to be spending your whole life with yourself you might as well make that time enjoyable.