Five days in

It’s been five days since the launch of my kindle scout campaign.
It’s been five days during which you, my supporters, have been voting for my novel Falling for Pink to help me reach my dreams of getting published.

If you are new and you don’t know what I’m talking about then go ahead and read my post from last week where I explained the situation.

If you do know what I’m talking about and you’ve voted for Falling for Pink up on kindle then allow me to say thank you. Thank you very much for all your support.
We’re still only in the beginning phase of my kindle scout campaign and already we’ve excelled past my expectation – I’m so curious to see what will happen during the rest of this month.


This campaign is not about winning for me. Although if I win it would be awesome.
This campaign to me is about sharing my work and seeing how people respond. I wanted to see if there is a space for my writing in this world.
Well I got my answer.
It’s only been five days and so far Falling for Pink has been on Kindle scout’s hot and trending list for 16 hours. In fact it’s had 860 views so far.
I don’t know if this is a lot by most people’s standards but I’m ecstatic about it.
I’ve also received emails, blog followers, direct messages in twitter and more since launching.
So if ever the world was gathering to tell me that yes there is a space for my writing then I guess it’s now.


A professional writer is an amateur who didn’t quit – Richard Bach.

Right now I’m very hopeful for this campaign but even if I don’t end up winning, I will keep writing and keep trying to share my work – because there is no way I’m giving up before I reach my dreams.


So thank you very much for supporting me and my writing, it’s an honor to share this journey with you.

If I can ask one more favor from you though. Please share Falling for Pink and help me get more eyes on it. Vote for it if you haven’t yet because there is no way I’m reaching my dreams without you.

Monday update 

Mondays are posting days but because my back is hurt I still can’t sit behind my computer long enough to write something decent so I figured I can give you a little update of my writing and basically just tell you what I’ve been up to. 
Since January I’ve been part of this program called the Young Writers workshop,  where they basically give you a quiz  to see where you are in your writing career and then help you with steps to take from there – as well as put you into contact with a great group of other writers who can support and encourage you. 

Basically I started with a score that said I need to build a support system for my work (I’m still busy with that) and in three weeks I took the quiz again and it said it’s time I start thinking about agents and writing queries. 

So that’s what I would like to focus on now but unfortunately I have a lot of work this year so I get very little chance to actually write anything. 
Pink has just been through its first beta readers though,  and after I give it another structure  edit I will see if I can find a editor to help me clean it up. 
Further than that I’m practicing writing query letters and looking up all my favorite agents and daydreaming that there is even a chance I’ll get one of the top ones. 
I know I’ve been blogging really sporadically – there are a ton of excuses for this on the tip of my tongue but I’m not going to write them because it’s not what I need to focus on. Instead I want to tell you how I plan to deal with it.

When my back is better and I can sit up again I will be trying to post either monthly or bi-weekly. That way there is time for me to write a decent post and actual content will be coming through at regular intervals. 
I think that’s it for today. I’m hoping to be better soon so I can get right back to everything but until then you can check out my twitter which is @enetteventer where I plan on posting regularly. 

Here is a photo of a shell my brother gave me in exchange for pudding. I hope it makes up for the recent  lack of good posts. 

5 things to do when you are bedridden 

Somehow in the past week I managed to do something to my lower back and now it hurts… Properly. At first it was because I sat and worked for hours on end and I figured it would just go away with a little rest but now it’s lasted 2 weeks with me growing more and more aware of the pain every day.

When you have back pain it’s like metaphorically running a marathon  with your feet tied together. You can probably still finish the marathon by hopping but you’ll move slow and probably fall over a couple of times. 

In the way that having your feet tied together would keep you from running my back pain keeps me from sitting or in other words writing, doing homework, drawing, going places etc. 
So the question is what can a person do when they can’t move because of back pain? If you don’t know yet,  I went through a back operation about five years ago so I’m more than qualified to answer that question from both the perspective of a kid and a teen so here is a little list. 

1. Read… A lot. 

Back in the hospital I finished the black magician series by Trudi Canavan and I honestly suggest it for everyone. It’s a great series that is not actually children’s books despite the fact that I was about 12 when I read it. The story still sticks with me and a lot of my earlier writing was based off it. 

This week I read the Magisterium books by Cassandra Clare and Holly Black. These are children books actually and I can still suggest it if you like a well written mean character. It’s really funny and will definitely take your attention off of your back pain. 

2. Binge watch a series

This is yet another nice thing you can do while lying down. 

Back when I was little and had just gotten home from the hospital I basically watched Pokémon nonstop. For the more grown audience (keep in mind I’m a teen girl) I suggest something like Finding Carter or Veronica Mars to binge watch because they both definitely grabbed my attention when I watched them.  I’m currently thinking about binge watching BBC Sherlock or maybe Doctor Who just to up my nerd status a little so you can always join me and go for one of those. 

3. Create a Pintrest board

One of my favorite things to do is plan stuff and collect pretty motivational pictures. Lying on my back I can’t do that physically anymore (I normally stick stuff to my wall) so Pintrest is the perfect solution. 

A Pintrest board can be about anything. If you’re a writer you can make one to gather inspiration for your next book. If you just finished a nice book like #1 suggests then you can create a fan board full of pictured of the characters and such…

4. Message or call friends. 

Face it being stuck on your back gets really boring and lonely so if you have someone who can keep you company ask them to do just that. 

When I was in the hospital friends snuck in to come visit me there and despite the fact that I couldn’t sit only moment ago I practically jumped  up when I saw them. Sometimes company is all you need to keep yourself from succumbing to boredom. 

So text someone, call someone, or ask someone to to come chill with you. 

5. Create a list on your phone. 

Pick a topic any topic and make a list. That’s exactly what I’m doing right now because while I can’t sit to work on my laptop or notebook my phone is easy to use. 

Topics I can suggest are 

  • Five happy moments in the past five years. 
  • List of things that help make your back feel better. 
  • 10 things to do when you’re bored. 
  • Favorite movies to watch over and over again. 
  • How many books you’ve read 

That’s it! 

I hope that if you’re stuck in bed like me you feel better soon. I suggest keeping a hot water bottle near where you’re hurt and a cuddle buddy 🙂 

Tell me what do you suggest for those of us stuck in bed? 

Photo of the puppies
My 2 cuddle buddies chilling on my messy bed while I get myself tea

Four NaNoWriMo tips


It’s just past the second week of NaNoWriMo and things are getting tough. I’ve been seeing it everywhere; the lack of sleep is finally taking a toll on people, plots are failing and jobs and children are screaming for attention.
I’ve seen this happen every time I’ve participated in NaNoWriMo and so for this year I decided I’ll share with you my top four tricks to finishing a successful NaNoWriMo.

These tricks are easy and simple and in fact I would call most of them habits instead of tricks but the main thing you need to understand before I share them with you is that they are ultimately successful when paired with the right set of mind. I’ll explain this for each trick so let’s get to it.

Trick number one – flashcards.

Often times you go sit in front of your computer (or other writing instrument) and you just have nothing to write. Your story might have come across a problem such as having a flat middle or perhaps you’re actually reaching the end of your novel even though you’re still far from 50 000 words. Now you suddenly have a mindset problem because you don’t know what to write, and you don’t feel like doing that whole free writing thing because face it sometimes free writing sucks sometimes, and you want to be certain that you’re writing something good. So you simply don’t write anything and you fall a day or two behind.
So your mindset here is I have nothing to write so I’m not going to write.
This has a very simple fix and that is my flash card method.
Take a pile of empty note cards (just cut up some paper) and on the first five cards write down a simple description of the previous five scenes you wrote. Now it’s time to brainstorm and ask yourself what you want to add to this story. Perhaps it’s a side plot about redemption or more scenes that shows the dynamics of your characters or… whatever really.
Break this down into scenes and write down one scene per card for the rest of the flash cards.
The reason I wanted you to write down the previous five scenes you wrote is because often when we review what we’ve written then ideas start coming in for what we want to write.
Now you have a couple more ideas right there with you to keep you going when you are running out of writing juice and you can know what you’re going to write next. The trick about the flash card method is to be constantly adding to your pile of flash cards. If you get an idea write it on a flash card and add it to the pile.

Trick number two – write in the morning.

You’ve probably heard this advice before: write in the morning because that’s when your mind is freshest… I think that’s nonsense because I really take very long to fully wake up but this advice does hold for a different reason.
The morning is your only real set time of day. It doesn’t matter if you have the best schedule ever things in everyday life goes slightly off course all the time. Perhaps your mother tells you to study more in the afternoon or for a different example your children’s school runs a little late or even just the traffic that day isn’t great. All of this is potential threats to your writing. All of this is trying to stop you from reaching your word goal.
In the morning though there isn’t anything in your day yet to throw you off course and the chances that something will disturb you is much smaller.
Why this has to do with mindset, is because all those other things are often an excuse to not write as you tell yourself that today you can’t – and so you won’t. In the morning though you’re willpower is at its strongest and there isn’t a good reason to not write.

Trick three – Word sprint without spell-check.

A word sprint for those of you who don’t know is when you set a timer and try to write as fast as possible in that time.
The real part of this trick though is to turn off your spellchecker.
You see I have a lot of trouble ignoring words that have a red line under them. I also have a grammar check and that is just as bad because I constantly go back and fix what I’m writing as I’m writing.
It’s not really a horrible thing to do in most cases and I have never heard of anyone completely stopping with their writing because of spell-check, but for NaNoWriMo we’re pressed for speed and it almost certainly is slowing you down.
So turn it off. Write for fifteen minutes without your spell-check (I like typing with my eyes closed) and then when the time is up turn it back on and do a quick fix – which means no deleting any sentences and focusing on grammar and spelling.

Trick four – Carry a notebook everywhere.

I know that men don’t carry handbags like women so for the male writer this one might be a little tougher but if possible I really suggest carrying a physical notebook with you during NaNoWriMo. ( A phone will suffice but I like real paper for this more.)
Why I suggest this is because to stay excited for your novel you need a reminder of it with you when you are not in front of a computer. A notebook is good for this because that way you can write down your ideas and everything, which will keep your mind excited for your novel until you can, once again, return to a computer.

As I said these tricks are more habits than anything else and is really simple to implement into everyday life. (Something that NaNoWriMo isn’t always)

I haven’t done a post like this in a while but I hope it helps with the rest of the month.

Now share with me, what tricks do you use during NaNoWriMo to keep you going? Is there something similar to the tricks I mentioned or is it something completely different?
All comments welcome!


NaNoWriMo has begun!! 

That means that as of today thousands of writers will start with a month long journey of pursuing their dreams. 

A lot of of nice things can be said about NaNoWriMo, perhaps I can tell you about the previous two times I participated.  Right now though that will have to wait seeing a how my laptop doesn’t currently have internet (this is mobile) and I’m in the city for exams.  
So here’s a quick update: I only have two more days left and then I’m done with school for the year! 

My novel is currently at say 2500 words (although I’m scrapping 500 of those) 
My motivation and excitement for NaNoWriMo is growing by the minute. 
Lastly the plan is to start giving you glimpses into my writing soon. 
Now I ask you, do you look forward to NaNoWriMo so far? 

Here’s what’s going to happen

Okay so I still have around four weeks till my first exam and my art coursework is a day away from being done. I still have lots of work ahead of me which is the reason for the post.

You see I don’t have a lot of time on my hands these days and so unfortunately this blog and my writing is being put on the back burner for the moment so I can focus on getting good grades.
I’m still going to try and post once a week but I can’t make any promises. If I do manage to post anything though, it will probably be art photos or something to do with my English lessons.
So good luck with the end of the year and hopefully I’ll write something again next week.

10 great blogs and posts to visit.



I’ve been travelling across the internet these past few weeks. I visited amazing places with beautiful layouts and met great people from all around the world.
The experience has been so enriching and so I decided to share it with you. These are my 10 favourite blogs and posts visited in the past month (give or take) I hope this inspires you to visit them as well.

10 good blogs/ posts I’ve come across this past month. (in no order)

1. Big talk.
This is a blog I stumbled onto recently but that I feel I need to mention immediately. It’s about a social experiment challenging people to skip small talk and jump right into serious conversations or in other words “big talk.”
This blog is run by Kalina and I really suggest you go check out what her movement is about.
2. The gentlemen project.
So this is a relatively new blog with about 11 followers but I think it’s got great potential and I really enjoyed the couple of posts of it that I’ve read so far. The idea behind the gentlemen project from what I’ve seen so far is to show what makes up good gentlemen. As you hopefully know I’m not a gentleman, I’m a lady but I still enjoy the posts because they raise good points and leaves you thinking, which is generally a good thing.
3. The unfolding.
This is blog is for the romantics. It’s an ongoing non-fiction blog about a long distance relationship. It’s filled with bright pictures and is really well written. It make me feel all warm and fuzzy when I read it.
4. Liewe Persoon.
The next blog I’m going to mention can’t really be recommended to just anyone seeing as how it’s written in Afrikaans and not English. This blog was in fact recommended to me by a member of my writing group and I’m really glad it was. If you do understand Afrikaans, as I know many of my readers from Facebook do, then you’ll like this blog. I like it because it never uses some bad mix of Afrikaans and English slang just pure beautiful Afrikaans.
5. Jabrush blog.
I’m cheating here because this is not a new discovery but rather a blog that I visit on a regular basis and really love. While I mostly read the movie reviews this blog is full of wonderful posts on all kinds of stuff. It’s written in the most interesting way and I suggest you follow this one asap.

Now I want to single out a couple of posts that I recently read and liked.
6. An open letter to my novel.
In this post Rachel writes a letter to her novel which has been giving her troubles. I have done this myself and I really enjoyed reading about someone else doing it as well. (thank goodness I’m not crazy)
7. Which creative season are you in?
This is a really cool posts which talks about how there are different creative seasons. I never thought of creativity like this before but after reading this post I could see that the writer had a point.
This is a must read if you’re a writer.
8. Tides
This is a poem that I think creatives can relate to. What’s cooler then a poem that you can relate to?
9. The importance of diverse reference material.
This is a post written by my buddy Ayli that is about not disregarding some genres as useless because you are writing in another genre. This is important! Genres overlap and mix and are all useful! Now go read her post so she can explain to you why.
10. How to stay motivated for a project when it’s not new anymore.
This is not a new post but I know it’s relevant to some of my readers and friends right now. It’s got great ideas and I think Alexa who wrote it hit the nail on the head with this post.
Again, these posts aren’t in any specific order.
I hope you liked this post because I’m thinking of writing one of these once a month. The people who wrote these deserve much more credit than they are getting so go read them and enjoy.

(I was neither asked nor paid to promote any of these blogs and they are shared because of my opinion of them.)

Achievements and plans.

May 2016

It’s the last Monday of May and this blog has reached a massive milestone.

I reached 200 WordPress followers last week!

To all of you who follow me, thank you from the bottom of my heart. I really appreciate your support.



This is basically just an update post for which I apologise (I know these are supper boring) I just thought you should know that next month I’m going to be writing my novel which means that I plan to blog mostly about my work in progress.

You can expect introductions for my character, a little bit about my magic system and even a few pieces of writing. For those of you who haven’t seen it yet, I already talked about my main character here.


My end goal for the month is to have written 1000 words a day if not more. Hopefully I’ll be finished with this novel in a month or two. (I’m aiming for 70 000 words)


I hope you guys had a good May and that you enjoy my June posts.


*just to let you know I’m open for guests posts again if anyone is interested.

What was and what is to come for Enette’s world

So it’s the end of a month and anyone who has been following me long enough would have been able to see that there was a little change this month in my content.
Where I use to post a long post on the craft of writing every week this month I had a variety in posts.

For those of you who missed these posts here they are.

1. 8 things you need to know before writing your first “first draft”
This post is just a simple list for anyone who is considering writing a novel. While I wrote it as honestly as I could it’s not meant to discourage you in any way but instead to help prepare you. If you go read this post now then I really want to encourage you to start with that novel afterward.
2. Finally did the Liebster Award.
That’s right I was nominated for the Liebster award so the second post of this month was my answers to the nomination. If you feel like getting to know me a little better and haven’t read the post yet then go read it because I shared actually quite a bit about myself and it was fun to write which is something I think you can see in the writing.
3. The books I’ve read on the previous holiday.
I went on vacation a few weeks ago and read 5 books that I want to encourage to read yourself. This post just shared a little about each book and what I thought of them.
Bonus. Guest post: Enette thinks you should consider a writing group.
This is a guest post I wrote for Ayliesha from Ayli the author which is basically about my writing group and the trails we’ve been going through and why I think even a writing group that doesn’t write is worth the effort. I personally really like this post and has been getting some great feedback on it so I think it’s worth the read.


There was no guest post here on Enette’s world this month but that’s something I want to talk about a little later so if you’re interested and don’t feel like reading the rest of this post then just scroll until past the next bit to where I discuss next month.

Other things that the blog gained this month was an updated about me page. If you have been following me a while and haven’t seen the new version that I posted just at the beginning of this month then go look at it because once again it shares a little bit about me as well as beg for comments. (I feel grovel would be a better word)
I also wrote a small page called Contacting me that just has my email address and some rules to follow if you feel like sending me an email.

Next month.

Once again you can expect different kinds of post. There will be at least one post on the craft of writing, but the rest is going to be a Hodge podge of books, my life, events such as my writing group and probably some art or updates on my writing. (hint: I’m getting nowhere slowly)


As I promised before I shall now discuss Guest posting.

If anyone is interested I can publish one guest post a month, the topic of which has to be closely related to writing. It doesn’t have to be a “how to” post or a book review but since my blog is about writing it would be weird if I post a guest post on something like the best way to eat chocolate. Personally I would be interested in that post but it’s just not a good fit for the blog. (Unless you rename it to something like “the best chocolate to eat while reading”)
If you are still interested in guest blogging for Enette’s world then just send me an email to enettesworld @ gmail . com with the subject Guest blogging.

Further you can expect small tweaks here and there such as an extra page coming up specifically for people who want to guest post and me sorting out my categories.

I’m planning to start posting shorter post on Fridays so please go check it out at the end of this week because I promise you these posts are going to be quite something.


Last things before I close off…

I want to add here that if you started following me because of the writing advice, that I can no longer give as often, then I just want to apologise and ask for you to understand that one of those post takes me 2-3 days to write and I just can’t fit that into my schedule anymore. I decided I would rather write you one good post every month then four pathetic ones.

Also if you are new to following me or perhaps you have followed me a while and haven’t gotten to introducing yourself then do just that in the comments of this post or my about Enette page because I really do want to hear from you.
This blog is obviously changing but I don’t think it’s a bad thing and this is just the start. That’s why I’m giving you this chance to introduce yourself so I can actually get to know the people I’m writing for.
Thank you for making it all the way through this much too long update post and I promise that there are some more fun content on its way.

Finally did the Liebster award.

I’ve been nominated for the Liebster award twice now, most recently by Ayli from Ayli’s offerings so I’m going to be answering her questions.

So before I begin here is basically how it works.

You get nominated by someone and then do the following.

  • Give 11 random facts about yourself.
  • Answer the 5-11 questions they have for you.
  • Nominate other bloggers with less than 200 followers and give them questions to answer.

So here are 11 random facts about me.

1. I’m homeschooled.
I have been homeschooled since I was 10 and have slammed doors and screamed into pillows the few times my parents threatened to send me back to school. Homeschooling is not for everyone but I know it’s best for me. (ps this does not mean that I’m stupid and don’t have work. The only difference is that ALL my work is homework and I don’t have a teacher with me when I do it)

2. I have a stash of sweets in my room reserved for good books and art movies.

3. The books that made me fall in love with reading were skulduggery pleasant when I was 9.
I was bored and saw a book with a skeleton on top of it so I picked it up and haven’t stopped reading since. Of course this means that when the last one of the series came out I had a melt down because I could never read any of those books again for the first time.

4. I have a dog named Syl. She was named after a spren in Way of Kings because she is very much full of herself. If you don’t understand that reference then you better go read the book.

5. If you want to hear me rant just bring up the Eragon movie. (he doesn’t even have the right hair colour)

6. Me and my sister watches that Shadow hunter series just so we can complain about how much they are messing it up… it’s fun.

7. My childhood was DC superheroes. My favourite superhero was hawkgirl and my sister’s favourite was wonderwoman. My boyfriend was green lantern and my brother was flash.
Sometimes we would wrestle on the trampoline and say we where superheroes fighting. If we felt really fancy we would even make ourselves capes.

8. My favourite flavour ice cream is vanilla.

9. When I was little I was really violent to the point where I hit my cousin once that he had a hand shaped bruise for a week or two. Now I’m a pacifist and there is nothing I hate as much as when boys tell me to punch them so they can look mocho. Like…Yes you can survive one of my half hearted and ridiculously girly slaps, congratulations.

10. I have scoliosis so after a childhood of wearing a back braise that came all the way to my chin, I had a six hour operation where they put metal rods in my back the Christmas before my 12th birthday. When the doctor said that the operation was necessary I started crying on my dad’s shoulder but forced my sobs to be quite because I really liked the doctor and didn’t want to upset him. A few weeks before the operation a calm settled over me and right before I went in for the operation I wasn’t scared at all, full of faith that I would make a full recovery.
Now that I look back I don’t know how I was so brave because just thinking back to how frustrated I was with my recovery makes me want to cry. 12 year old me was braver than I could probably hope to ever be again.

11. Last fact…
I know the all the lyrics to all the frozen songs… even the songs that didn’t make it into the movie. As you can guess I’m a big hit with little girls and I absolutely hate it that people pretend they are so over frozen. It was a great movie and there is no shame in liking it… a lot.

Now I need to answer Ayli’s questions.

1. My favourite hobby that’s I’ve never tried or succeeded in taking up.
I always fancied that I could write songs and I have even written simple little patterns for the piano that I now use for finger warm ups… but yes I never really succeeded in writing a full song.

2. First or most memorable song I’ve ever related to.
My childhood was filled with a lot of music but off the top of my head I would say either reflection from Mulan for first and Oceans by Hillsong for most memorable.

3. If you could have only one would you pick, music, literature or cinema?
Knowing that I write I bet you expect me to say literature and in a way I would pick that one because it’s the logical choice. Without literature I would know so little that I’d practically be a potato but… I pick music.
I can’t handle silence and without music I might just go crazy.

4. First celebrity crush.
I’m guessing celebrity doesn’t mean either fictional or animated. The problem you see is that I don’t really notice when people are drop dead gorgeous so I generally have to talk to them before crushing on them and well I haven’t talked to a lot of celebrities in my life time.
So if we move the meaning of the word crush from anything romantic to simply meaning that I want to meet them because they are my heroes then I have to say my first crushes would be writers such as Christopher Poalini, JK Rowling, Deric Landy and Brandon Sanderson. If we are talking about actors than I would say Jennifer Lawrence or Tom Hiddleson. Yes I know I gave more than one name but I can’t remember when exactly I started to fancy meeting these people.

5. Most embarrassing thing I’m willing to admit?
Well I think nearly everything I do is embarrassing while other people hardly even notice so I actually need to reanalyze what goes into the category of embarrassing.
The other day a waiter swiped my savings card and gave me the machine to type in my pin but I wasn’t sure what she said because her accent was weird and I asked her what to do and we had this really confusing conversation where she would say something and I would repeat what?
In hindsight it was obvious what she wanted me to do and every time I think of it I feel like smacking myself with a history book. The moral here is that the most embarrassing thing I’m willing to admit is that I’m easily embarrassed.

6. Physical books or Ebooks. (bonus: hardcover or not?)
This is a great debate in my house. On the one hand E books costs less and you don’t need to build shelves for them also they are light. Physical books on the other hand smell nice and are perfect for decorating a house and if a book is in your house where other can see it you get to have conversations about them. Also they are much faster to loan out than E-books.
I myself are on the side of physical books but if you are like my sister and read fast enough to run out of reading material every two weeks then I guess the e books is better because they cost less and are easier to get your hands on, considering my town doesn’t have a decent bookstore.
Of course with the physical books I have to go with hard cover because they are pretty.

7. If I was an article of clothing what would I be?
Oh this can be a fun game, my brother is a sock because he makes you feel warm when you are feeling cold. My sister is a bra because she’s supportive and very dear to those close to her. My mother is a nice coat because she is soft and still beats the surrounding circumstances . My dad is shoes because good shoes make you comfortable. My extra sister would be a really sparkly shirt because she is good at grabbing people’s attention.
Now what would I be? I would be a scarf, I’m soft and can pull things together but also I can strangle someone if I want to.

8. Last one: the most unreasonable thing I’ve ever wanted to purchase.
Well there was this muffin that one time…
Wait no! The most unreasonable thing I’ve ever wanted to buy was this really amazing glass bowl. It was all colours and weird shapes and I just really wanted to buy it despite the fact that I will never have enough money in my life.
I can’t explain why I wanted it so bad which is how I know it was unreasonable.


So now you know about a dozen things about me and it’s time for me to nominate some other people and give them questions.

I’m nominating
And Hanna brown 


My questions for these three are.

  1. Are you a coffee or a tea drinker?
  2. What is your favourite Disney movie and why?
  3. What would you call your most useful talent?
  4. If you had to place yourself in a stereotype box, what would you be?
  5. What was the kindest thing anyone has ever done for you?
  6. Are you a movie or a series kind of person?
  7. What was your first pet?
  8. Have you ever expected to dislike a book and then turned out liking it? What book?
  9. What one song would you name the catchiest song ever?
  10. What was the first book you ever bought with your own money?


That was everything. I hope you guys like this post and that you know a little bit more about me.

Thank you again to Ayli who nominated me and good luck to those who I nominated.