The greatest personal lessons of 2015

So it’s kind of tradition for people to share what they learned the past year on New Year’s. The problem is that I’ve grown a lot this IMG_3179past year and learned all kind of things while doing so.
So what do I share?
Should I tell you about how I learned to control my emotions?
Should I share with you how I went from a slack off to the serious one in my friendship group?
Perhaps I should tell you about the journey it took to except myself?

How about no… I won’t share that with you. None of that is the important lesson I’ve learned this year.

So here it is, the single most important lesson I’ve learned this year.
Be grateful.

Yes life isn’t always fair. People try to push you around, friends forget you exist and most of the time someone is trying to assert themselves above you.
The thing is that joy won’t really come from all those things you don’t have. Even when you get the extra slice of pizza you won’t be able to enjoy it if you don’t actually pay attention to how it tastes.
So this great important lesson I learned was to stop looking at what I don’t have or what I had lost. Instead I look at what I do have.
I focus on the taste of the pizza slice I do have, and it’s delicious.
You see, it really doesn’t matter what you don’t have. So instead simply cherish what you do have.
I have a family. I have my friend group, rag tag as they may be. I have my rookity old laptop with wifi. I got some books and music. I can pray when I’m upset. I even have an absurd amount of pens.
What more can I ask for?

The thing about being grateful is that it doesn’t change your circumstances but it does change how you look at it. When you stop looking at all the bad in life it really does lose its effect on you.
This piece of advice really comes hand in hand with an even better lesson I learned this year. This lesson is really, really important. I’m just glad I finally seemed to grab it.

God is always with me and he is all I need.

So yea I’m grateful for all I have but even if I didn’t have anything at all, God would still be with me. He would still love me no matter what. He still looks after me and he still wants to be in my life.
Of everything I’m grateful for, this is what I’m thankful for the most.

That was it… that was my big lessons of the year.

So go enjoy the New Year’s. Plan you future and work for what you want. Just don’t lose sight of what you already do have. Cherish those who stand with you and be thankful for any possessions you have. Savour the pizza given to you.

Goodbye 2015, welcome 2016. We’re ready for you.

It’s done!

So after spending an entire night writing I am no finally done with the rough draft of my book Gypsy girl (Soon to be renamed)

I have been writing on it for nearly 7 months and have nearly given up countless times but now it’s done and I’m the proud owner of a book 70756 words long or 174 pages for short.

My plan is to leave it for the next couple of months and edit it near the end of the year or maybe early next year, until then I have my hands quite full editing last years NaNoWriMo novel and planing my next book Becoming darkness. (Soon to be renamed.)

here’s a shout out to everyone doing camp NaNoWriMo right now. Have faith in your stories and whatever you do just keep writing.

POV series.

Alright so I have been meaning to do a post on POV for the simple reason of it’s something I have recently started working on.
For those of you who are new to the writing world POV means Point Of View.
I want to do separate post on writing from a girl’s point of few and how to write from a guy’s point of few.
I also want to do a post on how to juggle multiple POV characters.
So for the next three weeks on Mondays make sure to come check that out.
Further news is that thanks to an adventurous weekend I now have not only a bruise on my lower back, but also a challenge for you.
Take either a pen and paper or your laptop and go outside and sit in the shade of tree. (Better yet climb into the tree.)
Now write.

I did this yesterday. I climbed high into a tree and had some friends help me get a pillow and my writing book up, then wrote. The process was a bit slower but the scene I wrote was much better than normal.

That was that for now so enjoy your week and if you have any specific questions about point of few please ask them, or if you simply want to share your own tree climbing experiences I would love to hear them.

It’s epic & Your opinion on writers block?

I am writing an epic novel called gypsy girl. Soon after starting it I found myself stuck on what to write next which led to writers block.

What I did about it is I went and plotted out my novel and suddenly it seemed like strings that didn’t even exist before was finally coming together.

It’s a weird feeling that I can’t explain but what I can explain is how I plotted my novel.

This tutorial will be in a later post but for now I simply want to ask  what is your opinion on Writers block.


Why I’m special

This is the last day to a very short writing challenge I did and is about why I’m special and why people would read what I write.
I dislike this question because I’m unsure of that myself.
I’m special because I’m me and people should read what I write because they like it.
But since I probably have to go deep with this I’ll say I am who I am because of a mix of reading and writing and I think I’m pretty awesome.
I don’t have a lot of live experience since I’m not that old yet but I still write because I feel like every character I’ve read or wrote is a part of me so I know how they feel and sometimes I simply need to get that on paper because they deserve that small fraction of life and perhaps they might even be able to help someone. Reading has helped me a lot because sometimes looking at someone else’s problems gives you a chance to focus on someone else and to hope it goes well with them instead of yourself which somehow always makes my problems look a lot smaller.
So that is what I want to do, I want to help people escape their problems and give them hope for a better future.
Also if I can inspire a love for writing in others, that would be great.

I write and sing to help myself.

Everybody has had a time in their life where they feel that no matter what they do or how hard they work they aren’t truly accomplishing anything of note.

I think the problem is that when we rap ourselves so tightly in the things we have to do it starts to become too much and as soon as you start losing pace doubt settles in and we simply spiral down from there. You always end up tired and irritated at everything for no real reason.

This is where writing and singing comes in. There is nothing I love more then either writing or singing so when I felt down last year I simply started making time for my two loves and reminded myself that I am more then everything I have to do.

So this year I challenge you to simply grab onto what you love whether it’s an activity or a friend and making time for it. Remind yourself often that light is all around you, you simply need to see it.



Life is getting in the way again.

Life is getting in the way again.

It is doing that more and more often lately. It is strange how when school starts again my writing seems to become a bit distant again and my muse seems not to talk to me at all.

It isn’t new year stuff that is getting in the way this time though, the problem is I blog on my aunts laptop and tomorrow I have to give it back to her.

Of course I’m not letting that stop me from blogging I’ll blog from my phone if I have to. It does mean that my post will have quite a few major flaws (especially spelling) and no photos for a while but only until I find a new laptop.

This blogs means too much to me for me to stop, it is where I remind myself that I am a writer and when I sit with my fingers on the keyboard my muse starts to whisper again.

So even if it sometimes feels like no one care if I’m blogging I promise to myself mostly and to all my followers I will keep blogging.

Most of all I will keep writing.