It’s epic & Your opinion on writers block?

I am writing an epic novel called gypsy girl. Soon after starting it I found myself stuck on what to write next which led to writers block.

What I did about it is I went and plotted out my novel and suddenly it seemed like strings that didn’t even exist before was finally coming together.

It’s a weird feeling that I can’t explain but what I can explain is how I plotted my novel.

This tutorial will be in a later post but for now I simply want to ask  what is your opinion on Writers block.


Why I’m special

This is the last day to a very short writing challenge I did and is about why I’m special and why people would read what I write.
I dislike this question because I’m unsure of that myself.
I’m special because I’m me and people should read what I write because they like it.
But since I probably have to go deep with this I’ll say I am who I am because of a mix of reading and writing and I think I’m pretty awesome.
I don’t have a lot of live experience since I’m not that old yet but I still write because I feel like every character I’ve read or wrote is a part of me so I know how they feel and sometimes I simply need to get that on paper because they deserve that small fraction of life and perhaps they might even be able to help someone. Reading has helped me a lot because sometimes looking at someone else’s problems gives you a chance to focus on someone else and to hope it goes well with them instead of yourself which somehow always makes my problems look a lot smaller.
So that is what I want to do, I want to help people escape their problems and give them hope for a better future.
Also if I can inspire a love for writing in others, that would be great.

I write and sing to help myself.

Everybody has had a time in their life where they feel that no matter what they do or how hard they work they aren’t truly accomplishing anything of note.

I think the problem is that when we rap ourselves so tightly in the things we have to do it starts to become too much and as soon as you start losing pace doubt settles in and we simply spiral down from there. You always end up tired and irritated at everything for no real reason.

This is where writing and singing comes in. There is nothing I love more then either writing or singing so when I felt down last year I simply started making time for my two loves and reminded myself that I am more then everything I have to do.

So this year I challenge you to simply grab onto what you love whether it’s an activity or a friend and making time for it. Remind yourself often that light is all around you, you simply need to see it.



Life is getting in the way again.

Life is getting in the way again.

It is doing that more and more often lately. It is strange how when school starts again my writing seems to become a bit distant again and my muse seems not to talk to me at all.

It isn’t new year stuff that is getting in the way this time though, the problem is I blog on my aunts laptop and tomorrow I have to give it back to her.

Of course I’m not letting that stop me from blogging I’ll blog from my phone if I have to. It does mean that my post will have quite a few major flaws (especially spelling) and no photos for a while but only until I find a new laptop.

This blogs means too much to me for me to stop, it is where I remind myself that I am a writer and when I sit with my fingers on the keyboard my muse starts to whisper again.

So even if it sometimes feels like no one care if I’m blogging I promise to myself mostly and to all my followers I will keep blogging.

Most of all I will keep writing.

Writing again.

As I mentioned in  a past post I have been having trouble writing simply because too much has been going on lately so here is what I did this weekend to get past my slump.


I heard somewhere that if the world stops making sense to you go talk to a five year old. I didn’t have a five year old at hand but my eleven year old brother happen to be building logos so I went right ahead and joined him.

So here we have an alien.
Here we have the hero
Here we have the hero
Here we have the hero destroying the robot.

I never give my brother any credit when it comes to games because up until recently he was a computer geek with very little imagination. But now my Mum started reinforcing the rule of no turning on any electronics and the most amazing thing happened he started playing.

this is basically what he was playing: Destroy the robot, then rebuild it.

At one point he made a zap sound and took the axe from his Lego and said. “Oh no the axe has been disintegrated, o maybe just teleported. I don’t know, maybe it will come back later.”

My ranger. He lives alone on an alien planet.


One thing I realized this weekend was that it was my choice weather or not what I made is good or bad.

So I simply looked at the rest of the weekend as an adventure where I didn’t know what would happen but I decided that I was going to enjoy myself.


Adventure sorta called that night when the power died even though my parents where gone for the night leaving the kids to cook for ourselves on the gas stove.


After diner we roasted some marshmallows.
After diner we roasted some marshmallows.


After this the war games started.

We started out by risking our friendships.

This game should only be played against strangers the cost is normally just too much.

We where going to annihilate each other and I was starting with the disadvantage of starting last.

Lets meet the players.

Me and my friend who I gave the camera to.
My brother who was playing the game with seriousness.
My friend and my nephew.


In the end the game went on for so long I won simply because everyone else was quitting one at a time before either of them could defeat me.


Today we played the second war game. Putting emotional trauma aside this one was a lot more pain full.

Sword fighting when we where supposed to be doing our school work. boy do I love being home school.


So this was basically what we did this weekend, or at least this is what we did when I had my camera near.

It wasn’t so much what we did this weekend that makes me believe I can write again it is what I learned.

From playing Lego’s I learned that no idea is stupid if you can bring it to live in the right way.

From the black out I learned that you can’t always  write in which case it is best to simply live your live so you can have something to write about tomorrow.

From our game of risk I learned that just by keeping yourself going you can, and will make it.

From our game of sword play I learned that sticks really can break your bones. More importantly though I learned from it that even though you lose one time you can try again and next time you will be the one to win.

I feel like I can write again. So now I only have one more piece of advice to share.

A fellow blogger named Blighted Echoes told me that

“You don’t have to write a novel today just a chapter. It’s easier to think of it in those terms so it’s not so overwhelming.”








Why a new tagline?

To those who have followed me for a while now, know that my tag line used to be ‘Exploring my world one day at a time’.

But I sighed up for blogging 101 and the second assignment they gave us was to change your title and tagline.

To be honest my first thought was no thank you. Why would I want to change my perfectly good title and tagline?

I still don’t have complaints about my title but well my old tagline didn’t mention at all that this blog was about writing. Although it is sad to let go of it I feel I have outgrown it.

I asked my dad for his opinion and he gave me the new tagline. It made me smile.

It explains what I do perfectly. I don’t explore, I write things into existence.




Do you know who I am?

I am Enette Venter. A teenage girl working hard to become a writer.

Is that all there is too me? NO.

I also love music and drawing and oddly enough math. The reason I mention that I want to be writer first is because that was this blog is about.


This blog is meant to be the base of my writing foundation one day. For now it is simply where I share writing advice I have picked up over my few short years of writing.

I have plans for this blog or at least I have dreams for it.

I want to share more of my writing here so people can see the advice I share here does come from actual skill in the craft even if I am young.

I want to become apart of the writing community and hear what they think of my stories.

What I really want though is to make people get as exited over the stories in my head as I do.

Perhaps you will fall in love with the characters I have created or  you simply find yourself liking me, if you do stay then no matter what the reason I feel I have to welcome you. So here goes, welcome to my world.




Just another start.

If you are reading this, congratulations you survived the first day of 2015.

This is not going to be a post of new year resolutions but instead I want to share something I learned last year.

January is the month of new beginnings, it is the time people tell themselves they have to start with something.

During the year we normally stray from our new year resolutions or fall into new bad habits. Or even start to pursue a new dream.

You know something has to be done but you think to yourself, when? Or even how will you begin?

I don’t know what you will be facing but my advise if you find yourself in one of these situations is simply start.

Do some research.  Look at your time table and simply make time. Set goals. Do whatever you think you should to get yourself on your your way to what you want to be.

You don’t need a specific date to start changing your life you simply need to tell yourself “Start Again” and start.





1 December

After a month of ignoring my social life so I can write everyday I have completed my rough draft of 50150 words.
This was my first NaNoWriMo, it was spectacular.
I love the saying, “if you want to write sit down and write.”
NaNoWriMo forced me to keep writing even when I felt like my story was horrible or when I ran out of words. It forced me to fall into the habit of writing everyday and thought me not to edit while writing the first draft.
What stood out the most was that I got to meet writers in and around my town who even though they age older then me doesn’t think I ask stupid question.
So this is me saying thank you NaNoWriMo.

Writing, it’s a job

This past weakened we had two big party’s and three extra people sleeping over, one of whom doesn’t respect my writing one bit.
But still every time there was even a small break in party planing or guest entertaining I sat down and I wrote. It is the fastest I have ever written. On Saturday alone I wrote 2670 words in two hours.
My point is get serious about your writing and sit down and write, don’t tell yourself excuses like “but you need to get ready” especially if its still two hours before whatever you’re planning. Even if you’re not working on a deadline protect your writing times and whatever you do write every day.