NaNoWriMo day 15 

This is going to be a short post again because just like in the beginning of the month I’m writing posts on my phone.  
I’m not exactly at home right now and instead enjoying a whole bunch of adventures sewed into one week long vacation.  I plan on sharing photos an stories later on but right now I just want to tell you that I’m growing all the more nervous about this novel.  

My word count is still a little ahead and I  have quite a bit of tension and conflict flowing at the moment but at the same time I’m worried that it’s the single worst thing I’ve ever written.  

(added stuff: I’m properly showing off just how amazing my characters is in the pieces I’m writing now) 

My main problem is that I don’t have a strong central goal and more tiny goals that stretch two or three scenes.  This means that I have to go sit down and make sure my ending is strong enough because otherwise I’ll be really disappointed in myself.  

So that’s my update for now! My word count is at 27905 and I hope to reach the next goal which is something like 28600 next (not sure about this) 
How is  it going with you?  Are you gearing up toward your ending yet? 

4 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo day 15 

    1. Right now it’s a lot easier for me because I am on vacation but I have written intire novels during work months, so I think it comes down to two things. The first thing is that you need to make time (I have mentioned in another post this week that I try to write in the morning) I sometimes make time by simply noting which time of the day I’m more likely to waste on them internet and then I purposefully make myself write instead.
      The second thing it comes down to is complete and utter dedication. I say this because often we have even just a small gap of time to write in but instead we do something else because face it when you get home from work you’re too tired to write. We don’t always want to write and so we say that we’ll do it later. I try to train myself to use every moment I can to write despite the fact that I’m tired. (don’t over do it though. Rest when you need to rest)

      I don’t know what else to say except maybe that you can try setting out days specifically for writing which I find is really helpful.

      Sorry for the long answer, I hope it helps!


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