4 weeks to go to my exams

I just spent a great weekend away with some great friends, and I’m planning on putting up photos when I get the chance. Right now though, I’m eager for the week ahead of me and I actually think I might come up with a post for next week, but I’m making no promises, as I have lots of English and math prep to do for my exams.
In the mean time, I feel the need to let you know that I’m writing short stories to keep the muse going for the time being; just 200 words a day, and if you write I suggest you do the same because that way the writing muscle will be ready by November, when I’m hoping you participate in NaNoWriMo, like I will be doing. On that note this week also includes another write in for my writing group and we’re going to be joined by a new member who happens to be a script writer so I’m looking forward to that.

I know that I’ve been giving half hearted content these days but I plan on making up for it next year, for which I’m already planning posts.

That reminds me to run an idea by you really fast, I’ve been thinking about giving writing courses next year, just a simple email course that won’t cost you anything and give you some basic skills in planning a novel. What do you think? Does it sound like something I can give a try or am I wasting my time with the thought?
I’ll bring it up again later as we near 2017 but right now just tell me what you think.

Good luck with your week 🙂


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