Dear reader

dear reader

Dear reader.
Guess what, I just renewed my premium plan for my blog.
It costs 99 dollars or roughly 1500 rand.
Last year when I bought it, my amazing grandfather had paid. He supported this blog when I couldn’t do it myself.

This year I was determined to pay for it myself.
I had accepted to help my little cousin with his homework and take care of him every day. This made me 300 rand a month. Other than that I won a talent contest in which I won 1000 rand.
I don’t think I can fully explain to you what it means to me to be able to pay for this myself. It sort of sums up all the work and effort I’ve put in this year. I gave my all and for the first time this year I can look at something and see that it paid off. I earned the money and I managed to save it for a good cause.

In this past year, since my domain name became I managed to gain 102 followers and as a result passed 200 followers a while back now.
I have reached out to other writers including some really great friends both over the internet and face to face.

My dedication to this blog has grown and my appreciation for you has grown as well. It fills me with joy to think that you are reading this and that you like my blog. You might one day like my books even. You are breathing person with your own life and yet here you are taking five minutes to read what I wrote, thank you for that.

Right now my resolve is strengthening because who knows, perhaps you will stick around another year, and perhaps you’ll be joined by yet another 102 new followers.
I certainly hope so.

I needed this good news it’s not been the best week for writing, there has been a few setbacks.
My writing group stood me up the other day and it has taken some thinking to decide on my response to this. I actually had to go think about how I feel about this, and this is what I came up with.
My writing group is something I keep alive because I want other writers in my life. Also because it’s part of how I’m going to become a better writer, just by gathering every second week I get a chance to think and discuss my story and other stories with a group.
I’m not mad that they forgot, slightly disappointed but that’s because I want them to be as dedicated to the group as I am. I know that this is unrealistic and that they are busy leading grownup lives. It’s okay. I’ll just have to be dedicated enough for all of us.
Here is my motto for the group: Even if no one shows I’ll keep showing because this group is something I want and believe in.

I hope I’m not boring you so far, but in case I am I’ll cut this letter short a little and just quickly tell you how it’s going with my actual writing.
I had seen a plot problem and had to delete nearly 5000 words to fix it. This means that my word count is now behind where I wanted it to be but I’m not worried, the whole story will be better because of the change. Also I’m at 17 800 words right now which isn’t too bad 🙂
Now I’d like to hear back from you
How’s it going with you? With your goals and plans? With your mental state?

Sincerely Enette.

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