Book review for the last two books of the mortal instruments series


I didn’t write a post or this week but I did review a couple of books on this video.

If you don’t feel like watching the video then let me sum it up for you really fast.

In this video I discuss the last two books in the mortal instruments series (by Cassandra Clare)


City of lost souls:

In this book Jace is possessed by Sebastian and Clary has to risk herself to get him back.

What I loved about this book is the contrast between good Jace and evil Jace as well as the attempts to make Sebastian seem human just to remind the reader that he is pure EVIL.


City of heavenly fire:

In this book, Sebastian is turning a bunch of shadow hunters evil and orchestrates one of the greatest betrayals  in Shadow hunter history. Clary, Jace, The lightwoods, and Simon has to stop him even if it means literately going to hell.

I absolutely loved this book but what I will make note off is the character arcs. This being the last book you can see how much the characters have grown and it’s amazing.

Also I cried reading this book’s end so that is your warning if you decide to read this 🙂


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