The universe vs. Alex Woods -book review.

THvsAW book review

I actually bought this book because my mum liked the cover and I still needed an extra book to go into my 3 for 99 sale at the book store.

But unlike most last minute books I thoroughly enjoyed this one.

The story starts by showing 18 year old Alex in a police station being questioned because they found drugs and an urn in his car.
Then the story goes back to explain what Alex did to get him there. You see Alex gets hit by a meteorite that comes crashing through his bathroom window when he is eleven. After this Alex’s life gets considerably more difficult, he starts having seizures and when he goes back to school he is bullied.
The true story is about a friendship though. Under less than happy circumstances Alex meets Mister Peterson, who is a war veteran, a book lover, a collector of classical music as well as a frank and opinionated person. I loved their friendship and how they get along and how Mister Peterson puts up with this awkward teenager.

If I’m going on a rating of five stars I’d give this book a three.

What I think the book does well was the voice of the narrator. Every now and then the narrator, who is Alex himself, draws attention to himself by saying something directly to the reader. I know that a lot of people frown on this but I think it was done well and really enjoyed the freshness of it.
Another thing I like is the side characters. They are well thought out and expanded beyond just a simple trope. AS an example the mother is a psychic who believes she can pick up on other people’s auras and predict the future but at the same time she is a hard working single mother. She is surrounded by people who wears cloaks and believes in dark magic but she still keeps an extra eye on any teen girls that walk into her shop in case they try to shoplift.

Also she has a cat named Lucy (short for Lucifer) who is constantly breeding.

The reason I’m not giving the book a higher rating is because it doesn’t have any end goal for most of the book. It was basically just someone saying, this is what happened in my life.
From scene to scene there is good tension and we see a lot of conflict and problems rise in the story but for most of the time young Alex doesn’t know where he’s going or what he wants.
This makes it hard to keep reading because there is no stakes.

I feel the book lacked a bit of back bone but I still enjoyed reading about Alex and his odd life.

What have you read lately? Was it any good?

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