Setting myself and my writing free

This changing plan thing is getting stupid.

Setting writing free

It’s simple, after struggling with writer’s block for six months I have now decided to quit on the project that I promised just last week to write.
There are quite a few things that lead to this decision and these are.
1. An inability to write more than 400 words before getting distracted.
2. Rereading my work and wanting to throw up.
3. Literary feeling empty when I have to sit down and write.


Of course I hate giving up on anything, especially a project. It makes me feel like a hypocrite and in part, a failure. So I didn’t quit on my own. Instead I wandered over to my parent’s room, crashed onto their bed and gave an melodramatic sigh.
My parents noticed I was there and glanced away from their phones. I explained to them my dilemma and so in turn they gave some solid advice.

I’m not going to be quoting them but I will totally paraphrase it into my own words.


This is the great thing I want other young or aspiring writers to know.

If you don’t want to write something then don’t. Every piece of writing has a time and place to be written and if you and your piece of writing aren’t ready yet then there’s no point in trying to force it. Also there is still plenty of time to write that story, even if you don’t write it today you can write it another day.

If you are a writer pay attention to those words because they might just help you out of a ditch.


So I quit what now?

Do you expect me to just sit around now and not write anything? If so then I’ll have to snort and shake my head at you because that’s simply not the kind of person I am.
A day after deciding to quit on my novel Felix vs. Aida I gathered an idea that had been crawling around in my head and started putting it on paper.
Here’s the thing. Between Friday, Saturday and Sunday I have written 4000 words. That’s more than my aimed for 1000 words a day.


In the past few months I’ve started to worry that I can’t ever be a good writer and I wondered if I even should try to be one. Since writing again though I’ve been reminded how much I love writing because I really do. My goal to become a published author has been solidified again and I’m overjoyed about it.


Long and short of it is this.
I have been struggling to write, my mind wandered and my fingers felt slow, but now I quit on the project that I had been writing without any form of passion. At first I was miserable and felt like a failure but now that I’m writing again I don’t mind the fact that I had to quit one project to get me here. Right now I’m writing again, with passion and joy in each word. Maybe I won’t get published and maybe no one will ever read my books but right now just writing is good enough for me.

As you can guess I’ll soon start sharing about my new project I just first have to decide how. I was thinking I could publish each chapter as I’m done with it so keep your eyes open there’s a chance you’ll be seeing the first chapters of PINK soon.



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