Make space for your passion.


Last week I said I was going to start going after my goals and I created a bucket list and everything with the plan to pursue these things.
This is still my plan but listen to this.
I was looking for a book. After an hour of searching I realized that if you want to have an adventure you’re going to need to make space for it in your life and not just use all that time looking for missing books.
So the first item on my bucket list looked as follows.
• Clean room.
Rather silly thing to put on your bucket list sure but I embraced it and that’s exactly what I did.

Here’s the thing, if you want something in your life you need to make space for it. Only so much can fit into your life and if you want something new you will need to get rid of something else.

I want to give a personal example here.
I have this cousin who lives with my family. When she first moved in the two of us where at each other’s throats, and I spent nearly an entire year hating her.
At some point this year I realized that I want peace in my heart again. I wanted to be able to walk around in my own house without being constantly annoyed. But to let the peace in I first had to let all the anger and the hate go. There wasn’t space for both so I had to make to choice of freeing the hate and saying that this cousin of mine no longer owed me anything.
Guess what? The two of us are close now and the things that use to annoy me about her are now things I praise her for. She is truly an amazing person and if I hadn’t let the anger go I never would have known it.
To get the peace I had to let go of the anger.

Now here’s what I did this week.
To make space for all my future plans I first needed to take out the clutter.

I started with the desk. What use is a desk if there is no space for you to work on it?

My desk is big. On its top are my desktop computer and my school books. Then it has three drawers which have always been filled with junk such as old pens and broken earphones.
I started by decorating the box I put all my books in, I even gave it a cute quote.

“Your mind is a garden. Your thoughts are the seeds. You can grow flowers. Or you can grow weeds.”

Then I cleaned out each drawer individually. The first was filled with old writing instruments such as pens and pencils and even a couple of crayons from grade 2. For these I tested to see if each and everyone still wrote and then I put them in holders and placed them on my desk where they are used as display and not just something that mess up my drawer.
I replaced these instruments with only necessities, such as a notebook, calculator, ruler, CD case and so on.

My second drawer was filled with old boxes and papers that I never used.
I put all the paper in a pile and then tossed all the small boxes I no longer wanted and put the rest of them to the side. The problem was here that I didn’t have space for any of my art equipment, which is what I count boxes and paper as so, for an entire day these piles stayed on the floor. I’ll tell you more about how I solved this problem in a minute.
Now the drawer is home to my writing manuals and CD’s along with the scraps of rough draft from my first novel.

The third drawer is the only drawer that had some order before the recent clean. It was and still is where I put all my computer and phone cables along with my camera equipment.
With my desk done I had a bigger problem. There was nowhere to put my art.
I turned my head to the next part of my room which happen to be my spare closet.
It used to be where I kept all my toys, despite the fact that I haven’t played with any of them in some time now. So I took out all my toys, from my dress up clothes to my Barbie dolls to my monster trucks. I put all of them neatly in boxes and then put them all in the top of my closet where no one ever looks. (It broke my heart to do this)
I then sorted out the closet and all my art, so now I have an art closet.

The last place I cleaned was my writing space.
Okay, I don’t actually write anything in this space (I write sitting on my bed) I do however stick my planning to the pin board and keep all my story ideas in this desks drawers.
Unfortunately it was a mess. Both the planning for “Imaginary friends” and the planning for my next novel “Felix vs. Aida” was piled onto each other. I think it showed really well in what state my writing was to tell you the truth.

I went and separated the two novels and I gave the planning board to “Felix vs. Aida” while I neatly gathered all of “Imaginary friends” so I could go over the details again soon.
I cleaned up the rest of the space, and then decorated it with a gift my brother gave me for Christmas. (The butterflies)


I still have a couple of plans for my room (hanging things on the wall) but I think I’m mostly done and reorganising my room is something I can take off my bucket list. I also think that in doing so I removed one of the obstacles that have been keeping me from pursuing my passions so here’s to next week and my future adventures.

If something is keeping you from going after your passion then move things around and make space for it. I know there are some things you can’t help but want to hold onto even if it’s bad for you, but I’m daring you now, let it go and let something new and good in.
Now go, do what you know you really want to and just do all kinds of passionate stuff this week.

(PS: Happy almost birthday to my cousin!)


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