book review- the prisoner of the inquisition

Prisoner of the inquisition

Book review the “prisoner of the inquisition” -Theresa Breslin

This is the latest book I’ve read and to be frank I did not like it.

The story is about two characters the girl Zarita and the boy Saulo. In the beginning Sualo’s father begs for money from Zarita but out of disgust she cries out and her guard hunts him down and takes him to Zarita’s father where he is killed. They capture Saulo as well but spare him and instead sell him as a slave.
On this day Zarita’s mother died of childbirth and Zarita is left without a mother and the guilty conscience of having someone’s death on her hands.
So then the middle of the story takes place where Saulo gains a sailors balance and manages to escape slavery while Zarita get’s a step mother and the inquisition comes to her town to kill all the Jews and so forth.
Here a bunch of great things happen that really had potential, there was torture and pirate attacks and nuns all over the place.
But unfortunately the end of the story came and ruined it.
Saulo managed to get his vengeance and kill Zaita’s father and step mother. He then hunts down Zarita. When they meet he does not recognise her and (here is the part that they lost me in) it’s love at first sight.
This was still fine and dandy had it been done right but three days later the two of them is ready to get married and vow their eternal love to each other. She finds out he murdered her family and instead of screaming for guards to come capture him she protects him and says that she forgives him.
You’ve only known him for three days AND he murdered your father!

So my final say about this book is that it had potential and I could see what the writer was getting at but it was really poorly executed. Not just the romantic arch but all of it.
If I had a chance to talk to Zarita who was a lovely character otherwise I would quote Christophe from frozen and say “I don’t trust your judgement.”
The book had it’s good points such as well handled Point Of View switches and the character growth was handled well but I still don’t like it. If you want to go read the book yourself then go right ahead I am never one to tell someone not to read but don’t say I didn’t warn you.

That was it, hopefully my next review will be a little more positive. I’m currently reading “The universe vs Alex Woods” which looks cool so far and of which I actually already have quite a few good things to say.

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