The birth of a story

I’m currently planning a story named Felix vs Aida.
Last year when I was on vacation the idea came to me and while it has undergone a lot of changes I decided I want to share with you how it started. This story is going to be my entry for Camp NaNoWriMo in June and my main focus for the next few months but it started as a simple scene.
So here it is, the scene that inspired Felix vs. Aida.

It was so easy to make other people look like the bad guy. You just had to be an asshole and hope the other person made the first mistake.
Felix grinned at the brute Grian for a millisecond before donning a mask of innocence.
No one else in the overcrowded bar would have seen the grin, all they would see was poor Felix half the size of Grian get beaten to pulp.
The bar wasn’t a place Felix would like to be associated with. It had too many shadowy corners with sweaty men and half dressed women, but well sometimes you had to put pride away when it came to money.
Grian barred his teeth and hissed. Spit flecked Felix’s face.
“Come now, there is no need for a fight,” Felix said raising his hands in a show of submission. For a moment Grian hesitated but Felix gave him another grin. It was all it took. The big beefy man was sent over the edge and was the first to make a mistake.
A large fist came at Felix and he didn’t even try to pull out of its way. The punch landed like a sled hammer, shooting sparks through Felix’s vision. It didn’t really hurt, nothing could really hurt Felix since he received his drackon armour. It didn’t matter though because he had gotten the man to throw a punch, and punching Felix happened to be against the law. It was a shame stupid old Grant didn’t realize he had just thrown away his own life.
A second fist came at Felix but this time he moved.
Felix was up on his feet and behind Grant as the fist swung through open air.
Felix grabbed the back of the man’s shirt letting his drackon armour roll over him, giving him strength. Felix threw the man into a table forcing his face to show no emotion.
The armour’s red energy pushed out of his skin and solidified.
The first shout sounded.
One of the waitresses dropped a tray of metal mugs that clanged to the stone floor. The sound drew people’s attention to the drackon knight and his victim in front of him. Screams and curses broke out as people jumped back and started making their way to the door. No one would dare say a thing against him if Felix decided to kill Grant right here.
Tempting, but no.
Felix took a step toward where Grant lay on the table. The man’s eyes where wide and spittle frothed in the corner of his mouth.
Felix wrinkled his nose. Couldn’t the man even show dignity when being arrested?
Not a lot of people showed any dignity when faced by Felix in his armour even though it did nothing to add to his size.
Felix picked up the large man with no trouble and threw him over his shoulder.
He didn’t bother hurrying as he walked out of the bar with people screaming behind him.
Normally he didn’t like all the screaming but he glanced back at the bar and all the dark business that it hid in its shadows.
Let them scream. Let them be afraid that he will come for them in the middle of the night.
People were going to call him a monster for dragging of old Grant. They would say Grant had lost his temper and that he punched the wrong person. This news may even become a tale of warning. Felix imagined it in the voice of his grandmother. You should never be the first to throw a punch, you never know who might be a monster in disguise.
Felix took his time as he made his way through the streets a bright red light in the city darkness.
He came to a stop in front of the law station.
“What in this world are you doing in full armour?” Old Seth called as Felix entered the building.
The old man was sitting behind a desk, playing cards with one of the newer recruits.
The recruit nearly dropped out of his seat when he saw Felix.
“Get some bindings, I just made an arrest.”
Felix dropped Grant on the floor and old Seth raised an eyebrow.
“Is that the husband of that woman who came in here earlier?”
A flash memory of that morning filled Felix’s mind.
A young woman with a bruise on the side of her cheek. Hints of more showed themselves when her neckline slipped just a little.
“Maybe,” Felix said.
Seth sighed. “We have been over this. Unless the woman is willing to give proof abuse in front of the king we can’t arrest this man.”
Felix clenched his fist at the reminder.
“Remind me of the punishment of assaulting a drackon knight.”
The old man grinned. “Oh that is quite a few years of working in the passes.”
Felix glanced down at Grant who had gone pale.
Felix grunted. “I would have preferred it if we could simply cut of his hands.”
Grant squawked. Felix rolled his eyes and put his boot on the man’s shoulder forcing him back to the ground.
“Where are those bounds?”
The recruit scuttled over and took Grant away.
Felix walked to the door and leaned out of the building. He breathed in and let the armour sink back into his skin. Just like every time he used his armour the smell of vanilla and rust filled the air around him. Pudding and a dull blade, two things that could most likely end his life if he was caught in battle holding it.
“You where smart tonight,” Seth said from behind him.
It was no use. Felix couldn’t go around getting in trouble with every crook in town which meant that men like Grant would keep living happily in his city.
“What is the point of calling us the protectors of the kingdom if we can’t even protect the people from each other?”
Seth joined him to stare into the dark city streets.
Maybe Felix imagined it but for a moment the old man’s eyes held blue specks. Seth blinked and the blue disappeared again.
“You should go sleep young Felix,” Seth said slapping him on the back. “You will be going back to the battle plains tomorrow. You will need all your energy.”
Felix nodded more out of image than agreement but started walking anyway.
The night was cold on his now exposed skin.
The battle plains were where the kingdoms greatest warriors fought. Felix couldn’t help but think that it was a waste of time. What was the point of protecting the outside of something if the inside was rotten?
He sighed. Maybe one day he could come back and change the kingdom inside out but for now he had to focus on tomorrow and the fighting that would follow in the next few months.
He would definitely come back though.
He smiled as he thought about that morning when he had kissed his beloved and felt it there in her.
In a few months he will be a father and he will definitely make sure that his kid got a future with a clean city.
He squared his shoulders. First he would make sure to come back so his kid had a future with a father.
He will be back.

(ps: drackon armour was purposely not spelled dragon armour)

I hope you enjoyed the story, I plan to share with you a little more about the changes the idea has undergone and hopefully something about Aida’s part of the story.

2 thoughts on “The birth of a story

    1. I’m so glad you liked it!
      I plan to post about Aida within the next two weeks and I’m really excited about it. Aida is going to be a really interesting character being half antagonist half main character so just keep your eyes open and I really hope you like her too.

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