What was and what is to come for Enette’s world

So it’s the end of a month and anyone who has been following me long enough would have been able to see that there was a little change this month in my content.
Where I use to post a long post on the craft of writing every week this month I had a variety in posts.

For those of you who missed these posts here they are.

1. 8 things you need to know before writing your first “first draft”
This post is just a simple list for anyone who is considering writing a novel. While I wrote it as honestly as I could it’s not meant to discourage you in any way but instead to help prepare you. If you go read this post now then I really want to encourage you to start with that novel afterward.
2. Finally did the Liebster Award.
That’s right I was nominated for the Liebster award so the second post of this month was my answers to the nomination. If you feel like getting to know me a little better and haven’t read the post yet then go read it because I shared actually quite a bit about myself and it was fun to write which is something I think you can see in the writing.
3. The books I’ve read on the previous holiday.
I went on vacation a few weeks ago and read 5 books that I want to encourage to read yourself. This post just shared a little about each book and what I thought of them.
Bonus. Guest post: Enette thinks you should consider a writing group.
This is a guest post I wrote for Ayliesha from Ayli the author which is basically about my writing group and the trails we’ve been going through and why I think even a writing group that doesn’t write is worth the effort. I personally really like this post and has been getting some great feedback on it so I think it’s worth the read.


There was no guest post here on Enette’s world this month but that’s something I want to talk about a little later so if you’re interested and don’t feel like reading the rest of this post then just scroll until past the next bit to where I discuss next month.

Other things that the blog gained this month was an updated about me page. If you have been following me a while and haven’t seen the new version that I posted just at the beginning of this month then go look at it because once again it shares a little bit about me as well as beg for comments. (I feel grovel would be a better word)
I also wrote a small page called Contacting me that just has my email address and some rules to follow if you feel like sending me an email.

Next month.

Once again you can expect different kinds of post. There will be at least one post on the craft of writing, but the rest is going to be a Hodge podge of books, my life, events such as my writing group and probably some art or updates on my writing. (hint: I’m getting nowhere slowly)


As I promised before I shall now discuss Guest posting.

If anyone is interested I can publish one guest post a month, the topic of which has to be closely related to writing. It doesn’t have to be a “how to” post or a book review but since my blog is about writing it would be weird if I post a guest post on something like the best way to eat chocolate. Personally I would be interested in that post but it’s just not a good fit for the blog. (Unless you rename it to something like “the best chocolate to eat while reading”)
If you are still interested in guest blogging for Enette’s world then just send me an email to enettesworld @ gmail . com with the subject Guest blogging.

Further you can expect small tweaks here and there such as an extra page coming up specifically for people who want to guest post and me sorting out my categories.

I’m planning to start posting shorter post on Fridays so please go check it out at the end of this week because I promise you these posts are going to be quite something.


Last things before I close off…

I want to add here that if you started following me because of the writing advice, that I can no longer give as often, then I just want to apologise and ask for you to understand that one of those post takes me 2-3 days to write and I just can’t fit that into my schedule anymore. I decided I would rather write you one good post every month then four pathetic ones.

Also if you are new to following me or perhaps you have followed me a while and haven’t gotten to introducing yourself then do just that in the comments of this post or my about Enette page because I really do want to hear from you.
This blog is obviously changing but I don’t think it’s a bad thing and this is just the start. That’s why I’m giving you this chance to introduce yourself so I can actually get to know the people I’m writing for.
Thank you for making it all the way through this much too long update post and I promise that there are some more fun content on its way.

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