Finally did the Liebster award.

I’ve been nominated for the Liebster award twice now, most recently by Ayli from Ayli’s offerings so I’m going to be answering her questions.

So before I begin here is basically how it works.

You get nominated by someone and then do the following.

  • Give 11 random facts about yourself.
  • Answer the 5-11 questions they have for you.
  • Nominate other bloggers with less than 200 followers and give them questions to answer.

So here are 11 random facts about me.

1. I’m homeschooled.
I have been homeschooled since I was 10 and have slammed doors and screamed into pillows the few times my parents threatened to send me back to school. Homeschooling is not for everyone but I know it’s best for me. (ps this does not mean that I’m stupid and don’t have work. The only difference is that ALL my work is homework and I don’t have a teacher with me when I do it)

2. I have a stash of sweets in my room reserved for good books and art movies.

3. The books that made me fall in love with reading were skulduggery pleasant when I was 9.
I was bored and saw a book with a skeleton on top of it so I picked it up and haven’t stopped reading since. Of course this means that when the last one of the series came out I had a melt down because I could never read any of those books again for the first time.

4. I have a dog named Syl. She was named after a spren in Way of Kings because she is very much full of herself. If you don’t understand that reference then you better go read the book.

5. If you want to hear me rant just bring up the Eragon movie. (he doesn’t even have the right hair colour)

6. Me and my sister watches that Shadow hunter series just so we can complain about how much they are messing it up… it’s fun.

7. My childhood was DC superheroes. My favourite superhero was hawkgirl and my sister’s favourite was wonderwoman. My boyfriend was green lantern and my brother was flash.
Sometimes we would wrestle on the trampoline and say we where superheroes fighting. If we felt really fancy we would even make ourselves capes.

8. My favourite flavour ice cream is vanilla.

9. When I was little I was really violent to the point where I hit my cousin once that he had a hand shaped bruise for a week or two. Now I’m a pacifist and there is nothing I hate as much as when boys tell me to punch them so they can look mocho. Like…Yes you can survive one of my half hearted and ridiculously girly slaps, congratulations.

10. I have scoliosis so after a childhood of wearing a back braise that came all the way to my chin, I had a six hour operation where they put metal rods in my back the Christmas before my 12th birthday. When the doctor said that the operation was necessary I started crying on my dad’s shoulder but forced my sobs to be quite because I really liked the doctor and didn’t want to upset him. A few weeks before the operation a calm settled over me and right before I went in for the operation I wasn’t scared at all, full of faith that I would make a full recovery.
Now that I look back I don’t know how I was so brave because just thinking back to how frustrated I was with my recovery makes me want to cry. 12 year old me was braver than I could probably hope to ever be again.

11. Last fact…
I know the all the lyrics to all the frozen songs… even the songs that didn’t make it into the movie. As you can guess I’m a big hit with little girls and I absolutely hate it that people pretend they are so over frozen. It was a great movie and there is no shame in liking it… a lot.

Now I need to answer Ayli’s questions.

1. My favourite hobby that’s I’ve never tried or succeeded in taking up.
I always fancied that I could write songs and I have even written simple little patterns for the piano that I now use for finger warm ups… but yes I never really succeeded in writing a full song.

2. First or most memorable song I’ve ever related to.
My childhood was filled with a lot of music but off the top of my head I would say either reflection from Mulan for first and Oceans by Hillsong for most memorable.

3. If you could have only one would you pick, music, literature or cinema?
Knowing that I write I bet you expect me to say literature and in a way I would pick that one because it’s the logical choice. Without literature I would know so little that I’d practically be a potato but… I pick music.
I can’t handle silence and without music I might just go crazy.

4. First celebrity crush.
I’m guessing celebrity doesn’t mean either fictional or animated. The problem you see is that I don’t really notice when people are drop dead gorgeous so I generally have to talk to them before crushing on them and well I haven’t talked to a lot of celebrities in my life time.
So if we move the meaning of the word crush from anything romantic to simply meaning that I want to meet them because they are my heroes then I have to say my first crushes would be writers such as Christopher Poalini, JK Rowling, Deric Landy and Brandon Sanderson. If we are talking about actors than I would say Jennifer Lawrence or Tom Hiddleson. Yes I know I gave more than one name but I can’t remember when exactly I started to fancy meeting these people.

5. Most embarrassing thing I’m willing to admit?
Well I think nearly everything I do is embarrassing while other people hardly even notice so I actually need to reanalyze what goes into the category of embarrassing.
The other day a waiter swiped my savings card and gave me the machine to type in my pin but I wasn’t sure what she said because her accent was weird and I asked her what to do and we had this really confusing conversation where she would say something and I would repeat what?
In hindsight it was obvious what she wanted me to do and every time I think of it I feel like smacking myself with a history book. The moral here is that the most embarrassing thing I’m willing to admit is that I’m easily embarrassed.

6. Physical books or Ebooks. (bonus: hardcover or not?)
This is a great debate in my house. On the one hand E books costs less and you don’t need to build shelves for them also they are light. Physical books on the other hand smell nice and are perfect for decorating a house and if a book is in your house where other can see it you get to have conversations about them. Also they are much faster to loan out than E-books.
I myself are on the side of physical books but if you are like my sister and read fast enough to run out of reading material every two weeks then I guess the e books is better because they cost less and are easier to get your hands on, considering my town doesn’t have a decent bookstore.
Of course with the physical books I have to go with hard cover because they are pretty.

7. If I was an article of clothing what would I be?
Oh this can be a fun game, my brother is a sock because he makes you feel warm when you are feeling cold. My sister is a bra because she’s supportive and very dear to those close to her. My mother is a nice coat because she is soft and still beats the surrounding circumstances . My dad is shoes because good shoes make you comfortable. My extra sister would be a really sparkly shirt because she is good at grabbing people’s attention.
Now what would I be? I would be a scarf, I’m soft and can pull things together but also I can strangle someone if I want to.

8. Last one: the most unreasonable thing I’ve ever wanted to purchase.
Well there was this muffin that one time…
Wait no! The most unreasonable thing I’ve ever wanted to buy was this really amazing glass bowl. It was all colours and weird shapes and I just really wanted to buy it despite the fact that I will never have enough money in my life.
I can’t explain why I wanted it so bad which is how I know it was unreasonable.


So now you know about a dozen things about me and it’s time for me to nominate some other people and give them questions.

I’m nominating
And Hanna brown 


My questions for these three are.

  1. Are you a coffee or a tea drinker?
  2. What is your favourite Disney movie and why?
  3. What would you call your most useful talent?
  4. If you had to place yourself in a stereotype box, what would you be?
  5. What was the kindest thing anyone has ever done for you?
  6. Are you a movie or a series kind of person?
  7. What was your first pet?
  8. Have you ever expected to dislike a book and then turned out liking it? What book?
  9. What one song would you name the catchiest song ever?
  10. What was the first book you ever bought with your own money?


That was everything. I hope you guys like this post and that you know a little bit more about me.

Thank you again to Ayli who nominated me and good luck to those who I nominated.



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