Word of the day.

word of the dayI’m certain this is very obvious, English is not my first language. I’ve been reading and speaking English from a young age and that has led me to writing in English. Now recently I have been taking my language usage a little more seriously and I’m currently trying to broaden my English vocabulary.
Part of this is not only learning new words but also learn to use the large amount of words I already know.

I figured I can share this experience with you and who know perhaps you can pick up a few new words as well.

So here it is, the word of the day.



To restate what someone has already said in different words.
This isn’t to be confused with the word quote because to quote something is to say exactly what someone else has already said, word for word.
To paraphrase is to restate what someone else has said using different words to give the sense of the passage in fuller terms.

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