It’s fandompocalypse!

So those of you who haven’t followed me long enough to remember last year’s Fandompocalypse let me explain this to you.
When you like a book or a show or a music style you are a fan.
When you start to connect or follow other fans on the internet you become part of a fandom.
You can join as many fandoms as you want.

Fandomapocalypse takes place the day after valentine’s day, 15th February, and for that day you have to represent your fandom or fandoms in any way you can.
Last year we got to do it on a weekend but this year it sort of fell onto my Monday and I had to miss most of the day because well… I had homework to finish… Of course I finished!..

So yea I’m now done with my homework and can get to sharing with you guys how I represented my various fandoms today.

These are the fandoms I represented.

  • The three dc series that I like.
  • Starwars… If you haven’t seen this you live under a rock.
  • Avenger movies… all of them.
  • Super girl.
  • Percy Jackson
  • Heroes of Olympus
  • Throne of glass.
  • Brandon Sanderson books.
  • Codex Alera
  • The big bang theory.
  • Skulduggery Pleasant.
  • Harry Potter
  • Terry Pratchet.
  • Hunger Games (you can’t really see it because the hat hides my braid)

Now my sister also participated but I don’t think I’ll add that on the blog, I think you might need to go to my twitter to see that.

If you participate as well, write fandompocalypse on your left arm in green and feel free to let me know.

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