Lost myself at a Mumford and Sons consert

Weep for yourself, my man,
You’ll never be what is in your heart
Weep, little lion man,
You’re not as brave as you were at the start
Those are the first few words of Mumford and Son’s little lion man. Sunday I had the honour to witness 25 000 people sing those exact words along with the great artists who wrote it.
The concert tickets where my Christmas presents (Thank you parents and grandparents)
Of course my cousin and friend got their own tickets and came with so the group looked as follows.
Me, my sister, my friend, my cousin.

We got to watch the stadium fill. We got to cheer for the opening acts. We got to use those little cubical toilets. It was fun.
Before the main act started we had great fun, the highlights of which were eating a foot long hotdog, getting one of those small red bank cards and using it, running up to random people to question them about the ice cream they were eating and once to prove that a guy had an epic shirt on (it was a thundercats shirt) and mostly we just people watched. There where the biebers, two guys who has made some unfortunate style choices, there was the cowboys and girls, there was the stripe guy, he had vertical stripes running up and down his clothes, there was ultimate hipsters, batman and some guy with Chewbacca on his back.
All in all a great crowd. The thing was with this many people we got to play a little mind game with ourselves and remember that this crowd who is just faces to us are in fact made up of individual people who have lives of their own. Lives we don’t know the first things about. Bonus we are just faces to them, faces they probably passed without a second glance and that they’ll forget the minute they exit that stadium.

This for some reason has really messed up my perspective on life. If someone in the crowd is being rude I remember that I don’t know this person and that they probably aren’t like that always and that if they are there is a mother with some problems on her hands.
You remember that you can’t be mad because those other people was mad at you for the same reason and you don’t want to be a hypocrite and it’s just so confusing because suddenly you feel like everyone is important while at the same time you are just a face in the crowd.
I can’t explain it further then that so if you don’t get the gist of it, sorry.

So when the time came that that Mumford and Sons came on we got ourselves a great spot and introduced ourselves to the people around us. The music came on and people screamed and then I got to sing with a great band and 25 000 other people. I got to watch a crowd of this size dance and I got to head bang to the sound of a ukulele. How much cooler then that could it get?
We took some photos and videos of the crowd and while we don’t have one that shows all the people I hope that I’ve repeated the number 25 000 so many times get’s the image across.


The video does shifts and tilts around a little, but it’s to show how many people there was.


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