Another year bites the dust.

Alright so it was my birthday! A few weeks back.
So now a few weeks and two other birthdays later we finally got to celebrating and the theme from my party was… Disney villains.
Now while I wasn’t allowed to take the photos I did ask a friend to snap a few and she did great.

So now let’s get started with, I didn’t invite everyone I know to my party like we normally do. We where 12 people 3-4 of which are family. My reasons for not inviting as many people as normal were because this party had some standard, number one of which was that you had to be willing to dress up. If you aren’t willing to dress up you make everyone else feel self conscience and also automatically destroy the icebreaker.
The second standard was that you had to know about my writing at least a little. Perhaps you know I blog or perhaps you have asked me what my book is about, either way if you have done this you are automatically 60 percent closer to me as a person. If you don’t know how much time I devote to writing you probably haven’t had conversations with me outside of a group before.

So yes the awesomeness in the room was pure. So let’s take a look at the Disney villains.

It’s kind of weird how much pirates we had at this party. Seriously boys what about Gaston or Hans. There are great male villains. Noticeably all of these pirates where amazing, I mean one of the captain hooks was a girl and the other had pink hair.
Now after the pirates we had the people in the face paint.
So I was Maleficent which meant I was green.
My sister was Hades which meant she was blue.
We had a queen of hart who dyed her hair red
And Ursula who’s purple and baby powdered hair made her look kind of dead.

I’m sorry about that. It just kind of slipped out. But seriously it’s two days later and some of us are still wiping away paint and dye.

We also had two more modern Disney villains such as the wicked witch and Cinderella’s step mother who both looked amazing even without all the feathers and paint the rest of us used.

We danced, we sang, we took pictures and ate. Finally just before they all started to leave we played balderdash which I ended up winning.
We played a game of Uno when those who left had left and then we asked 100 questions and by 4 in the morning we went to bed.
I think it was one of my most successful parties and I had a great time. So to everyone who was there, thank you for making the night amazing.

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