The writing practice challenge

Between work, school, blogging and general internet surfing a lot of us hardly have time for The writing Practice #2writing itself.
So the writing practice is about taking time to write even if all you have to spare is five minutes.


So for last week‘s prompt I got this great entry from a blog called distilling experience and what I really love about the entry is how it builds up the battle. To give you the picture of what the person is going through with comparison is a fine art, and while a little over done it worked well for this particular flash.

The two ways of entering.
1. Writing a blog post on the topic of the prompt and linking it back here.
If you do this and I like what you wrote I will put a link to your blog in a post next week.
2. The second way to enter is by simply writing your answer to the prompt in the comments.
If you do this and I like what you wrote I will put up your entry in the same post. (No link to your blog)

Remember that if you choose the first way to put the #WritingPractice among your tags.

The prompt

We connect smells with emotion. Tell me what does betrayal smell like to either you or your character?

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