The writing practice challenge.

Between work, holiday’s, blogging and general internet surfing a lot of us hardly have time for writing itself.the writing practice
So the writing practice is about taking time to write even if all you have to spare is five minutes.

For my last prompt John ad start you fiction wrote this post.
What I really love about his entry is that in the second last paragraph you can really see how he switched from telling to showing. When writing in first person he had told us that Kalphor was wallowing in self pity. When he rewrote the scene in third person he showed it to me.

So now let’s go to this week.
The two ways of entering.
1. Writing a blog post on the topic of the prompt and linking it back here.
If you do this and I like what you wrote I will put a link to your blog in a post next week.
2. The second way to enter is by simply writing your answer to the prompt in the comments.
If you do this and I like what you wrote I will put up your entry in the same post. (No link to your blog)

Remember that if you choose the first way to put the #WritingPractice among your tags.

The prompt

Write about someone in one state of mind putting on some kind of uniform. As they put on the uniform their state of mind change so it’s something different at the end of the scene.

Perhaps someone can start out a complete mess and as they put on their “uniform” they pull themselves together?
Or perhaps it can be the other way around, going from hopeful to depressed?

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