The results of a #seizeThePen for 2015

2015 is coming to a close and with it is my December challenge #seizeThePen. For those of you who don’t know the challenge was all about creating art for the sake of creating art and then sharing it either on twitter or with me.
Now I tried my best to share all my art and stuff on twitter but since it’s nearly the end of the month I decided to share it here as well.

So where do we start?
I already told you about my emo nymph last week.IMG_6747

So the next one would be this one I made in the beginning of the month. This shows where in the body heat is felt for different emotions.

Of course I wrote quite a bit as well. I have story ideas to develop after all.
These are all a bunch of rough drafts that need some editing but I really like the ideas behind these.

Now each one of these have been published separately but here is the first few lines, just to grab you.


Kings and Queens.
Countries watched as the two children walked up to each other, each one with a crown too heavy for them placed onto their heads.
The red angel.
People like to look past children, mark them off as unthreatening. After all when you are a tall soldier with a massive sword in your hand the little kid standing in front of you are nothing more than an ant to be squashed.
The last thing I want to add here is my latest piece of art, which I’m super proud of.
Here is the before and after.











A few special thanks will go to my blogging buddy Ayli.
She had put up with the crazy person that is me and even participated in #seizeThePen. You should definitely go check out her blog and if not her blog then her twitter where she shared the art she had created this month.

I hope you guys have a great month behind you and a good year in front of you.

PS: December is not yet over if you feel like creating any last minute art.

2 thoughts on “The results of a #seizeThePen for 2015

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