The red angel

This is one of my #seizeThePen projects and you can go see the rest here.

This is just a rough draft, but I hope you guys enjoy.


People like to look past children, mark them off as unthreatening. After all when you are a tall soldier with a massive sword in your hand the little kid standing in front of you are nothing more than an ant to be squashed.
I processed all this as I stared up at the ranks of soldiers standing in front of me. Their armour glinted in the soft morning light and the captains could be identified by their green cloaks that shifted in the morning breeze.
They glared down at us. Knowing we were enemy but not believing us to be a threat.
Clara cleared her throat next to me and I glanced over as she took a step toward the army, her hands held out in front of her to show she has no weapons. She was eleven like me and had her light brown hair tied in a high pony tail. She glanced at me and smiled her normal elfish smile that made me relax a little. There was seven of us, facing an army of hundreds and still somehow I knew she was going to get us out of this.
Clara lifted her head a little as she returned her focus back to the army. A hundred pairs of murderer eyes took her in all at once. Her delicate shoulders where covered in her golden armour. It had been fashioned to look as if golden wings where sprouting from her back to protect her. Each feather was a masterful work of art.
“Gentlemen, I have been sent to give you a warning,” She declared loudly. A few chuckles spread in the enemy lines but they quickly died down. “If you don’t turn around now and leave our land you will meet opposition and let me assure you, you will not win.”
A single captain walked out from among the ranks and greeted them with a nod.
“My dear children, please turn back to your homes and tell your families that they should just surrender. We do not wish to kill you so go back to the men who sent you and tell them we would like a peaceful solution.”
I bit on my lip glancing between the captain and Clara. She pushed her lips into a thin line and glared at the captain.
“You don’t wish to kill? Then what are you doing on our soil. If you would so love a peaceful solution, then why did you bring an army?” She said this taking a single step forward. I reached out to her only to have her shoot me a death glare. I twitched my hand back and forced it to stay by my side.
“Turn around now and all shall be forgiven. This is the only way for peace, and trust me this is the best offer you will get on this land, and the last time you shall get it.”
The captain shook his head and my head skipped a beat.
“I can’t do that child,” he said dramatically.
Clara glanced back at us and nodded once. I tightened my grip on the set of knives at my belt and as one our entire team drew our weapons. Clara held up her golden blades.
“Then you shall go through us captain and this land shall be stained with the blood from war.”
There was a uneasy ripple in the enemy lines and I smiled slightly. They had until now lied to themselves and believed they would only be killing proper soldiers not children. I was more than happy to remind them that they were the monsters here.
The captain glanced to his men then back at Clara who held her gaze steady.
He nodded once. “I’ll handle you myself.”
He took a single step forward before going down in a spray of blood. His troops didn’t have so much as a chance to gasp before the heavy thump sounded as his body hit the ground and the whistle that came from Clara rearming herself.
The enemy stood still and simply blinked for a moment.
“Now time for your second best offer. Leave now before more blood is spilt,” Clara ordered.
A cry of rage sounded in the enemy lines and a single soldier came charging forward. Clara whistled the signal and I flicked my wrist in a lazy movement. The knife stuck true and lodged itself in the man’s eye. The second man fell and a crazed roar broke out among the enemy. No one moved.
Clara cleared her throat.
“Last warning,” She said with a snarl. “Leave. Now,” She roared.
The enemy didn’t move and Clara nodded once. She exhaled sharply and power immediately charged the air. The hair on the back of my neck stood up straight and I swallowed the thin air.
My spine itched for a moment so I shut my eyes. My heart beat slowed for a moment. I could still feel the magic around me. I could still feel Clara. My fingers itched but I kept my talons hidden.
Clara gave the last signal and my eyes shot open. My heart beat picked up and I shot off running after Clara the other five close on my heals.
The first soldier I hit went down like a bag of flour and from there of on it was easy. Metal armour was paper to me, sword was no more than harmless twigs.
My eyes flinched as blood sprayed into my face and my toes wriggled as it filled my socks.
These soldiers had come here expecting a war but instead they walked into a massacre. They should have taken Clara’s deal, she did warn them.
I glanced over to her, she was no longer the golden angel she had been just moments ago. Her light hair and golden wings where coated with slick red blood. I felt my stomach tighten but smiled slightly. Let them see her, and let them run. She was the red angel.


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