Kings and Queens

So this is part of my #seizeThePen projects. You can see the rest here.


Countries watched as the two children walked up to each other, each one with a crown to heavy for them placed onto their heads.
Daren looked at the girl in front of him and could do no more than blink. All around the crowed was whispering about the pains of war but the girl in front of him didn’t seem to react. Daren tried his best to lock out the crowds words himself.
The girl tilted her head and he felt his stomach twist. This was messed up, he wasn’t ready for this.
The girl stuck out her hand. “I’m queen Anders,” she said softly.
Daren smiled at her and took her hand in his own as he had been taught. He nodded to her before raising her thin fingers to his lips.
“I’m king Daren. It’s an honour to finally meet you.”
Anders smiled slightly and Daren let go of her hand.
Anders glanced past him to where his group of advisers and diplomats stood wringing their hands and chewing their lips. Daren followed her gaze but quickly decided to glance at her team instead. A single man stood there, dressed in fine silk. His hands where clutched in front of him but he kept his head high.
“It seems we stand on equal ground,” Anders said softly.
“What do you mean?” Daren frowned.
“Your group over there doesn’t seem to be pleased at having a kid as their king.”
Daren pulled in a deep breath but met the Anders’s eyes. They where deep blue with heavy lashes.
“So it’s the same for you then?”
She nodded slightly. “They miss my parents and more than half of them would gladly take my place.”
“Well I’m glad they haven’t” Daren said smiling slightly.
She smiled too, her eyes wrinkling at the corner.
“So King Daren,” She said waving her hand to the building next to them. “There are things we need to discuss.”
Daren nodded and held out his arm. She took it and he lead her up the stairs. As they walked Daren couldn’t help but notice how she swayed when she walked. She carried her head high and much to his annoyance he realized she was taller than him.
He took a deep breath and continued climbing the stairs, a young queen at his side.

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