The reason that Christmas of 2015 was the best.

And just like that, Christmas was over and 2015 is coming to a close.
Normally this would be where I tell you guys all about our great Christmas party and share two dozen family photos. I can’t do that this week because you see thanks to some throat infection I was not feeling my best on Christmas day and so didn’t take any photos.

But don’t despair because I have plenty of other things to share.
So first off Christmas really was great. I am a big Christmas fan and was completely beside myself when it finally arrived.
The day before Christmas I dressed up as an elf and set out to buy the last gift. (A sippy cup for one of my little cousins.) Afterward we went over to the boy friend to exchange gifts. (he knows me so well!)
When night fell all we turned on ALL our Christmas lights, and I promise you now, my house has never been brighter.
We ate like kings that night (we still have some left over’s in the freezer)
With our stomach’s stuffed we made our way to the living room and finally the time we had been waiting for had arrived. Dozens of gifts were exchanged, leading to one of the best Christmas’s ever.
Things I received that night.
• Chocolate.
• Fudge.
• A sweetie pie.
• A lighty fighty. (a light sabre)
• Nail polish.
• A comb.
• A tea mug.
• Hair clips.
• An amazing computer flash.
• A bag book!
• Raising steam by Terry Pratchett.
• Wall decorations.
• And most impressive of all… Mumford and sons concert tickets!
• A bookmark.

Now don’t think I was even the one who got the most gifts that night.
I’m not going to be giving you a list of all the gifts opened that night because that could take some time but I do feel like sharing with you guys the gifts I had given.
• For my sister I had made a “breakfast box”
You see my sister has this really unhealthy habit of eating ice cream for breakfast. (we home school so we’re allowed to.) So in this breakfast box I had put ice cream cones, store bought chocolate syrup and of course sprinkles. The rest of the present can be as expected in the fridge.
• For my cousin I had made a very childish version of a Viking game called Hnefatafl because he really has an obsession with Vikings.
• For my brother I gave a pack of legos.
• For my granny who loves cooking I gave a salt shaker with the word funky Grandma on it.
• For my mum I gave a key chain thing that shows the sound waves of the words I love you.
• For my dad I made a candle… and it smells like heaven. What used to be broken normal candles is now a vanilla and coffee candle.

The next day my other grandparents came to visit along with my aunt.
Once again gifts were exchanged and we ate well.
My little cousin, the princess of the family was looking more than stunning in a green dress and all her brothers where shooting at each other with their newly given toy guns.
It really was a great day.
It’s safe to say that Christmas isn’t about the presents for me but more about the family I get to spend it with. It’s about my 21 year old cousin who bounces up and down and keeps asking if we can open gifts for day’s ahead of the time. It’s about my little brother giggling about the gifts he had bought us. My sister staying up all night to finish a single gift. That spark in my boyfriends eyes when I mention that I like something. It’s about my parents trying to sneak gifts from the car to the house.
My grandma’s amazing food and my granddad’s stories.
It’s about hearing what people are getting for each other and all the inside jokes that involve the perfect gift.

How can I explain that exited tension in the air? That way people lighten up when they are writing the jokes that go with the gift?

So that was my Christmas. Yet another amazing year with amazing people.
I hope you all enjoyed the festive season whether you celebrated it or not.

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