3 tips on being creative


So as I said in my previous post I’m starting the event #SeizeThePen.
Now since I’m expecting you guys to create art I’m writing this post for in case you want to join but are freshly out of ideas.

How to gather creativity.

1. So the first advice that is always given to people is to go for a walk. Why? Is it because the world just automatically assumes that we don’t get out much? No, it’s because when you go outside you give your head a break from work and thanks to that you start to notice things you never had before.
Going for a walk also changes your perspective of things, after all, the tree in the far distance truly does look different when you are standing beneath it’s over hanging branches.
So some of you are like me and are blessed with sunshine this time of year, so my first advice is to make an excuse to get outside even if it is just for five minutes. Same goes for those of you who would really much rather be inside. Put on your gloves and take a deep breath of the cold air outside. (Then go back inside, I don’t want you catching a cold because of me.)
2. My second piece of advice to stumble upon creativity is to ask yourself what is the last thing that inspired me. It can be a speech, a quote, a bible verse or even a colour. Whatever last inspired you, go back to it and if possible put it down on paper. Ask yourself why this inspired you in the first place.
Some things in this world simply have us tingling to create. Most of the time we ignore it, after all we have more important things to do. Don’t let that be the case right now and simply look at what it is, why it inspired you and what you want to do about it.
3. My third piece of advice is to take a deep breath before starting to create. When we create art we tend to ask ourselves would others like this? I have been wondering that about the challenge for days. The thing is that nothing good is going to come unless we try. Don’t create art to show other people, create art because it’s fun. Create art because you want to , and then see if people like it or not later.
So take a deep breath and forget about your what your friend say, don’t think about showing your art to anyone just yet, don’t even consider showing it to me just yet.
Just take a deep breath and start creating art now.

So what are you guys creating this month? And what does your creative process look like?

Remember you can show me your art any time, I’d absolutely love to see it.


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