Rise up to create art. #seizeThePen

All right guys, listen up.
I have been planning this event for the past week non stop.  I have sent emails to people and collected promises from others but you see now that I wanted to unveil my great plan, with a flourish and a speech, my laptop failed me.

You see I have this plan where we all create art despite toe fact that we are tired.  Not force it out either like during the rest of of the year but because we want to.  I want to challenge you to go ahead and create the art you want to see.

Of course I had written quite the speech to challenge you.  There was going to be added music and a cool photo too.  Unfortunately thanks to the traitor laptop I’m writing this on my phone and on short notice so…

All right it’s time for me to stop moping and explain my challenge to you.
At the end of the year people are tired and they kinds of want to do nothing.  Eat, sleep, repeat.  I’m sure you know the drill.
So my challenge to you is to wake up.  Think back to what art you want to make and to create that.
This is a hard time for people in general especially with finances and the stress of family gatherings, buy don’t let yourself simply wither aways now and take the time to create art.  This isn’t a challenge just for writers.  You can draw, paint, dance, create music or pretty much any other form of art.

Now a bunch of peoples sitting in different room on different sides of the planet creating art is pretty cool in and it itself but what I want you to do is to share the experience with people so send me a shout out on Twitter using #seizeThePen or simply let me know in the comments.
What I want you to do is tell me about your art, why are you making it?  Send me some photos I really want to know what you are creating.

If you don’t feel like sharing your art but want to see some then go right ahead and go look for me on Twitter, I’m @enetteventer , because I will start to tweet right now and you can expect to see quite a lot of art.

OK so that’s it.  I’m sorry that I couldn’t give you guys the full post explaining everything properly but if you are confused about anything just ask.  Further then that I just want to say again that you should please participate even if you don’t feel like it because while I didn’t use a pretty speech to explain this to you I really do believe that if we create art simply for the sake of of it something beautiful will happen in this world.  Even if your art never sees the light of day it still has the chance to touch your own heart.
So pick up your medium whether it’s a pen or dancing shoes and create art.

Food may feed our stomachs but art feeds our souls

2 thoughts on “Rise up to create art. #seizeThePen

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