How to write the end of your Novel.


This is the last day of NaNoWriMo and while I have already finished I know there are lots of you out there still typing as fast as you can. This post is being dedicated to those of you still writing, still trying to finish that novel of yours. Me and probably dozens of others are behind you today, don’t worry about how much words you have left just keep writing.
This will probably not be my best post since there is quite the difference between writing a story and writing a blog post. (I’m sure you can guess which one I’m better practices in right now.)

So now let’s talk about bringing your story to a close.
Things you want your story ending to do.
• First things first, you will need to close up any loose plot threads such as your character arch and your love thread. If anything is going to be closed after your main plot then make sure it is interesting enough that your readers will want to read it.
• The next thing to understand is that as our English teachers say the last part of the story sums up the whole story. Ok so maybe the last part is not this really weird synopsis but what it does do is remind your reader where the story started and how far it has come. You might do this by mentioning the character that died and the plans your characters have for the future. This is kind of just to insure that readers think back on the story after they’re done reading it.
• Now the last thing you want your end to do is remind your readers of your story theme.
I don’t know what your theme is but my theme was that you get to choose who you are and it became one of the most important parts of my ending. Your theme is the thing your story was trying to tell the reader so the ending is he perfect place to remind your readers of it.

Things you don’t want to do in your story ending.
• One good thing to avoid is to bring in new information that wasn’t even hinted at earlier, because if you surprise a reader completely out of the blue they will most likely just get upset. If you want to drop one last minute surprise such as, oh you’re adopted or, ps. she’s been unfaithful then make sure you have hinted at it earlier. (Well maybe just put in a note to do so when you edit. This is NaNoWriMo after all.)
• Don’t suddenly go from showing to telling. I understand that you have something you need to explain but you should please do this either through action or dialog. The big problem I have noticed is that in the end people start info dumping. Perhaps the Villain has a grandiose speech or your MC uses internal monologue to explain his entire plan. Let me ask you something. If you have been avoiding telling your entire story long why should you stop now? Find another way to explain it.
• Stop the flashback. People want to stay focused on the story at this point and how it ends so flash backs will nothing but a distraction at this point.

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