Business as usual

I haven’t added a new prompt for the writing practice in a while and I’m finally bringing it to a close.the writing practice
The last prompt was.

Describe something in only five sentences using all five senses, without making it obvious what it is.
It’s supposed to be like a riddle sort of thing but it can be as obvious or vague as you want it to be.”

So here is a shout out to placeofgrace who wrote this fun response.
Her hands glide over its smooth skin, planning the line for the first cut. It sounded hollow, ripe when she tapped it with the handle of the knife. The cut exposed its flesh, the colour of the sunset. It smells like summer and taste like sunshine….. To eat a watermelon!

I won’t be putting up any more prompts for the month but don’t despair for the next two weeks I will be putting up posts from guest bloggers.

(email me at enettesworld @ gmail .com if you want to write a guest post as well)

Further then that I’m happy to say that I’m at a good 11,000 words for NaNoWriMo so if you’re participating too then good luck for you and feel free to shout out your progress in the comments. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Business as usual

  1. Wandering Soul

    Hi, I am sorry to see you won’t be putting up any more prompts. Was looking forward to participating. 🙂
    How can i be a guest blogger?


    1. I do plan on putting more prompts up later on I’m just really busy right now. I would love it if you’d participate when they’re up again.
      As for guest posting you can just email me at enetteswold at I have a few rules but feel free email me and we can go over it then.

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