The things I never told you about.

The month of October is passed and I have half a dozen things I never told you about so now this is a collection of everything in the past month and maybe a little earlier that I think is worthy to be shared with you.


First things first, I went on holiday!

IMG_6128This little house happen to have a ocean view and a  bed. It was heaven.

For the duration of our stay me and my family had pudding after every meal and a bottle of juice that made us feel like pirates.

The beach is my happy place and the salt water did my soul wonders. With salt drying my face and warm sun kissed sand beneath my feat I actually managed to come up with a novel idea to be written somewhere next year.

It was a great get away for my family and I can’t wait to go again.




Now I want to tell you about the childish grown up party.

In the beginning of last month a friend of my family asked if she can throw her husband a surprise party at our house and of course we said yes. The theme of the party was Lego!

I baked a cake with rainbow slices and there was even a jumping castle. (Yes this was all for a grown up.)

We put out two tables one full of sweets and one full of Lego’s I’m still not sure which one was more popular.



Unfortunately it was right after this party that things started turning south for the month. After saying goodbye to all the guests my brother asked me to swim with him. We had a collision and a sprained finger was the result. (I actually hurt one of the tendons in my hand)wpid-img-20151011-wa0000.jpg

Not to despair my month did not stop there and soon my favourate tree was in bloom and with the wind and rain yellow flowers rained down. This was the result.



Now the month is passed and as a writer I welcome November and all the new challenges it brings.

For those of you who are participating in NaNoWriMo alongside me, good luck.

To everyone else I hope you have a good month.


4 thoughts on “The things I never told you about.

    1. Thank you. While I was taking them I could laterally see the sun creeping behind the horizon and I was afraid I wouldn’t have time to take more then three before all my light was gone. Luckily the ones I managed to take looked pretty good. 🙂

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